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What To Do If You Haven’t Prepared

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So you haven’t prepared for the worst, and the worst happens.  What do you do?

Thousands of people are affected by tornadoes, fires, flooding and other natural disasters every year.  And only a very small percentage of those people are actually ready for them.

You can never anticipate what’s exactly going to happen, which is why so many people are unprepared.

If an emergency situation occurs, and you aren’t ready, you will have very limited options.

To begin with, you’ll need to remain calm.  Many people panic and leave critical items in their home that could have saved them.  If you’re composed, you have a better chance of survival.

The first thing that you should grab is your identification.  At the least, you should have one document with a photo of you that lists your home address.  Passports and drivers licenses accomplish this.

Second, you should have some cash and credit cards handy to run with.  You need something to barter with, and cash generally works.  You can also get cash advances on your credit cards if necessary in order to purchase items with which you can survive.

Third, take a few pictures of the rooms in your home.  Most people have a camera on their cell phone that can do this.  You want to document your property in order to prove what is yours later on.

Finally, if you have the time, grab food and drink before you leave your home.  This was saved for last because with certain resources, you should be able to purchase these items or get them from the land.

It’s our hope that you are all prepared for anything that can happen. But if not, knowing to grab the items listed here could help you survive longer than your neighbors.

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  • Jim says:

    Yes, passports do have your address on them BUT it is written in pencil so it can be kept up to date...Take your drivers license or also take a utility bill with your current address on it.

  • Edgar Toensing says:

    Always have a pocket knife. Swis Army type is the most usefull.

  • P Neil says:

    Grab your phone charger. Also having a solar charger isa good idea. Most people who use their phone alot are lost without it. It can keep you in touch with family, friends, and help.


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