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Wendy Davis’ License to Drive

State Senator Wendy Davis wants to be the governor of Texas. She’s all over headlines lately after publicly dissing the Democratic Governors Association, calling for reduced emphasis on standardized testing, and pay equality for women. 

But here’s the thing, it’s what you don’t hear about that makes her gubernatorial run interesting…fishy even.

Davis shot to national fame after her famous filibuster for a woman’s right to an abortion, but it seems as if her pink sneakers have been left in the closet for this run. 

For a candidate who cares so much about women’s rights, where then are the female voters?

Texas women actually prefer Republican gubernatorial candidate Gregg Abbot, according to a a recent survey by the polling firm Public Policy Polling. 

“Women get exhausted with women candidates who say they are pro-woman and then run on issues that real women don’t say are most important to them,” Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway told The Daily Caller.

She’s losing support from her own party too. Democratic Governors Association Chairman Peter Shumlin has made it clear he is not very optimistic about Davis’ chances in Texas.

“We’re hopeful in Texas but we all understand that Democrats haven’t won Texas in a long time,” Shumlin said Tuesday, as quoted by RealClearPolitics.

According to the New York Daily News, Wendy Davis slighted her own party for ditching her campaign for Texas Governor.

She called the head of the Democratic Governors Association “uninformed” and a “Washington, D.C., desk jockey,” after he admitted the party was unlikely to win against Republican Greg Abbott in Texas. 

Davis hasn’t been preaching about abortions on the campaign trail, nor has she mentioned the FBI mention of her in the North Texas Tollway Investigation. And what’s more is another forgotten policy measure she proposed in 2013…that she wanted to reward those who enter this country illegally with, wait for it…Texas driver’s licenses

You don’t have to be a political strategist to figure out how this got buried, never mind that such an ill-conceived policy would make it easer for illegals to take jobs from Texans, the toll on the taxpayer, and a loophole for background checks. Take it from someone who lives in Texas, the last thing this state needs is more illegal immigration. 

In a statement from Abbot spokesman Matt Hirsch: 

“It’s telling that Wendy Davis’ economic development platform includes giving drivers licenses to people here illegally. This is the typical Obama-style approach that Texans can expect from Wendy Davis. Attorney General Abbott supports current Texas law that requires a person to prove their legal status to be issued an original license or a personal ID card.”

There is still a national buzz around this Democratic hopeful, just not in the state where she’s running for office. Despite the hype, she’s not even on the list of the DGA’s top targets in 2014. It’s definitely going to take a Texas-sized miracle to put Davis in the governor’s seat.  Democrats haven’t won statewide office in Texas since 1994.

Read the poll here:


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  1. She cannot sleep her way into the Gov.’s mansion.

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