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Vacation Time for the President!

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Jake Tapper asked the President where he has been over the last four years on issues regarding gun control. Obama, looking quite irritated responded by saying, “here’s where I’ve been Jake. I’ve been President of the United States dealing with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, an auto industry on the verge of collapse, two wars, um, I don’t think I’ve been on vacation.”

That is so interesting Mr. President, so interesting in fact I had to look a few things up. First, according to multiple sources, including the White House, our economy has been back for several years. I think the Vice-President even kicked of the recovery summer way back in June, 2010. So that leaves two years at least for him to have done something. The Auto Industry Bailouts were even before that and started under Bush, so I guess that can’t really be taking up all of his time. Two wars; yes, there are those wars that are winding down. I guess as commander-in-chief you do have to sit in the War Room all day looking over battlefield maps, strategy planning, meeting with top generals, allocating troop resources, and God only knows how much other stuff he has to do with these two wars. Why I bet right now, as I type this he is at the Pentagon receiving field briefings on the current state of the wars.

I’m going to say that it is much more likely that Obama is planning his $4 million Hawaiian Christmas vacation. Or he could be looking over old photos of one of his many luxurious vacations in Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard. Let’s not, however, begrudge the President for taking a vacation here and there; it’s not like he doesn’t play golf twice a month – oh wait, he does. 107 rounds at last count. And how could I forget all the shindigs he hosts at the People’s House? From State dinners to musical tributes and movie premiers, there is certainly not a shortage of partying going on at the White House.

It seems to me that there is plenty of time for the big man to get lots of things done including what Tapper asked him about – That is, if he were actually in his office doing work.

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  • Steve Tallent says:

    The man stands diametrically opposed to almost everything I believe. On the one hand I hate that he is wasting money partying. On the other hand, he could actually be working to undermine our liberties. Party on Mr. President. Longer vacations and more of them.

  • brent dickerson says:

    Agreed, but its more about the habitual lying and deception...

    • Quester55 says:

      True BRENT, However as that old saying goes, The Mice will Play while the Cat's Away?, In this case the Cat is a Alpha-RAT & these mice are just as Destructive.
      Have you've Noticed, Not one Mention of those Countless MILLIONS that were Raised for OBAMA & Where is the CASH NOW?
      And with these New Taxes, How many of This King RAT & his tribe, Will be EXEMPT?, No one Knows?

      However, We have more pressing things to worry or at lease, think about. Like how are a Hand full of us, Going to effect any change in our Downward spin to oblivion ??

  • CaptTurbo says:

    It seems to me that the less "work" the Communist usurper does, the better.

    • Quester55 says:

      TO: Capt Turbo, The, " Wait & see Attitude,", Only works in Hollywood, Relying on it to provide you with answers, is a very risky chance to take, It's like sailing without a Rudder, Sure you'll float, but you'll not get anywhere.
      Would you allow your child play around a Snake's hole, Hopping that there is No snake inside?
      Well, This " Sit back & see Attitude", Cost us Dearly at " PEARL HARBOR", Maybe you should Correct yourself, Before the Enemy attacks Us with full force?

  • Quester55 says:

    It is said that J. Caesar Fiddled while Rome Burned. Caesar was a tyrant and a Dictator. Now we have OBAMA, On yet another Vacation, Screwing around while the Infrastructure Burns from within!
    Perhaps the rumors are correct & He(OBAMA)is planing on becoming this nations First Self Appointed " DICTATOR", Only time will tell!

    • brent dickerson says:

      Actually it was Nero...not that it matters, either way the place burned and the insane emperor enjoyed watching it - probably even got off on it...

  • Quester55 says:

    Most of us that Truly believe in God, Know that this is only the beginning of the end, Unlike our counterparts (Read ATHEIST) would have you think this is " business as usual. "
    This National Socialistic Party that the New Democrats have vested in, is running unchecked, in our streets, infecting everyone it touches, Changing " Long Held beliefs, " into Fairy tales, soon to be forgotten!
    Beliefs like, " CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS & FREEDOMS ", The RIGHT to Worship FREELY Without GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE! Our Rights to Have Uncensored News reports without all of this " Political Correctness B.S.", And the Most important right of all, The Taking Back our Government IF the current Government Starts to Become a DICTATORSHIP, Just like Obama is Fashioning as we read these comments!
    You the reader can Play ," The Blame Game," all you want as we watch this Country of ours slowly end, Or YOU can Help TAKE IT BACK, The Choice is yours.
    " Remove the Tools of Freedom, from the People & they Quickly become Sheep, Ready for the Slaughterhouse!"

  • Ollie says:

    This all reminds me (and btw, Question 55..I couldn't have said it better)of the frog that was put in a kettle of cold water over a fire... seemingly unconscious of his imminent danger...that's us. (US) There ARE enough of us that ARE awake, isn't there???

  • Quester55 says:

    Ollie, I sure hope so, this time around.
    The last thing we need is to have those that support the, " Wait & See Attitude, " that nearly destroyed this nation at " Pearl Harbor ", & it was the Cause of GOD being removed from our Schools & Government Lands. so I sure hope that Enough True Blooded Americans are Willing to FIGHT our own people,"if Or when," that day comes!
    By the way, that's, QUESTER55, not Question55.

  • Quester55 says:

    Nero, Your Correct, My Mistake, But as you say, The City still Burned & According to History, He seemed to enjoy the Fact.
    The same can be stated about Obama & his Devoted Worshipers,For they do seem to Worship the Ground he ( Obama) walks on, Just like they did that Queer Mo-Ham-Med! Strange Name for someone that hates Swine?, Anyway,
    We as a Nation are way too busy (It Seems) to do more than talk about this CURRENT PROBLEM),Pimple on the Nations BUTT!
    Like NERO, Obama is off on Yet another Vacation, While WE ALL Fight Among Ourselves.What FOOLS we all ARE, Anyone sets up the Bait & we all Attack like Wild Dogs, Never seeing it as a Trap.
    My Government Teacher years ago,(around the 60's) Use to have us act out these lessons in class, so we'd rarely forget them.
    However if you want to treat yourself, Someday on how to Trap a Large Game Animal, Do this First, Dig Shallow pits 3'x3'x1', all around the game trails. pick a Tall Strong Tree, (NOT PINE, if you have a choice)
    And out front of it, Dig a Pit, 8'x8'x10' cover it carefully with OLD Thorn Bushes & Rain-Washed Netting or a lg. Casting Net. Place dead Leaves all over it, Use Ropes & climb your tree, High & lower down your Bait, Just over the trap & Wait. & watch, see any Animals that check out the area, Note where they come from & where they go.
    What the heck am I doing??? The Very Same thing OBAMA has been Doing All Along to US. I'm telling you a story to get your attention, While I'm Striking out somewhere else. SEE how easy we become distracted??


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