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UN-Second Amendment Rights?

by Brent Dickerson

Last Tuesday Barack Obama was reelected president and on Wednesday I decided that it was time for me to exercise my Second Amendment right.

Why did I decide that the day after a Presidential election was finally the right time to purchase a firearm, and why have firearms background checks been increasing rapidly since 2009?

The answer to both questions is simple, Barack Obama announced in 2009 that his administration would support a United Nations gun control treaty, and moments after his reelection in 2012 his administration declared renewed interest in international regulation of small arms.

Unlike when Liberals freak out over the thought of a Republican in office who might “put them back in chains” as VP Biden said, or overturn Roe v. Wade, we base our fears on logic and evidential facts.

The position of our government is that they will ensure our inalienable right to bear arms, but there is a warning you won’t hear about. While the treaty is said to only affect the exportation of small arms and not designed to alter national sovereignty, the fact is that with the signature of the President, and only his signature, our government surrenders authority on gun control to the UN.

The original treaty may allow the US to keep its independence in this regard, but it isn’t a great leap to believe that the UN and the anti-American elements within its assembly will eventually amend this treaty and undermine each citizen’s natural right to self-defense. In a worst case scenario, this treaty will empower the UN bureau with the ability to ban ownership, and even more chilling, the ability to take weapons away from owners.

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One comment

  1. Dear Sir: We in Canada have very strict gun laws and although I had my first gun at 14 I agree with it. The NRA and others are confusing the Right to Bear Arms with the Right of Those With Guns to Kill People. Why is this latest Nut-case allowed to walk into a gun store and buy an automatic assault weapon with no background check, no approved application to possess arms, and the gun store owner must be held accountable with respect to an individual wanting to buy a gun who must have the necessary papers of approval. Nowhere does the 2nd allow killing. I have no Email for the NRA. Can someone provide this to me or pass my comment on to them. To me, lack of NRA response further proves to me a lack of responsibility on their part. I will forward a copy of my response to Pres. Obama and whoever I can find. Should others wish to respond in a Civil Manner, please do. However “Foaming at the mouth” responses I will ignore which is what they deserve. Dec. 18, 2012


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