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You Could Lose Your Right to Sell Your Own Stuff

That’s right.  There is a Supreme Court case that is on the docket this session that could cost you your right to sell items that you own.

The case is called Kirstaeng v. John Wiley & Sons and involves copyright law.  If the current ruling is upheld by the Supreme Court, you would have to get permission from copyright holders of products before you could resell them.

These products include everything from electronics, to music, to furniture and books.

Think about the businesses that this would hit… everything from yard sales to Ebay…and even the Salvation Army.

You would first have to get the permission of the copyright holder to resell the product that you already purchased, then you would have to pay them royalties for selling it…

Your rights are at risk of being taken away from every corner of your being. This is just another example of one that you would never see coming.

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