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Where’s Hillary?

Remember when Hillary Clinton unexpectedly suffered from a concussion due to a stomach flu a few weeks ago?

She missed her scheduled testimony on the Benghazi attacks, she missed the appointment of John Kerry… she even missed the State Department Christmas Party… so where in the world is she?

According to her advisors, she has been advised to take bed rest, but she hasn’t been seen or heard from in weeks.

The problem here is that is seems like she’s avoiding her responsibility as Secretary of State.

It’s all too strange that she hasn’t said anything about the Benghazi attacks… she can’t be in that bad of shape that she is unable to release a statement on the situation.

Maybe the real story here is her potential political future.  Her desire to run for office in 2016 (and yes, she has said that she doesn’t want to run…I’m not sure that a single member of the media believes it) has driven her into seclusion until the negative issues for her literally blow over.

Let’s look at the facts with her.  Even if you don’t like her policy stances, she has visited over 100 countries as Secretary and blazed a trail behind her… she is definitely in a good place to run for President in the superficial eyes of the public.

So what’s the deal?  Why is she basically hiding?  What do you think is going on here?  Let us know by commenting below!


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  • KG

    Hillary can’t remember anything CONVENIENTLY. I am sure the Dems have a gun to her head!

    KNOW THAT SOROS IS BEHIND THE MEDIA & DEMONCRAPS!!! He bought up affiliates that the MEDIA must answer to………Now YOU know!!! He is BO’s ventriloquist/biggest financial backer & an ex Nazi!!! He also bought up voting machine co’s & wants internet control!!! Stalin quoted “he who counts the votes has all the power”!!! That’s an understatement – BO had more than 100% vote in some states & do we do anything collectively???? No!!!!!!!!! Americans are scatterbrained!!!We’re overdue for a Civil War!!!!!!!

  • http://www.nazi.com Martin

    she is dead!

    • Canbo

      Not so lucky!

  • Michael O’Mara

    Any questions or doubts about the Clintons (especially Hillary) is contained in a Time Magazine article in 1972. I don’t have the issue number or the exact date ut the cover art is a picture of Curious George. Keeping in mind the political position of Time the information in this peice is remarkable and should be assigned reading for anyone who is a voter. Unless it has been quietly removed this issue was available at your local library. This was all common knowledge in 1972 but has now become completely unknown. Funny isn’t it.

    • Maria Gilbert

      How about Time Magazine” on line?



  • Robert Benner

    I believe Obuma has her hidden somewhere out of touch of the media especially Fox News, the only news source that really cares.

    • Elizabeth Clark

      and I sometimes wonder about fox

      • joenitwit

        Yes, even FOX is liberal or RINO much of the time, especially Bill O’Riley.

        • Gordon

          You people shouldn’t be confusing Republicans of any stature with Constitutionalists.

          • Dr Shirley Lynn

            What are you taking about??

          • Chip

            Yeah! The GOP committed suicide by taking on Romney believing that he could do anything. Thinking we are going to have to go back to the beginning and get a full fledged Independent who believes in America like George Washington.

        • Tim Young

          Fox is there to entertain for the most part. They play the ratings game. If something gets a big reaction out of a crowd… they’ll keep doing it. It’s not all about politics.

        • Dr Shirley Lynn

          Bill O’Riley is crazy and most of the time he has no idea what he is talking about.

          • http://google grassroot

            I agree, Dennis Miller is closer to
            the truth when it comes to commentary on
            these radical fascists running things.