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What Do You Want to See on Absolute Rights?

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What Do You Want to See on Absolute Rights?One of the things that many news organizations fail at doing is listening to their readers.

We at Absolute Rights are happy to provide compelling political and self-sufficiency news to you all.

I have enjoyed reading and responding to a lot of your emails and look forward to continuing writing great stories for all of you to weigh in on, even when we don’t agree…

But as Managing Editor, I wanted to know what you want to hear and see at Absolute Rights.

Use this forum or our Facebook page to tell us what you would like to see and hear from us.

And as always,

Be smarter than they think you are.

-Tim Young

Managing Editor

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  • vm says:

    I want to see absolute right support the absolute right for women to never be forced to continue a pregnancy they don't want.

  • Big Bad Daddy says:

    I think the greatest need we will be facing in the event of socio/economic collapse is not the "treatment" of water, but rather the "Finding" of water sources if city facilities fail. I can purify tons of water with the equipment I have on-hand, my problem is finding a continuing source of water in a semi-urban setting.

  • Big Bad Daddy says:

    VM is full of crap, but is she wants an abortion, go pay for it yourself... I don't want ANY of my taxes going toward "Child Sacrifice."

    • Gustav says:

      How is that full of crap? Whether or not you want to support it with your tax money, the legality of abortion shouldn't even be a discussion.

    • Sterling in Salt Lake City says:

      Hey Big Daddy, men don't belong in the conversation about women's health issues, particularly abortion. No man on the planet - not the clergy, not fathers, NOBODY - should be taking part in this discussion. Women ONLY should decide these issues. Men should have the good sense and courtesy to shut the hell up. If men could get pregnant, this discussion would have been over a long time ago, and abortions would be available on every street corner. Wise up.

  • Grubby K. says:

    I have a request.

    I would like to see the people who run absoluterights and its various sister sites put into a federal penitentiary for fraud.


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