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Why You Should Vote for Mitt Romney

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Why You Should Vote for Mitt RomneyA lot of people have questioned my political stance on this election.  I have studied both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama throughout the campaigns.

In fact I have written books on each… although humorous, they both stood to show unbiased facts about each of the candidates.

The truth is, that they both have a ton of failures along the way… but only one of them has had those failures as President of the United States…

That is why I am endorsing Mitt Romney to be the next President of the United States.

This wasn’t an easy decision.  I know that Absolute Rights is a conservative publication and odds are you were all thinking that we would automatically vote for Mitt, but this isn’t the case.

I take my role as Managing Editor very seriously because I know that hundreds of thousands of people read what I write every day.  There are people who disagree with me and some of the things I write, but I can back up the things that I write with facts.

Here is the single most important fact that you need to know in this election…

Barack Obama and the Democrats had control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate for 2 years…and during that time, the only thing they accomplished was passing universal health care.


After all the misgivings that each of the candidates has, the most critical fact that you need to know is what I just said.

President Obama had a chance to take that “Hope” that he advertised so much and bring the “Change” that he also advertised…

And he didn’t.

Overall, he had somewhere around 110 broken campaign promises… one-hundred and ten.  And YES, other candidates in the past have broken campaign promises… but NEVER that many.

There were promises from closing Guantanamo Bay all the way to the very simple like working with Republicans… and it just didn’t happen.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, he did try to work with Republicans, but only after the Democrats lost control of the House and he was forced to.

At that point, the Republicans hadn’t heard from Mr. Obama for about 2 years.  There was no need to reach across the aisle, so he didn’t…

And what would you do if someone decided to talk to you only when they had to?  Work with them or shut them down? The Republicans chose the latter.

After being railroaded with a lame-duck House passing Obamacare, the GOP wasn’t going to hear anything the President had to say in the Spring of 2011… and that’s what brings us to today.

Yes, there are other issues with the President.  His policies failed us in Libya which resulted in the deaths of four Americans who could have been saved.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of other things I can say… but the bottom line is that he, and the Democrats had the power to bring positive change or even just pay off on campaign promises for two years AND DID NOTHING.

I don’t think a single person out there can say that this country is better off that it was four years ago.  In fact, I DARE YOU to go to our website and leave a comment full of your twisted logic to explain to me how this country is in a better place than when George W. Bush left office.  Because there isn’t a single logical argument as to how, as a nation, we are better off.  So please, I am begging you to go to our website and comment on this article there.  Let me know that I’m wrong… but if you do, you better bring facts… not name calling and silliness.

Mitt Romney actually has a record of working with Democrats to accomplish things.  He did so as Governor of Massachusetts.

And don’t get me wrong, he’s a flip-flopper, but I believe he would make a better President than what we have right now.

Romney is a truly kind person.  I have had an opportunity to speak with him and see him in action along the campaign trail and you can see a different demeanor about him than most Presidential candidates.

He isn’t running for office for personal reasons.  I truly think that he believes he can make a difference in this nation… and a difference is what we need.

The President says he’s going to move forward… and I’m not sure exactly what that entails other than taking money from those who have succeeded in our capitalist society and giving it to those who don’t want to work.  That should offend you as an American.

I grew up in southwest Baltimore, Maryland in a blue collar family and probably should be a Democrat.

My father worked at the chemical plant downtown and was laid off many times as a child.  Of the multiple times he was without a job, he only collected unemployment once.  Sure, he could’ve gotten in on the system many times, but he felt that there were people worse off than he was who could be better served with that money.  He never made excuses… instead he would cut the family budget and got right back out to work at different jobs to make ends meet.   What he taught me was that working and providing for yourself is your responsibility, not the government’s.  Unfortunately, a lot of people in today’s world don’t think that way anymore.

A lot of people in this country need a hand-up, not a hand-out… that is why I am voting for Romney.  He has a plan to increase programs and give money to job creators, not just give out money to those who are choosing not to work.  Now don’t get me wrong… there are people who cannot legitimately work… and those people should be helped… but if you can work and have an option to get a job, you should be working.

Obama isn’t going to move us Forward… he couldn’t when he had complete control of Congress, so what makes you think that can happen now?  He’s also going to reward those who can work, but won’t… that’s an old time Democratic strategy.

We can’t afford another four years of this man or his administration.  That’s why I am endorsing Mitt Romney for President of the United States.

So go vote for Mitt Romney and be smarter than the President thinks you are.

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  • Jeff says:

    Here's how we are better off now (and by "we" I mean constitutionalist, fundamdamentalist, conservatives, etc):

    More people have had their eyes opened and seen the inevitable failures of the present-day "liberal" viewpoint. Those that continue to hold to that position are not quiet about it, and we know who they are.

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

  • Sterling in Salt Lake City says:

    My Young, you are incorrigible. You're correct that Obama has broken a lot of promises he made as a candidate. But I don't see how you can lay all this at his feet, saying that while he was in office, at least the first two years, he had majorities in both Houses of Congress but still failed to get anything done other than "Obamacare". Well there is a great deal of truth in this, but it leaves out the important fact that the Senate Republicans, from day one, had made it their goal to oppose and reject anything/everything in the President's agenda (remember Senator Majority Leader Mitch "Turtle" McConnell from Kentucky "Our goal is to make sure this is a one-term president"). As you know, Republican filibusters stopped any legislation getting through the Senate without a supermajority of 60 votes. So don't ply us with the canard that Obama had all the tools he needed to succeed; he had a lot more obstacles than tools. I will say though, It's very convenient to your ridiculous position to hold that Obama could have done whatever he wanted, but just didn't. Whatever helps you sleep at night Tim.

    You don't understand Romney at all. You think he isn't running for himself? You couldn't be more wrong. Mr. Romney sees himself as the fulfilment of Mormon prophecy that in the last days, the Constitution of the US will hang by a thread; and it will be a Mormon who saves it. If you think he is motivated by anything other than that, you're making a huge mistake. He belongs to a cult - pure and simple. He will not be free to act as President on many issues; he will be beholden to "The Brethren" in Salt Lake City. I sadly know a great deal about this.

    I love how all the conservative Christians have swallowed hard and convinced themselves that Romney's religion won't be an issue. It will be. He is a Hollow Man precisely because he never had to develop his own moral core, because he just blindly accepts whatever values his religion assigns to him. He has no idea what he really stands for; so he mostly says whatever the audience in front of him wants to hear.

    A pox on both their houses, I say. Neither Obama nor Romney will do anything substantial (such as doing away with the Federal Reserve) to actually change anything in this country. Both will continue to pander to the most wealthy and powerful among us, for they are the ones who write, and for whom are written, the laws of the United States. There is no true daylight between the Republicrats and the Democans; only illusions. And you, Mr. Young, are firmly grounded in that illusion.


  • Sterling in Salt Lake City says:

    Here's a suggestion for Absolute Rights. Why don't you remove the Liberty Bell from your logo and replace it with the Republican pachyderm and a nice big Christian cross? Because you don't know or write anything about freedom and liberty (during an election season, at least); you only write about politics and religion. And that's a huge disappointment for this subscriber who just wants honest help without the partisan nonsense.

  • Gustav says:

    Respectfully disagree. I'd like to see a fiscal conservative in office, or someone who actually values the constitution, but Romney is none of that. His tax cuts and drastic increase in military spending will cost trillions of dollars, and the alleged closing of loopholes that's supposed to balance it sounds like a cheap cop-out.

    Yes, Obama is a disappointment for many who thought he'd fight the theocrats and bring the country back after Bush had his administration ruin the economy in the name of supply-side economics and deregulation. He didn't, but to replace him with a liar who cares even less about individual freedom (and yes, that includes everything the religious fanatics are fighting) and the budget is just insanity.

    If the GOP wants to get the fiscal conservative or the libertarian vote back, it has to produce eligible candidates. It's been a while since I saw one.

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