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What’s a Super PAC?

With Election Day only a few short weeks away, I wanted to take the time to explain to you what a Super PAC is, so that you truly understand what they have done to change the election process…

There has been a lot of buzz about Super PACs.  Even comedian Stephen Colbert started his own so that he could show what it really was.

Both Obama and Romney have Super PACs that support them… but what do they really do?

As you may know about campaigns and contributions, individuals and companies are limited to the amount of money that they can give.

Super PACs were designed to skirt all of these rules.

According to the current laws, individuals and corporations can give an unlimited amount of money to Super PACs, because technically, these organizations aren’t connected to or associated with a candidate.

As we all know by using our common sense, Super PACs and any fundraising organization of the like are tied directly in with campaigns and fund commercials and programs to help out their views.

I’m not saying that I disagree with the message or the concept… I am however saying that we shouldn’t fool ourselves by hiding behind law.

These organizations were designed to thwart the campaign fundraising laws, essentially by keeping fundraising unlimited…

And it allows corporate influences (which again I’m not saying are good or bad) to influence an election.

So where you will see hundreds of millions of dollars go directly to a candidate, billions of dollars more are being fed into Super PACs on either side of the aisle.

One thing we can all agree on is that these organizations make this the most expensive election of our lifetime.

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