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Where’s Hillary?

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Remember when Hillary Clinton unexpectedly suffered from a concussion due to a stomach flu a few weeks ago?

She missed her scheduled testimony on the Benghazi attacks, she missed the appointment of John Kerry… she even missed the State Department Christmas Party… so where in the world is she?

According to her advisors, she has been advised to take bed rest, but she hasn’t been seen or heard from in weeks.

The problem here is that is seems like she’s avoiding her responsibility as Secretary of State.

It’s all too strange that she hasn’t said anything about the Benghazi attacks… she can’t be in that bad of shape that she is unable to release a statement on the situation.

Maybe the real story here is her potential political future.  Her desire to run for office in 2016 (and yes, she has said that she doesn’t want to run…I’m not sure that a single member of the media believes it) has driven her into seclusion until the negative issues for her literally blow over.

Let’s look at the facts with her.  Even if you don’t like her policy stances, she has visited over 100 countries as Secretary and blazed a trail behind her… she is definitely in a good place to run for President in the superficial eyes of the public.

So what’s the deal?  Why is she basically hiding?  What do you think is going on here?  Let us know by commenting below!




  • dee dee says:

    She knows more than she wants to know! She is afraid, that she will slip and tell the truth about what went down at Benghazi. She could end up opening a big can of worms in the Whitehouse scandal.

    • Tippy says:

      Of course she knows more than she will ever be willing to tell, but that is something she has mastered and would not keep her hidden, its gotta be something much bigger than that.

      • msconservative444 says:

        She’s probably having plastic surgery for the bags under her eyes and lipsuction. Hopefully, she’ll get a haircut too.

      • Subee says:

        Of course it is much bigger than that……No doubt Obama does not want her to tell what she knows. It would call for his as well as her immediate dismissal or impeachment. Hilliary and Bill have seen an attorney. Personally I believe she fears for her life.

    • Elizabeth Clark says:

      she knows what happened and is trying her best to get her story (lies) as usual to the public

      • Tim Young says:

        I predict she waits until there’s a good, scheduled Barbara Walters interview to talk.

        • Carrie Aenk says:

          It is my not-so-humble opinion that Ms. Clinton may not be among the living any longer…or she is having reconstructive surgery to change her identity…or she just may never reappear again, living high on the hog on a beach somewhere.

          One does not get a concussion from a stomach virus…

          • Lou says:

            Carrie: Although I don’t like Hillary, it has been said over and over at the beginning that Hillary FELL and hit her head due to weakness from the virus. That’s how she got the concussion. The REAL question is since MANY people get consussions do return to work a couple of days later – why NOT her? The News did say it was a LIGHT Concussion.

          • Judith De Graffenried says:

            I did get a concussion from a stomach virus just a couple of months ago. I fainted from the dehydration brought about by the diarhea. I hit my head on the floor and had to go to the hospital for a CAT scan. Still, unlike Hillary, I was able to go to work the next day.

            Personally I think she’s using it as an excuse to get out of testifying….and if she dies in some tragic accident, I wouldn’t be surprised.

          • Armyvet says:

            Just another example of a Washington cover-up of the highest order. The dumbing down of the American people with all the deception and lies from these corrupt politicians. Who the hell really believes Clinton suffered a concussion from a virus, ironically just days before her testifying before congress. This government has to go!

    • Armyvet says:

      This is typical of criminal career politicians. They lie, then cover-up the lies. What blows my mind is the arrogance and utter lack of morality of these damn liberal hypocrites. She needs to be prosecuted for tyranny, fraud and crimes against America. And when they are done with her, go after crime boss Obama. Concussion, my ass!

      • Thank you, you hit the nail right on the head, If we did the things those in power do every day, they’d lock us up and throw away the key!Yet gullible people believe every lie that spews from their mouth. Go figure!

      • grassroot says:

        She knows that our ambassador was in there
        helping the radicals in Libya get weapons
        to the enemies of Israel.

        • Sandy says:

          If she could credibly make a case for the weapons scheme being the ambassador’s idea she would be happy to testify. She is smart enough to know that won’t fly with the families of those murdered or with the American public. She didn’t count on the conservative media having access to the emails and memos concerning what happened on 9/11, while it was going on, or the earlier attacks on the embassy also. Great idea, State, supporting the “Arab Spring” and “The Muslim Brotherhood”.

      • Canbo says:

        Watch “Hillary Clinton Exposed” on you tube.

    • WIlliam says:

      If it looks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck, Then IT is a Duck.

    • Tim Young says:

      Either that or the White House is also afraid of her saying something. It’s both ways.

    • I have heard on more than one occasion that Hillary Clinton has a serious drinking problem.

    • Dr Shirley Lynn says:

      She is afraid of telling lies about what really happen she knows the truth but is a lyer and has no problem lying but doen not wantto be caught so she is in hiding because Obama has told her to disappear

    • Monica says:

      She knows too much – Obama’s threatening her and advising her to keep silent. She’s learning from the great con-man himself.

      • Janet says:

        I also wonder at General Petraeus’ resignation “all of a sudden” right before he could testify about Bengazi …. definitely seems like a pattern to me, which I think is very obvious, to those who wish to acknowledge it. I guess it’s too difficult for the Washington set to figure out though…hmmmm

    • APRIL says:

      Dee Dee, how right you are!!!! I said so yesterday at another site. I think she is afraid of obama as if she slips she will get killed and so will her family. They said that she has been threatened before in connection with her running in primary against obama. She was asked to withdraw, which she did !! obama wants to destroy her completely so she could not run for president in the future. This is because obama is grooming Eric Holder as the next president!! Yes, it is too obvious that Hillary is in hiding for fear that if with a slip of her tongue, she tells the truth about what happened at Benghazi, she is toast !!!!

      • Truth Prowler says:

        And only the Clintons know all too well how getting rid of those that get in your way works…..the path of death and destruction runs for miles behind them….Why wouldn’t she hide out. This admin. is as capable as theirs was for getting rid of the truth.

    • Chip says:

      You are so right. This lady knows that the staged kidnapping to catapult the president in to looking like he was a big deal in Foreign policy by saving the big name Ambassador Stevens on the big date 911 is probably causing this woman to go into the most severe depression. That’s if she has a conscience. You see Christopher Stevens was supposed to be a good friend to Hillary and her boss the prez could care less about any of us. Hillary is nothing more than a statistic to him just like Brian Terry, Andrew Breitbart, Steve Bridges… and God only knows who else. Hey. Wouldn’t it be cool to find out if there is a Passport dated for the Ambassador for this time? The word was that he was smuggled in so he could do some gun running with Al Queda. Do you think Hillary will slip up and tell the truth. God we hope so.

    • seta says:

      Maybe she ran into the same people as Oswald, Ruby and the doctor that treated Ruby. we may never hear from her again. Sure thing if she knows where all the bodies are buried.

      • Anonymous says:

        Everybody is missing the most important clue in all of this. What’s Hillary Clintons favorite expression when being questioned by Congress. ” I do not recall” five little words that eliminate all further questioning. Now toss in the flu, one bad enough to cause her to miss a big list of events, all of them relatively important to State Dept. Big Wigs and to the foreign Bozos that would be in attendance. A flu severe enough to cause her to ” faint while on her way to tend to the State Departments many priorities, and because of the fainting she bumps her empty little head. Any body see where I am going with this yet.
        Number 1 she’s heroic in her attempt to take care of her duties while deathly I’ll. Number 2 she can’t recall anything important about Bengahzi, she has a concussion. Ta Da all clear. All the scum involved

    • Carolyn Abbott says:

      Here’s one possibility… this story came out several days ago, now it’s starting to appear on Fox. Suddenly two seemingly unrelated stories are being connected. http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2012/12/clinton-injured-us-navy-seal-killed-in.html?m=1

    • Justsaying says:

      Super Market Tabloid says she has a brain tumor.

    • Kate Warren says:

      Do you really think she’s capable of being truthful on her own? Traditionally the Sec of State is the mouth piece of the president and nothing more than a glorified ambassador. She doesn’t belong in the White House. We have way too many good people here in the US who are qualified to run this country. Why consider someone who already made a mess of trying to create a national health care program. Mitt Romney did a great job in his state and even he said what works in one state may not be right for another. It’s possible Hilary is just not feeling well and is recovering. I hope Pres Obama gets the deficit down fast and not by taxing us even more. He could begin with pulling us out of Korea (the military)and forbidding lobbiests from letting Japan and Korea from dumping. They have ruined our auto industry along with a multitude of other areas. As for Korea we have been there over 50 yrs. Why do we have to protect Japan from North Korea? Does the pubic know that 94% of ALL on base civilian jobs are given to Koreans? the reasoning that it promotes stability is rediculous. I was there for a few years and saw first hand how much of our tax dollars was wasted. No one wants that can of worms opened…

      • Flame says:

        You’re dreaming if you think Barry S is going to do anything to “get the deficit” down. What you don’t realize is that he WANTS this nation to fail. Pulling out of Korea would be a great start. In fact, bringing our soldiers home is one of the points Ron Paul made in his campaign–for which he was soundly ridiculed and maligned.

        Digging out evidence of waste is exactly what the Repubs should be doing and pointing out that the Spendocrats are not serious about fiscal responsbility unless they take a look at waste. But now that Dr. Paul is gone, too few Repubs have the cojones to get serious about reducing spending and cutting waste.

    • Armyvet says:

      She is just one more symptom of the disease plaguing our country – Obama! I am hoping the only reason we haven’t yet seen a subpoena from congress thus far is because they are still in the process of gathering evidence for an impeachment hearing. If any of you have never heard of the “HEGELIAN PRINCIPLE”, you might want to learn of this. He hates America. If you don’t yet know this by now, you are part of the problem!

    • Michael O'Mara says:

      To the best of my knowledge one thing Hillary has never has subjected us to is the truth. I don’t think she will start now. Incidently, If anyone can obtain a copy they should read the article about the Clintons in Time Magazine in mid 1972. I don’t know the issue number or the exact date but the cover art is a pic of Curious George. The article discusses thr facts already know about the wonder couple in and prior to 1972.
      Even thought todays enlightened public doesen’t retain ANY information back in 72 far left Time Magazine already was offering this information as common knowledge. A very interesting read.

    • Al k says:

      The real Hillary died, this is her look alike, she apparently is being schooled like obama was for her part in the new world order

  • raysncane says:

    My guess is she’s preparing her defense with a large team of lawyers and Billy’s spin team. God forbid the truth comes out.

    • grassroot says:

      Heading for a ” clintonian” white house?
      More obfuscating, if, we can divine the meaning
      of IF. Like begets like, if it’s more of OB, or
      his wife, or clinton, it’s all good. For the left.

  • Robert Benner says:

    I believe Obuma has her hidden somewhere out of touch of the media especially Fox News, the only news source that really cares.

  • Gary says:

    If a Cabinet member has been out of the loop for this long, something big is up, something that could force Obama’s resignation no matter how they try to spin it. Sounds like she knows too much about recent events in general, but she’s way too high profile to simply take out ala Vince Foster.

    • Rocky says:

      Obama/Soetoro/Bounel (or Whatever his Real Name is) Already threatened her and Bill’s lives over their being The Original Birthers. When that failed to dissuede them, he Threatened Chelsea’s Life, which effectively shut them up. Has anybody seen or heard anything about Her, recently?

    • Chip says:

      Expect for the woman to wig out for real. Hillary is probably living in total depression because it is going to come out that the president refused to send help and she knows that her friend was murdered. (As a matter of fact it has come out already. That’s why two Generals were fired. General Hamm being one of them). Think about this people. The president watched in real time through seven hours in the situation room, the murder of four Americans and he refused to send help? The truth just might be what we have heard in bits and pieces that staging a kidnapping of a big name (no Ambassador had died in 33 years) Christopher Stevens supposedly a friend of Hillary’s was going to be the president’s October surprise he kept bragging about so he could insure getting re-elected. This is about the most God awful presidency in the history of the United States. It feels so awful knowing this man was responsible for the murder of four Americans in Benghazi and Mexico too. Do you guys realize that it has been almost five years and this president hasn’t answered for Fast & Furious. I’m here to tell you; pray like our lives depend on God rescuing us from a parasite. My aunt says this everyday while she swears every time she sees or hears him on TV. 88 years old and she says that this illegal alien is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to the goodness of our country. He ain’t an American. Remember that and never forget it. Thanks auntie. I agree with you and so do many others. Disgusting!

      • Armyvet says:

        Consider what has been happening in America since he’s been in office, and what continues to happen-gun grab, attacking our constitution, executive order after executive order. He (they) are systematically dismantling our country piece by piece under our collective noses, in broad daylight. He would love nothing more than to accomplish his agenda well before all this evidence against him is revealed. By then, anything we attempt to do will be moot.

  • Reta says:

    So what else is new between her and zipper Willy? Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Vince Foster, Cattle Futures, Monica; pardons: McDougal, Rich….

    • Pam says:

      Thank you, Reta. I have never comprehended why anyone backed her for any political office. If the current Administration does not declare Martial Law making one of the biggest liars of the century a dictator here, I will be surprised.

    • Armyvet says:

      Exactly. The Clintons are thieves in the night. They are devoid of morals. They are self-serving, power hungry, money lusting criminals. They would sell their grandmother for political gain. It’s beyond me how people like this are able to mesmerize and deceive so many, yet garner so much political favor and influence, despite the corruption in which they surround themselves. Only in America!

      • Gordon says:

        Again, you people are confusing politicans of any ilk with Constitutionalists. Ethics, integrity, and morals are relics from the first half of the 20th, before the great liberal experiment of the 60s began. FEW Americans from any background have virtues today. period.

      • Clifford Alford says:

        I guess you forgot about Soviet Russia. Well, we are new Soviet empire now. This really sucks, and just as the other Soviets went after their citizen dissenters then the Soviet USA will be after us soon as well. The difference is that our people are well and seriously armed, and we will fight back.

  • Bonnie J Wren says:

    I don’t believe for a second that Hilary Clinton ever suffered from a concussion! Those presstitutes in the government-controlled media are constantly distorting facts, surpressing the truth and flat out lying….anything that will protect this so-called administration! Nowhere in televised “news” do the American people get the truth about anything that matters politically….nowhere! It is all carefully orchestrated (like most TV commercials) in a consistant effort to manipulate the perceptions and responses of the viewers! Check it out….very soon after the Benghazi attack (which I believe was planned and executed by this so-called President and members of his Cabinet for the purpose of hiding the real reason for why this “Ambassador” and the other three men were at that particular location (a safe house, not an embassy!) and why they were killed (shades of “Fast and Furious” ie gun-running to the Syrian Rebels and others carried out by the CIA), several high-ranking members of the State Department suddenly cut and run (resigned) like rats jumping off of a sinking ship! Obama and his Cabinet have been totally lying about every aspect of the incident, aided and abetted by the enemedia! Damage control has been in high gear in the White House ever since the attacked happened! There are some very serious Congressional investigations presently (and thankfully) taking place with more on the way….something is going to hit the big fan before too long, guaranteed!

    • Tim Young says:

      I’m going to use the term “Presstitutes” now. My friends around the media are going to LOVE getting made fun of by me with it.

    • Lucky3511 says:

      No matter how big a scandal, it will be supressed. If it starts to get too much noise, Obama will play his martial law card and control the people for their own good. like he knows.

  • Mariowen says:

    Maybe she is off getting yet another facelift! LOL The joke that she had a concussion – from the flu – give me a break. She is copping out just like a typical leftist commie would do. She needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. I think she knows that her crimes would lead her straight to prison and she can’t be president with a criminal record.

    • Armyvet says:

      This is arrogance of the highest order. She is already planning her 2016 debut. These people are delusional. In spite of all the crimes this administration is shrouded in, she believes she has a chance to be the next president. Once again, her posse will lie to stupid America just like Obama did, in order to win an election. GOD help us all!

      • H.L. says:

        Are you a bug who sits on her livingroom wall? You have no idea whatsoever what she is planning or what she believes. This is the entire problem. Mainstream Media works for these people, so the idea that we out here know something about what is really on her mind is ludicrous. She is owned. We are owned. She just gets more for what she has to sell than we do.
        She made her mark laundering drug money through land deals. She’s a good soldier for the PTB. But what she intends to do with her power on their behalf next (or what she’s really doing now) are not for ordinary citizens to know.
        They watch us. We do not watch them. Only insiders who can be trusted and are extremely brave will ever tell us the truth.

        • Bonnie J Wren says:

          Actually H.L., I do know that she did make a very quiet exit flying to the middle east about a week ago and had a very hush-hush meeting with President Armeinijhad (probably misspelled but who cares!) along with one or two other high-ranking CIA Officials. Apparently, their plane had some sort of problem while they were leaving and made a belly-flop on the runway. Word is that she and the others were injured and bloodied, but nothing life-threatening; she was taken to a hospital and treated and is either on her way back to the US or has already arrived to hide out some more in her home. I read the article on another site just the other day; if you like, I will try to find it for you. Happy new year!

      • Phillis says:

        why do we worry about what Hillary is doing.What will be will be.Americans don’t know whats going on that is why this country is in the shape it is in MONEY talks and all bullshit goes on.

      • RangerWWII says:

        We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to Public Office. AESOP

    • Tim Young says:

      That last line is what sums it up for me.

    • Flame says:

      I doubt it’s a facelift. I’ve been noticing lately that Hillary has aged dramatically and seems to be totally too much in a rush to do a decent job combing her hair. It used to be that she would be well dressed and coifed, but lately the hair has been a bad afterthought. Maybe there’s more here than we know.

      That said, I have no doubt but that she knows more than she is letting on about Benghazi and is in hiding to avoid having to tell what she knows.

    • Sandy says:

      I actually had a little respect for her when she went public (well before 9/11) with her intention not to continue as Secretary of State even if Obama won a second term. He had such a bad record that I figured she didn’t want to be tarred with the same brush. Too bad she didn’t go ahead and resign then, because when all is said and done on Benghazi, she’s going to be just like Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby…stuck in the middle of it.

  • TJ says:

    Most people that know to much some how come up dead with a heart attack, never had problems before in there life, or told to keep there mouth shut to keep there family safe. Alot of our news people that have quit the news, did this because of the safty of there family. What ever happen to Joe? who found out about pebo’s birth certificate. We have not heard a word from him latley.If she don’t come forward the everything that has came out needs to be brought to the courts, Because they did find out the truth, they just want to hear what she has to say.

  • Jay says:

    She has a concussion about as much as I do. As far as her running for president it might happen but she will never get elected. Benghazi will haunt her the rest of her life. Four brave Americans died a horrific death there and two of them were seals. And they will do to her what the swift boat crews did to Kerry when he ran for president. The seals and all special ops will make sure she never gets elected. She is a clinton and a bullshitter just like her husband. She has no conscious and anyone who can just disregard the killing of four Americans doesn’t even deserve to be a garbage collector.

    • Gordon says:

      Well spoken naiveity. Skeletons have no real effect on liberal campaigns since the media is their advocates. I expect that Hillary will be offered a Supreme Court Justice position in exchange for her service to our country….. unless she feels compelled to make a bid for the presidency. One thing most ignore is that Democrats groom their candidates for years/decades where Republicans are clueless as to whom they will run 12 months in advance.

  • David says:

    The Tabloids are saying she has Brain Cancer.
    Of course you know you can believe whatever they put out,.. NOT!

  • H.L. says:

    The ugly Reptoid went to the holiday bash on some boat out in int’l waters and ate too many children at the annual blood feast. Miserable, useless child-murderer is still slithering around her 100th castle somewhere digesting it off. Sorry – but if you sheeple elect (or try to, since even Matt Damon now knows the entire show is rigged) another one of these lizards, the nation will lose its First World status, the dollar will be replaced with implanted chips, ten more genocides will break out and the Dracos and Greys will steal your children in broad daylight. WE ARE OWNED and unless we rise up and take over – think the French Revolution – they’ll be fracking for farts up our arses in a decade. THESE MONSTERS ARE EVIL, EVIL, EVIL!!!! One can get extremely ranty about such things, but really – AMERICANS REFUSE TO WAKE UP!!!!!

  • Judith says:

    Now that you have mentioned Kerry…I prefer NOT to have him and his crass, foul mouthed wife as Secretary of State. Would he be any better than Hillary?

  • VHG says:

    Hillary is in hiding! She knows tooooo much about the Soros/Obama administration, including how people die or disappear if they get to dangerous for said administration. I don’t have much respect for her or Bill, but to have a chance in 2016, I think she would feel obligated to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Now that makes her a big threat to Soros and Osama et al.

    • Gordon says:

      Buck the system and your grandchildren could mysteriously disappear 8 years from now. Try to get a grasp as to how powerful the system is.

  • H.L. says:

    No, little children, she doesn’t give one tiny squirt about any of these ideas – Soros, Benghazi. You want to believe she THINKS at the same level as you. And so you are good sheeple to keep up telling this fairy tale to yourselves. Globalists keep you running with some idea you have caught them out and now know the truth. That is not going to happen. You are just some little group, telling yourselves some more interesting story (other than, “Hey, look what I got at the mall!”) while you walk in the same direction as the rest of the sheeple – who are all in line for the meat-grinder. These comments are nonsense. How sad the editors must feel to read them. A blind man does not catch the man with sight.

    • Bonnie J Wren says:

      Another Civil War is exactly what this administration wants! The Dept. of Homeland Security (haha) have been buying up [hollow-point] ammo by the hundreds of thousands, claiming they need them for – get this – target practice!! Some who have access to the goings on among the police and the armed forces have already alluded to the fact that this government is actively gearing up for an expected national insurrection! They know that many in the police force and even the military would turn their backs upon the fed under such circumstances and join up with patriotic Americans fighting in defense of our Constitution, which is why they want a war to happen so that they can pit the police forces etc. against patriotic citizens in the hope that we would kill each other off! In the meantime, they would simply wait until the dust settled and then bring in what is a very recently developed para-military offensive referred to as the “American Police Force”, which is undergoing extensive training in undisclosed locations around the country at this time. It’s all in the plan! I used to think just like you until I recently read about this the other day. I’ll try to locate the article, if you’d like. One ray of hope is that Obumma is being heavily investigated by several members of Congress and some other lawmakers…even some Democrats based upon his ineligibility to hold the office of President! This has been gaining alot of steam in a determined effort to keep him from being officially sworn into office on Jan. 6th! I just love to fantasize about him being drummed out of OUR White House before he could be sworn in! Yes!!

  • D. Gar says:

    Lets ask Carmen!!!

  • RLM357 says:

    Hillary is avoiding perjury charges if she lies before Congress ! I do not believe her feigned injury. Now comes an even worse chice for her position, John Currey. Remember that coward? Hillary knows this Administration and perhaps ever herself have been arming the Muslims in Syriua and Egypt. They have committed Felonious Violations and could face Jail for them. Her conspicuous absense is to avoid being served a subpoena to Appear before the Congressional Committee. ~Rick Magee, FL

  • Pam says:

    She has been caught in so many lies over the years that even the media have reported on why should she care? Does anyone else remember once neither she nor Bill are holding political office they are to give depos on White? So why hide from this situation when the other is about to slap her in the face as well? A liar is a liar and she would only lie about this one, by staying quiet she is being advised she can’t be made a total scapegoat.

  • H.L. says:

    Reading all this drivvel reminds me that the younger generations are still thinking along high school civics class lines. Hillary could care less who thinks she’s a liar because she is a puppet for the men at the top of the pyramid. All she cares about is what they think of her. The Press is owned. Judges are all owned. Lying is as easy as breathing for her. Even though some of our former leaders are already convicted of war crimes in other countries, it makes no matter to them. They are above it – untouchable. Who did anything about the Vince Foster murder? (Take-your-partner-to-woodshed-day for real.)These people have a long trail of murders behind them. Meanwhile, you are basically making half of this stuff up in your remarks. What are you – the White House Counsel? You pull this stuff out of your butts and then pontificate before one another as if you actually know something. Between Hillary’s crowd and you idiots, the nation will be lost.

    • Armyvet says:

      H.L., You criticizing people “pontificating” as you call it, who are concerned about our country, and your name calling. Yet here you are “pontificating” your point of view. Who’s the real “idiot” here?

      • H.L. says:

        And you call people arrogant. And you insinuate I am not concerned about the country. So – I call you an idiot who is also illiterate.
        Again – you people have NO IDEA IN HELL what Hillary Clinton thinks about toast, let alone the Presidency.
        Look up Leo Wanta and his connection to Vince Foster (if it can still be found). These people are in a whole different ballpark than some tiny battle and who-dunnit.

      • Dr Shirley Lynn says:


    • Cruffler says:

      Then….you should present a solution to this dilemma….

    • Bonnie J Wren says:

      H.L., you certainly do have a critical spirit! If these comments are so repugnant to you, why are you here reading them?? Just so you can point an accusing finger at anyone who “dares” to express an opinion? Before you go about trying to pull specks from everyone elses’ eyes, you really need to realize that you have a log in your own! By calling us “stupid idiots” and whatever, you are only succeeding in demonstrating your own stupidity….and your fear of ideas! You don’t know any more about the political scene than anyone here and alot less than some, so hey….fly away!

  • Bernadine says:

    IS hilley hidding or have they lock her up.
    they will not let her talk and you can bet bill was also involved what one does so does the other. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. WITH THE DEVIL ALL THINGS LEAD TO A LIVING HELL

    • Bonnie J Wren says:

      Right on, Bernadine! Those people in allegedly high places have such a big surprise coming, and so much sooner than they think!! Noone gets away with a thing….something they have yet to learn – but learn it, they will! This year is going to be a kicker….alot of amazing things are just around the corner! I guarantee that during 2013, something is going to go down that will shake this so-called Presidency to the core! Many things are coming….for some, good things; for others, NOT so good! That pit of vipers in our White House are so in for a rude awakening; they are sooo arrogant…so smug thinking that they have really pulled their vile agenda off on the American people, on Israel and even on Almighty God Himself! When Satan got to this point, we all know how that turned out for him; when he was cast out of the Kingdom of Heaven, it appeared as a bolt of lightening from the sky! This kind of arrogance is one thing about which the Lord God has absolutely NO sense of humor….it ain’t going to be pretty! 2013 is going to be one interesting year!

  • OpaBill says:

    Everyone is wondering why Susan Rice bailed, and now Hilary had a convenient “fall”. I have a more than plausible answer.
    It’s been a little over 45 years since I’ve been a member of the military’s Special Services (UDT in the Navy), but I stay up with things military. If Tyrone Woods “painted” the location of the enemy fire, this is what had to happen. You do not put a laser on a target unless you expect it to be taken out in short order because it can also give your position away.
    Ty was on the roof of a near by building. He had communications with someone who had a laser guided missile available , probably that “unarmed” drone overhead. They said “paint” the target and we will take it out. Between that time and when the missile should have been fired, someone ordered an “Abort”! They had left Tyrone Woods in a position they knew would have made him then the target. He was sacrificed for …….?
    Obama has a strategy, ignore all the mistakes and eventually other events will cover up any repercussions. Fast and Furious should have nailed him but I saw where just one low end buyer got charged. All the really responsible people are still walking free.
    We just can’t let the Benghazi thing get “covered up”. By the way, where are the twenty some people who were also in the compound? Why haven’t we heard from them?

    • Wildman says:

      Oapbill,you are right on all accounts. They dilibertly sacrificed those men, all of them. Obama had the Muslim Brother Hood to the White House, and the National Convention. He was suppose to be the hero of the situation when he could get those men back. Instead, somehing went wrong, they were killed. And Hillary, with her top aidconnected to the Muslim Brother Hood, knew the whole thing also. They both committed treason. And yes, there are people at the top pulling the srings. The Bildenberg group.

    • Judith De Graffenried says:

      The rescued people from the compound are forbidden to speak to members of Congress by the State Dept. Why is congress allowing this behavior?

  • H.L. says:

    Benghazi already covered something else – why else would they wash their laundry in public except to distract you from a much larger situation they never intend you to examine?
    You pick up the first rock and find under it some lesser scorpion and think you’re discovered some secret. They put that rock there for you to find.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UQU5_qUrVM – Listen to someone who is not interested in finding out what THEY want you to find. You have been too coddled. Benghazi IS THE COVER-UP. Pick up more rocks. It’s always about the money.

    • Clifford Alford says:

      You are right. Anything they let us see is simply camouflage for something even worse that they are pulling behind our backs.

    • Anonymous says:

      H. L., I think you are right. I don’t want to speculate about what is going on in this country and internationally… Because I think it’s big… Something really big that can change human existence globally. Hillary , Obama and others in the liberal camp … As well as maybe some rhinos, are only puppets in this theater. What I want to know is who is the Puppeteer and what is his plan… Or scheme!

  • Wildman says:

    She is runing scared. What she knows will put Obama in a very bad light. he let those people die. The Lybia attack is only a svery small part of what was and is going on. I believe that Obama knew the attack was coming. That is why there wasn’t security, that is why the security personel at a different location were told to stand down. How many visits had the Muslim Brother Hood paid the White House prior to the attack? What does the Muslim Brother Hood have in common with the President? Se knows the answers. She herself hs a top woman adviser who is Muslim, and tied in with the Muslim Brother Hood. America, we are being betrayed.

    • Bonnie J Wren says:

      Wildman, not only did Obumma and his Cabinet know about the attack in Benghazi….they caused it! The entire thing was carefully planned and orchestrated by this administration! For one thing, the “Ambassador” who was actually a high-ranking CIA Official and the others were not in an Embassy at all….they were in a remote safe house! This administration has been supplying high-powered ammunition to the Syrian Rebels and others in the Muslim Brotherhood from day one through the CIA (shades of “Fast and Furious”)! That attack happened in a desperate effort to eliminate any and all proof about what has really been going on! Obviously, something went very wrong over there and it was about to hit the fan! The real reason our troops are over there at all is to maintain the maximum amount of instability in that area of the world at the behest of the CFR and the World Banks(the “Federal” Reserve)….the transnationalist billionaires like George Soros who have been pulling the strings all along! That is what our brave military personnel are being sacrificed for! Obumma and his minions have been in cover-up mode and serious damage control ever since; how many cover-ups can go on before there’s finally a meltdown?? hehehe! They have been building a volcano with their lies etc., and it’s about to EXPLODE!! BOOYA!

  • Kerry Keel says:

    Goody, let her stay missing. Perhaps her sins have finally caught up with her. Now it is her hubby’s turn. If she does know, to much, then she needs to be found, and the truth pried out of her, in a way that will stand up in court. The left may be hiding her, or has sufficiently threatened her that she is playing Ostrich. For all of her talk and power wielding, and being the big decision maker, it appears that she has met her match, and needs to stay out of the scene. The “scene” needs her front and center, to answer for indiscretions she has made, and others that others have done, that she knows about. The people have a right to know, but the left is to afraid to be open about their true activities. Darkness always prefers darkness.

    • Tim Young says:

      Yeah whatever happened to these Democrats hunting down Bush and Cheney for war crimes? How is this any different?

      • Bonnie J Wren says:

        Yeah Tim, war crimes are bad enough…how about 9/11! How about the [missile] that blew up part of the Pentagon (interestingly the only part where top-secret records re covert government activities were being stored)…how said missile was actually fired from an airplane and then the plane was crashed into the building to cover up traces of the missile! How about the huge amount of explosive material that was discovered throughout both of the World Trade Center buildings causing them to collapse the way they did? The “highjacked” airliners flying into those buildings could not have caused them to implode the way they did….impossible! How about the mass shooting which took place in that theater….of course, the shooter allegedly committed suicide immediately after, before anyone in law enforcement could arrest him….very convenient! Right after that, what did we all hear about constantly? Gun control….how we need gun control to stop these terrible events! Fascinating! How about the tragedy in the Sandyhook School? Both shooters were reported to have been mentally ill…and both of them ended up very dead before anyone in law enforcement could get to them! What did we hear from the enemedia every hour after that? You guessed it….gun control! How we so desperately need gun control!! Did this last shooter really kill his mother before going to the school….or was she eliminated because she knew too much and couldn’t be trusted?? Hmmm? How about Obumma’s fake tears afterwards! It is written in a book about the ways in which Marxists can take over a soveriegn government….what occurred on those occasions are right out of that book! Before the Marxists took control of Italy, inexplicably, school buses filled with little children were blown up (by some mentally deranged killer who managed to kill himself before he could be arrested) and other similar atrocities all around Italy, which drove the citizens to the brink with grief and terror….so much so that they were willing to allow the government to take away all of their guns….allegedly for their own protection! Sound familiar? Years before WW11, the German people were similarly disarmed….it’s all right out of the playbook!! War crimes doesn’t even come close!

  • Esper says:

    She knows what transpired, the ‘movie story’, who(BHO) made decision to ‘stand down’ in Benghazi, and the mess of Weapon shipment to Syrian Al-quida (via Turkey)(a grander version of weapons to the Mexican Cartels) AND she plans to run in 2016.
    Thus She will eventually tell the Story and be the Hero, but cannot as long as working for BHO. I expect her to testify after leaving Office and do so gladly and truthfully.


    Remember how long it took for Bill’s intern scandel to surface. Sure Hillary is in hiding,throw a rock,hide your hand. It runs in their family. Just another perfect example of a Clinton being Blown off. No pun intended.Once in office,always a liar. They really think we are that stupid. This is only the beginning. God Bless The USA.

  • grammasheila says:

    The claim was that Hill was doing “all her work at home.” IF she was ordered to bed rest, how can she be doing all her work at home? IF she IS able to work from home, she is certainly able to be subpoenaed and forced to show up and testify. Pretty sure that federal health insurance pays for a wheelchair and private nurse.

  • major says:

    This is definitely unprecedented behaviour. Trying to avoid answering questions about Benghazi is at best a temporary situation and since Obama somehow stole the election does it really matter. Congress has proven they dont have the courage to impeach this charlatan so what does Obama have to fear; thats what I would like to know. Its fairly well recognized that Hillary and Obama dont really like each other and possibly Hillary is threatening to go rogue and he is trying to control her until they can confirm a replacement. Its odd somewhat that Obama is replacing Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense at the same time, possibly setting up for his next big socialist move and the current individuals wont go along with it. If the Congress doesnt act to stop this rogue President, then only the States are left to oppose this takeover. Every last Congressman should be impeached and replaced due to their cowardice in office.

  • Joe says:

    Everyone with any common sense know that she is the last nail in ovomits coffin,she knows he gave the Stand Down order as we also know,the blood of the 4 Americans is wheighing heavy on her hands and the hands of the traitor in the Whitye House. Both have got to go along with the co-conspirators who put the phony and fraud usurper in office.

  • Rev. Scott U says:

    Wow! Lots of nasty political invective here! I hope you folks feel better for your venting.

    But let me ask: does spewing venom help or hinder getting across the points you want to make–or is the only point?

    Anyhooo…not by way of excuse but just noting…Everybody knows coverups “in the national security interest” are treasured self-granted rights by Republicans & Democrats going back 100 years. This wild stamping of everything in sight as “confidential blah-blah-blah” for 50 years or so from the point of misdeed is one of D.C.’s biggest CYA scams.

    I’ll note Republicans should be OVERJOYED Obama didn’t start a formal investigation into the corrupt lies & manipulation that dragged our troops into “nation-building non-wars” in Iraq & Afghanistan. Caused over 250,000 CIVILIANS deaths in Iraq, & has HELPED bankrupt our starving fiscal cupboard…

    Of course Obama wanted to reserve the same free-wheeling “national security tactics” for himself, the military & his Secy of State.

    Funny how bad behavior isn’t so much fun when the other party is in charge…One way or another we’ll get to the bottom of the Benghazi story & find out why the CIA didn’t authorize backup rescue help when it was desperately needed & repeatedly called for!

    • Uncle Vladdi says:

      Typical immorally relativistic, libtarded response:
      “There’s no crime nor criminals because we all do it too! Whee!”

      You’re also pretending that comparing one crime with others somehow cancels one of them, or makes one of the wrongs into a right!

      Not to mention you started out pretending it’s “hateful” to hate crimes, and by exposing them, trying to end them!

      So I suppose you think all problems are best solved by everyone ignoring them, right?!

    • Bonnie J Wren says:

      Reverend, I have to disagree with your characterization of the two parties trying to put something over on each other….they have been working in concert from the beginning; they, the World Banks of the so-called “Federal” Reserve, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, George Soros and the other transnationalist billionaires; they are all working together like a well-oiled machine to eliminate the soveriegnty of the United States of America (beginning with a total economic collapse and the destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and then by taking down our dominant religion, Christianity…both by persecution, causing division and by merging the Catholic Church with Islam)! There really is very little difference between the Republican and the Democrat parties….they are all far too into their comfy lifestyles to have any real desire to rock the boat! Of course, they have all long forgotten Who created the ocean their boat is floating upon….bad idea! How long do you think it will be before the “plug is pulled” from beneath the waters keeping them afloat?

  • Anonymous says:

    She’s hiding out with Carmen Sandiego.

  • Uncle Vladdi says:

    She sez: “My dog ate my Benghazi homework report! Them Obama ate my dog!”


  • parttime says:

    She was probably whacked after her fainting spell and then cloned, so she won’t even remember obamaghazi

  • Tomtom says:

    She knows who gave the order to “stand down” and that it was a treasonist act. She is part of this lousy deal Obama made with the Muslim brotherhood. They should be put on trial and not allowed to hold public officecever again.

  • Tuxedo Plowboy says:

    Hillary and Obummer both need hooked up to lie detectors and asked the real question. Who told the military to not help those people and let them lie. There just needs to be justice and these people are making themselves above the law and into the law.

  • JJM says:

    I looked this up earlier today and believe I can repeat it correctly. Concussions w/ football children.
    Group 1 = minor concussion = observe for 20 minutes before putting back in play.
    Group 2 = moderate = observe for 24 hours before allowing to play again.
    Group 3 = severe = ER visit and no play for 1 week (or no play for rest of season if had a previous concussion.
    I seriously doubt she had a serious Group 3 injury requiring more than 1 week of recovery. Rather, it is most likely a political ploy, perhaps waiting for the heat to dissipate, waiting for another crisis to hit the headlines OR most likely to be sure that her testimony is crafted to not leak any embarrassing facts.

  • Awakened1 says:

    I hope she’s in the Gulag waiting for the others to join her.

  • Maxilyn says:

    Maybe she’s actually in the mid East selling Israel and the US down the river to the Islamic extremists.

  • edward says:

    I would hate to see this, but I think Team Obama has dispatched her like She and Bubba did to Vince Forster.

  • iratenana says:

    Perhaps her butt finally took over her entire body. ? Who cares where she is. I just wish she’d taken the ultimate ego with her, Mr. O of course.

  • iratenana says:

    I find it hard to believe that anyone could get a concussion from fainting and falling. It doesn’t matter, we all know she’s dodging those trying to sort out all the lies concerning Benghazi and the murders of our people there. God will hold all of them accountable. One way or another they will all pay for their part in that horrible mess. I pray she does not run for office, she needs to be gone.

  • llynarian says:

    I kinda think that she is genuinely sick with something a lot worse than a viral gastroenteritis, dehydration, and head trauma–I’m thinking heart attack or cancer. She has looked terrible for the past 3-4 months. She is old enough and certainly has been through a lot of stress; she could well be quite ill and trying to conceal it in case she wants to try to make a run for it in 2016, but just looking at her makes me wonder if she is hospitalized somewhere with a major illness.

  • seta says:

    Just think of all the idiots that wold have egg on their face if all the smoke about the Half Breed Kenyan(Not my title. Nine is not printable) turns out to be true. I have yet to figure out how a floor flusher with less experience than a three legged hound dog could become president. Makes the peanut farmer look like a saint.

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    As Hollywood producer, Bettina Viviano, has already stated in a court affidavit, we already know that when Bill threatened to go public with the Birth Certificate ineligibility of Obama in 2008, Obama killed Bill and Hillary’s good friend, Bill Gwatney, the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party to let them know they had better cease and desist. When Bill remained undeterred, the message he then received from Obama was that “Chelsea would be next!” I suspect Obama’s goonsquad has put the kibosh on Hillary to squelch her testimony with some serious threats. After all, the federal government can’t let the cat out of the bag that they created and have been supporting al Qaeda from the get-go and that they now are supporting their fictitious enemy that supposedly committed the original 911. The original 911 was an inside job from the get-go. Only idiots still believe the government’s official lie regarding the first 911 and only idiots will still believe the other lie regarding the most recent 911. This government killed JFK, RFK, MLK, Marilyn Monroe, and JFK Jr. They killed Senator Paul Wellstone and the Dc Madam, Jeannette Palfrey. God only knows what evil they are capable of.

    • Bonnie J Wren says:

      Right on, Sic Semper Tyrannis! Also, what you said at the end of your post is sooo true….God does know, and He is not amused!

  • PeaOde2 says:

    They’re busier than 10 cats with diarrhea trying to cover it up!!!

  • CaptTurbo says:

    I’ll tell you where that liberal hag is, she’s down in the Dominican Republic partying. Fact.

  • Flame says:

    One may not get a concussion directly from the flu, but one can become dehydrated and dizzy from the flu and fall, which is what happened to Hill. Now, as of this a.m. (12/31), the news has announced she has a blood clot above the neck for which she is hopsitalized in New York and receiving blood thinners.

    Not that I have any great love for her—I don’t, and I don’t for one second doubt that she is using every angle she can scare up to avoid testifying before Congress on Benghazi-gate.

  • OpaBill says:

    Kate, You must have been associated with the military. The two biggest things that have cost the tax payer the most is “it’s for the military, (and/or)it’s for the children” and their dead beat parents, if they are even still around. I worry so much about the next four years. Good time to learn a foreign language.

  • KG says:

    Hillary can’t remember anything CONVENIENTLY. I am sure the Dems have a gun to her head!

    KNOW THAT SOROS IS BEHIND THE MEDIA & DEMONCRAPS!!! He bought up affiliates that the MEDIA must answer to………Now YOU know!!! He is BO’s ventriloquist/biggest financial backer & an ex Nazi!!! He also bought up voting machine co’s & wants internet control!!! Stalin quoted “he who counts the votes has all the power”!!! That’s an understatement – BO had more than 100% vote in some states & do we do anything collectively???? No!!!!!!!!! Americans are scatterbrained!!!We’re overdue for a Civil War!!!!!!!

  • Randy Griffin says:

    If Obama thought she would give him up, he would have her killed. I truly believe that..I think she is in hiding and will stay there for a while until she finds a way to get herself out of this mess she is in…

  • Michael O'Mara says:

    Any questions or doubts about the Clintons (especially Hillary) is contained in a Time Magazine article in 1972. I don’t have the issue number or the exact date ut the cover art is a picture of Curious George. Keeping in mind the political position of Time the information in this peice is remarkable and should be assigned reading for anyone who is a voter. Unless it has been quietly removed this issue was available at your local library. This was all common knowledge in 1972 but has now become completely unknown. Funny isn’t it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I for one hope she does not run, because she is just like Obama. They both have made it plane that they want to destroy the Bill of Rights and take all weapons the us,so that everyone has to depend on the govt. for hand outs.

  • Carolyn says:

    Who cares where she is? The lees we see of her, the better.

  • Max says:

    If Hillary plans to run in 16, she’s most likely at a Fat Farm, having massive liposuction and another face lift. Just wait, when she comes out of hiding she’s gonna look totally different..again. Thanks to the extraordinary health care plan privy only to politicians. Our tax dollars at work.



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