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Your Internet is Being Watched

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In case you didn’t think it was happening already, Google released information the other day showing that they have given the government more information about their users than ever before.

In the report, which details January until June of this year, Google says that they were given a request for 16,000  sets of information on people.  They gave up roughly half of that number.

What is the federal government looking for exactly?  Well, if you were paying attention to the news as of late, they might be looking to see if their own officials are participating in extra-marital affairs.

They also are looking for potential terror suspects and threats to themselves.

What actually classifies as a terror threat is different than what you may think.  As we have reported before, there is a list of about 300 words that, if used in your email or on your blog, will get you monitored by the NSA.

Add to this information the fact that there are drones in the skies over most cities now, and you’ll realize how quickly your privacy is going to go away under this administration.

To top everything else off, Google predicts that at the current pace, the government will most likely double its information requests every year as the monitoring of Americans grows by the day.

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  • Bernie Bukoskey says:

    That doesn't only apply to Obama administration. Each President has been chipping away at our rights. Ask someone raised in the fifties how much our rights have been eroded? For a democratic government were becoming more communistic everyday.

    [email protected]


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