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There are a lot of things in this world I can’t understand.

I can’t understand the logic of the income tax (neither could Einstein so I guess I am in good company.)  I can’t understand the asinine rules for the English language that often contradict. For example, -i before -e, except after -c and in words like neighbor. What the hell is that all about? But as confusing as the income tax and the English language are, nothing quite compares to the mind-blowing irrationality that is the dementia of the left. I say this of course with all due respect, but let’s not forget that the respect due the left is only proportional to the respect they have earned.

To express my point I show exhibit A – a recent poll released by the Gallup Organization regarding people’s finances and the things that adversely affect their everyday pockets. The following is the question Gallup asked 1,016 adults aged 18 and older from a telephone interview:

Now I am going to read you some possible situations that could affect your family’s finances. For each one, please say whether that situation is hurting your finances a lot, hurting your finances a little, having no effect, helping your finances a little, or helping your finances a lot.

The respondents to the survey answered that the three most important things hurting their finances a lot are: the price of energy, including gas at 79%, the price of food at 76% and taxes at 69%. The bottom three things hurting finances a lot were: Federal spending cuts at 46%, immigration policies at 38%, and availability of credit at 30%. These bottom three categories were, however, the top three in having no effect starting with the credit category (52%), then immigration (50%), and then Federal spending cuts (35%).

Myriad mind-boggling thoughts flood my head all at once, risking blood leaking from my ears and eyes, or worse, a massive stroke.

First, the chief concern of 79% of American households is the price of energy. So what do the deranged leftists at the White House do? They empower the EPA to go after power plants. Just last week, they curbed the development of a new generating plant in Corpus Christi, TX. Obama himself states that he will bankrupt power companies if they try to build coal burning plants – which just happen to be the cheapest, easiest, and most abundant form of energy on the planet. They give billions to loser companies like Solyndra and wind farms, all of which couldn’t supply a medium sized city with enough energy for a year let alone the entire country.

The second biggest concern is food costs. This is directly related to the cost of energy. It costs farmers and ranchers money to farm and ranch, and then it costs money to ship those goods to be processed. It costs the processors money to make the food ready for market and then ship to market. Finally, it costs the market money to keep the lights on and the food cold and dry – all of these things take energy. So what is the Obama administration doing about this? Absolutely nothing!

They prevent the Keystone XL pipeline from being built which would bring an abundant supply of cheap oil and gas from Canada to our refineries in Houston. You want to reduce the cost of food, reduce the cost of energy – plain and simple. And the whopper of them all, the big kahuna, coming in at 69% of American households affected is taxes. This one really grinds my gears. We just spent six months listening to the boobs in Washington go back and forth on whether our government has a spending problem or a revenue problem. We had to listen to Obama tell us that the rich don’t pay their fair share, and we had to watch Boehner squirt crocodile tears from his used car salesman eyes. We got inundated with false statistics of how Bush ran up more than Obama because of unpaid for wars and entitlement spending. We listened as the left berated us into believing that the key to a balanced budget was to tax the wealthy even more. And in the end, we all got hit with a 2% increase because they failed to extend the reduced rate on our FICA taxes.

The left likes to tell us, and they did an exceptional job during the last presidential election, that the republicans are out of touch with everyday Americans. They say that the left “feels your pain.” Do they really? With overwhelming numbers like this compared to what the government is actually doing to change things, are they really in touch on either side?

I leave you with this – today, the Gang of 8 in the Senate is releasing its proposal for immigration reform. For the next several months this is all that will be talked about in the news (aside from the residual debate of gun control). Immigration was listed by 50% of households as having no effect on their finances, and only 38% listed it as affecting them negatively. So why the hell are we having THIS debate instead of the one that really needs to take place – the one about energy costs?

I ask that you contact your representatives in Washington and let them know where the debate really needs to go. They need to know that they are all out of touch.


  1. Immigration will bankrupt this country and it is only one prong of O’brozo’s many constant attacks. Don’t minimize it as it is as deadly to economic health as skyrocketing energy costs.

    • I love the fantasy that illegals are “taxpayers”. Taxes ARE withheld from their paychecks.The DO file tax returns, too. Because they have LARGE families consisting of children they cannot feed, they receive EBT cards, WIC checks, rent subsidies, and THOUSANDS in tax REFUNDS based “credits” for the number of children they chose to have on welfare. Quite a racket, but notg surprising in a state (NM) where our previous governor’s PAC provided illegals with protest signs that read “Today we march, tomorrow we VOTE”. Guess Governor Richardson didn’t knoiw it was a federal crime for a non-citizen to vote in US elections…

  2. Re: Brent Dickerson’s “WTF” article;

    Actually, I’m in favor of phasing out ALL current forms of power generation including nuke-kle-ar, coal, gas, solar, “damns,” wind-power, etc. These methods of power generation have been “introduced” by the corrupt elite simply to enslave the masses so that they can GENERATE TONS OF MONEY FOR THEMSELVES! Besides, ALL of these methods have a devastating effect on our fragile environment, all things considered.

    There have been numerous “free energy” technologies available for well over a century which could have been developed instead but have been purposely and viciously suppressed by these greedy, power-hungry, criminals because they abhor the concept of competition, much less the concept of free anything. We really don’t need money at all . . . money is an invention created by the self-appointed elite to enslave the global population and to enrich themselves. There are more than enough natural and manufactured resources in the universe to adequately supply ALL of the legitimate needs and wants of every living being on the planet.

    We all need to wake up to the deception that has been perpetrated on humanity and start taking back the freedom and control over our own lives which, after all, is our universal birthright! We need to start educating ourselves instead of sending our kids to brainwashing and indoctrination centers better known as the public school system. They don’t exist to really educate us but to enslave us.

    • Well said! I couldn’t agree more.

    • Money was invented as an equalizer. Someone that could go out and provide the public with a service could afford to pay someone else to grow food, build housing and provide energy. Without money, you just have powerful people that force the proletarians to work without the benefit of clean water, safe food, a police force to take on the criminal element in society. History and even societies amongst us now show what happens when the public is not allowed to go about their merry, FREE, way and transact business. Think North Korea for an instance. The news outlets are rife with ‘third world countries’ that are third world countries because their populace are not allowed to provide for themselves.

      As far as energy production, these technologies that you hate so much have lent a big hand in making this country the powerhouse that it is. They are efficient and produce great amounts of energy with small amounts of investment in land and materials. If you think these free energy technologies are so wonderful, and I am not saying they are not, then get involved and market them. Make them available, even if it is just telling people about them. Educate instead of whining about how unfair life is. It is only unfair because we do not act.

      • The Romans used salt as money. In the Pacific the natives used shells. Coins go back hundreds of centuries. Ed S wants to drive us back to the stone age.

    • You are suggesting Conspiracy Theories which could be true, but facts please!! Free Energy does not exist, other than the sun which powers our gardens, wind that powers sailboats, water that pushes rafts downstream. Readily available alternatives: Solar at $5+ per watt only when the sun shines, Wind $1+ per watt if you constantly have 15 knot winds, Water $1+ per watt if you have access to running water with a head of 15+ feet. Numerous DIY ads for Tessla type building plans, none featured on YouTube of sucessfully built devices being of any significant value.

      Supply and Demand – oil, gas, coal, etc all reduce in price when worldwide demand is low and conversely rise when demand is high.
      Meanwhile taxes, royalties and costs of meeting EPA regulations are not effected by S&D.

      What is discouraging is the apparent attacks on our efforts to become Energy Independent and become a stronger exporter than importer.

  3. The notion that the energy sources we have available to us are the root of all evil is just plain ridiculous. Like it or not neither the energy companies nor the EPA is wholly right or wrong. Each should have limitations that come together in compromise to what is BEST for the citizens as a whole. Technology should also be tasked to continually improve our processes to extract the most energy for the lowest possible cost while protecting our interest. Energy Independence should also be a priority. Will the outcome always or even sometimes be perfect, Doubtful! Doesn’t mean we have to give up trying!

    • people cry about the carbon that coal produces,all the coal plants in the world don’t produce as much carbon as one volcano erupting.the scienctist have said the earth in the past has had alot higher carbon levels ,im talking 1000s of years ago, with more plants.thats more carbon for the plants which produce more oxygen for the humans and animals .this bad climate change is a bunch of bull crap.

  4. You didn’t mention tha double whammy concerning food and energy is the requirement of using, and now increasing the levels of, ethanol in gasoline. It drives up the both costs because there is now less corn to feed livestock and what’s available is now more expensive. Then the higher levels of ethanol (E15)are now being shown to damage cars engines. Plus, ethanol infused gasoline does not give the same gas mileage as straight gas, so fuel costs increase when more fuel is needed to do the job that regular gas used to do.

  5. The author made a big mistake when he included the, now, restored, FICA ‘Tax Holiday’, which was no ‘Holiday’ at all but simply a means to ensure that Social Security FAILS sooner than it would have otherwise. It was absolutely Insane to Cut the Income of a Program that is Already in Financial Difficulty! What we should have done, vis-a-vis FICA would have been to Remove the Cap, that is reached, only by the More Affluent, so that they could continue to help fund the program, which, if we do Nothing, will Go Broke, Sooner, now, than Later, thanks to the ‘Tax Holiday’.

  6. In 1963, eight years after Einstein’s death, his accountant Leo Mattersdorf wrote a letter that appeared in Time magazine describing some banter that he had with Einstein, as follows: “One year while I was at his Princeton home preparing his return, Mrs. Einstein, who was then still living, asked me to stay for lunch. During the course of the meal, the professor turned to me and with his inimitable chuckle said: “The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes.” I replied: “There is one thing more difficult, and that is your theory of relativity.” “Oh, no,” he replied, ”that is easy.” To which Mrs. Einstein commented, “Yes, for you.”” [1963 February 22, Time, “Letters: Feb. 22, 1963?, Time, Inc., New York. (Online Time magazine archive; Accessed 2011 March 7)]

    So I guess if you are in good company with Einstein in joking about taxes, than you must also be obviously joking about “the left”. Your statements about the Corpus Crisit power plant are an enormous joke. As far as the failure of the Las Brisas power plant in Corpus Cristi, Texas, the local paper – the Caller-Times reported “once South Texas discovered it had more cheap, retrievable, relatively clean-burning natural gas in the ground than it will need for the foreseeable future, the economic justification for squeezing electricity from inherently dirty, underwhelmingly energetic petroleum coke became unconvincing.” So Obama’s EPA energy policy that is natural gas friendly, helped kill this unnecessary expensive power plant, saving the consumer money.

    Your statements about the Keystone XL pipeline are an enormous joke. The US already imports 98.3% of all oil produced in Canada so the Keystone XL pipeline will not increase any oil for US consumption. In fact, it will probably REDUCE the amount of oil the US receives since once the pipeline reaches Houston, the Canadian oil will be able to sell for higher prices to the world’s markets. So preventing Canada from exporting their oil through Houston to the world would at the very least prevent our cost of oil from increasing, saving the consumer money.

    As far the impact of illegal immigration, the costs are also conveniently overstated. The vast majority of illegal aliens have taxes withheld from their pay but do not file tax returns and do not receive refunds.

    You really are funny!!

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