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Urban Survival Skills Training to Position People for Safety and Security

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Urban Survival Skills Training to Position People for Safety and SecurityUrban survival skills aren’t what most people think. Having them doesn’t mean finding alternate routes through rush hour traffic or knowing where every Starbucks in town is located. In reality, urban survival skills means having the competence to stay alive by supplying oneself with adequate food and water, devising plans to battle power outages, and keeping families and belongings safe from the harm of a major catastrophe.

“40 Days and 40 Nights” is the latest offering from the folks at Absolute Rights, and it is likely their most ambitious program yet. It shows people the path to preparedness while explaining to them the skills they can develop to fight against the effects of a disaster.

Too many urbanites fall into the comfort of availability, meaning they can always run to the store for extra water or stop by a home improvement shop for hurricane shutters. What they don’t always realize is how close those luxuries can be to disappearing completely.

Preparations need to be made in advance of any possible disaster to maximize the chance of survival. Absolute Rights is offering the expertly-created criteria to follow for complete preparedness.

“40 Days and 40 Nights” stresses the fact that it’s all about personal awareness of the dangers we face. With a little homework, some supply gathering, and the help of Absolute Rights, anyone can accomplish their preparedness goals. It doesn’t require millions of dollars or the experience of a pro survivalist like Bear Grylls. What it does require is determination and self-evaluation. There’s nothing in the training course that can’t be implemented immediately and counted as a genuine disaster emergency preparedness.

The growth in emergency awareness and the “prepper” mindset has encouraged the formation of preparation communities, mostly formed on the Internet. Thanks to increasing occurrences of natural disasters and the impending chances of societal breakdowns, prepping has become a way of everyday life for many.

The threats have also caused a different outside perspective; instead of being viewed as crazy doomsayers, preppers are now admired for their responsibility and envied for their skill and supply acquisition.

The American Preppers Network, for example, promotes freedom through teaching others self-reliance. It claims it exists “solely to help people learn about prepping and to facilitate them becoming self-reliant through increased personal responsibility.”

Their “Getting Started in Prepping” page details the suggested first steps towards emergency readiness. It also includes an important lesson.

“If you are relying on the government or others to take care of you then you are a dependent of them, not an independent citizen capable of supporting themselves.  And that is exactly what a prepper is or strives to be,” said the article.

“40 Days and 40 Nights” conveys the mindset and techniques that other programs and courses fail to deliver. Its full-service website gathers every part of the course in one convenient place, making it a community of like-minded people striving for total preparedness. When people seek urban survival skills training, they now have an expert resource in “40 Days and 40 Nights.” Learn more about the course at http://www.40daysofsurvival.com/.

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