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Why Republicans Lost

I couldn’t help but realize how stupid the Republican Party truly had been throughout this election and wanted to see if you all agreed with me or not.  As always, if you disagree with me, I’d love to hear from you, so reply or go to the website to let me have it.

A lot of people are blaming some ridiculous things and concocting crazy theories as to why Obama won… but in reality, Obama didn’t win as much as the Republican Party lost.

Look at the facts about Barack Obama’s past 4 years:

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The nation had the highest unemployment rates in years;

African American Males had the highest unemployment rate ever;

Gas prices doubled;

Our national credit ranking was lowered for the first time;

He broke over 80 promises;

and we’re about to go over the fiscal cliff.

Barack Obama was unelectable, but the Republican Party found a way to drop the ball.

They didn’t just drop the ball with the choice of Mitt Romney, but we can start there.

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times:  Mitt Romney was the worst presidential candidate in at least recent history.

I wrote about it in my book, Fifty Shades of Romney, where I highlighted why he was terrible and why we needed better in the Republican Party…

Sure, all we hear now from pundits is that Republicans lost because people voted to continue to get handouts from the government.  This isn’t the case.  The Republicans lost because they chose a bad candidate… in fact, all of their potential presidential candidates were terrible:

Michelle Bachmann: Unelectable

Herman Cain:  Come on…what’s he going to give us free pizza?

Newt Gingrich:  Smart, but not so much when it comes to his social life.


Rick Perry: …

Ron Paul:  Is a hoop dream that will remain a dream only.

Out of this group of potential candidates, which one would you want?  NONE OF THEM!  So we found ourselves with the only reasonable choice, Mitt Romney.

Romney was statesmanlike and much more put together than the other candidates, but he had a terrible problem:  he had flip-flopped on every major issue, period.  I did the research on this, Mitt Romney had literally changed his mind at least once on EVERY MAJOR ISSUE.

That’s not who you want as your nominee for President… at all.

Sure, we could get behind him after the first debate, but that’s because we knew exactly what Obama had done wrong.  Mitt represented us telling the President what was wrong with the past 4 years… but that is where the buck stopped.

The Democrats played a better game than the GOP.  They took the conservative message that came with the very conservative and religious Mitt Romney and spun it to escape the real issues in this country.  So while we head toward economic collapse, the Democrats turned to people and said that Republicans were going to take away their rights as women, as minorities and as homosexuals. The worst part about this was that the Republicans played right into it…

The GOP screwed up when Congressman Todd Akin made his “legitimate rape” remark on air and wasn’t removed from the campaign trail.  He should have been met with greater opposition when he refused to step down, but instead he was left alone.  This was one of the few times that Democrats showed their hand in this election.

Sen. Claire McCaskill gave up the Dem’s strategy when she announced that she was o.k. leaving him in the race for her to run against and that the GOP was being too harsh.  She knew she was going to win with him there and NOTHING WAS DONE!

Why was this strategy so glaring and obvious?

Remember when the left leaning pundit said that Ann Romney had never worked a day in her life?  What happened after that?

There were immediate apologies, retractions, and corrections, because no one wanted to offend a woman.

See what they did there?  When the GOP guy insulted women, the Democrats wanted him to stay, but when they made a similar gaffe, they were quick to apologize and quash the situation… That was their strategy the entire time!

So if you paid attention at the 50,000 foot level, Democrats kept setting up situations to let Republicans seem hateful and spiteful toward the groups of people they wanted to solidify a vote from.

President Obama came out in support of gay marriage, then Mitt Romney had to shoot it down to keep conservatives happy…. then… Obama said it was up to people OTHER THAN HIM to pass gay marriage legislation JUST BEFORE ELECTION DAY.

So Democrats would drop lines and let the Republicans stumble over their words and not correct for it.

With this very strategy, many people in America were able to overlook horrible numbers, lack of jobs, blundered foreign policies and just about everything else that can be done wrong by an administration that WAS done wrong by Obama…and focus on minor social issues.

When you combine terrible candidates with a strategy to trick people into seeing social issues as more important than a complete economic collapse, you have no chance in hell of winning an election.

Congratulations Republicans, you got got.






  1. As an evil lib, I have to agree with your reasons here. Had the GOP had a viable candidate, say Christie or maybe even Jeb, Obama would very likely not have won.

    But ultimately it was not just the Republican Party at fault, but the RW in general. You RWers demand absolute purity and adherence to conservative orthodox from your politicians, so much so you scared away any sane viable candidate; no rational viable candidate would want to have to put themselves through the demanding purity tests you guys put them through. Mitt Romney didn’t mind, he was willing to say whatever was necessary and he got pretty good at it. I see you recognize Romney was a flip flopper extraordinaire, this was impossible to get a conservative to admit to before the election – and I know because I asked a lot since I’m a major poster on HP. Cons posting on HP would just say Obama lied worse. But Obama didn’t do a flip flops on nearly every issue and Romney didn’t just flip flop like a fish, he lied with complete abandon, even when caught dead to rights he would keep lying. GM execs in Ohio comes to mind. But you all brought it on yourselves, with your extremity drove away all the viable candidates and Romney exploited your willingness to believe whatever you wanted to believe.

  2. The biggest problem was the right wing press that would promote Obama and dish dirt on an republican who dared tell the truth. People watch the news. They believe what they see without doing any research on the actual issues. Everyone wants the handicapped kid get free medical care, but not one news channel showcased organizations that provide that free care at no cost to the parents. Instead, they showed the poor, handicapped kid who would be the loser if Romney was elected. It’s a farce! Why would they do this? They are liberal media with entitlement mentalities who want other people to work for those who are unwilling. Our country takes care of our disabled and elderly, yet the media didn’t showcase what a great country we have and how we care for our own. Obamacare is going to make what they had, worse, because now they won’t have the choice to choose their care giver because many physicians have already made the decision to go private and not accept SS or Obamacare benefits. My doctor has made that decision and I know people on disability who used to go to her and now have to scramble to find a new doctor.

  3. Where’s your proof of this massive voter fraud?

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