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UN Scolds Israel

by: Christina Ryerson

A United Nations Fact Finding mission into the Israeli occupation of the West Bank released their findings the other day, citing numerous violations of international law by Israeli forces and recommending a complete cessation of settlements in the West Bank territories and Jerusalem.

“In compliance with Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention Israel must cease all settlement activities without preconditions,” said Christine Chanet, chair of the Mission from France. “We are today calling on the government of Israel to ensure full accountability for all violations, put an end to the policy of impunity and to ensure justice for all victims,” added Asma Jahangir, a member of the mission from Pakistan.

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The fact finding mission, mandated by the Human Rights Council and led by Chanet, cited numerous occasions where Israeli’s were in violation of various international treaties with regard to human rights and humanitarian law to which they are party.

According to the missions report, the Israeli government, as the occupying force in the West Bank and Jerusalem, has a duty to protect the rights of the people under their control.  “Under the Fourth Geneva Convention, Palestinians living under occupation are “protected persons”, and thus the focus of Israel’s obligations under humanitarian law,” stated the report.   This position has been affirmed and reaffirmed by the International Court of Justice, the Commission on Human Rights, the Human Rights Council, the Security Council and the General Assembly.

The Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is High Contracting Party, governs military occupations and the treatment of civilian populations in occupied territories.  It covers things such as allowing the establishment of hospitals and safety zones in occupied areas, the transfer of the occupying force’s population to the occupied territories, and the protection of the personal property of the occupied people.

According to the report issued by the fact finding mission, there are seven treaties Israel is party to that they are violating including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, the Convention on All Forms of Discrimination against Women, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child to name a few.

In addition, the report cited evidence of government support of the settlement expansions through various secret channels in the budget and other quasi-governmental organizations such as the World Zionist Organization, and through the confiscation of Palestinian lands under the guise of needing the land for “military needs”, declaring the land “State Land” for the public good and allowing the land to then be settled by Israelis.

“These violations are all interrelated, forming part of an overall pattern of breaches that are characterized principally by the denial of the right to self-determination and systemic discrimination against the Palestinian people which occur on a daily basis,” according to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

“The magnitude of violations relating to Israel’s policies of dispossessions, evictions, demolitions and displacements from land shows the widespread nature of these breaches of human rights. The motivation behind violence and intimidation against the Palestinians and their properties is to drive the local populations away from their lands, allowing the settlements to expand,” said Unity Dow, a member of the Mission from Botswana.



  1. Your 100% dead on the mark, Jerry!
    Any look at the lands of Israel, Before the 40′s, could tell the whole story. The Place was one huge Dust Bowl. The Muslims are a Wandering People, If given the chance, they’ll have others do their farming & food production, While they look on.
    The ONLY reason these LAZY, Pigs want what ISRAEL HAS, is due to the BLESSINGS Our LORD GOD has shown his children!
    So like the Lazy Swine they are, they will sooner Murder Little Children, Rape Women & Murder every ISRAELI & Follower’s of JESUS CHRIST That they can 7 Take the lands that are so blessed by our Creator!
    But don’t fall for OBAMA’S Smokescreens that he’s setting up with the U.N., Once he Disarms AMERICANS, He’ll be Ordering OUR Soldiers to Attack Israel, But it will be Disguised as a Supporting Jester, in favor of Israel!
    The trouble with Muslims including OBAMA, is that they Truly believe that Everyone is as Dumb as they are!
    And whats worse, As long as The So called Leader of this Country is Actively seeking the Destruction of ISRAEL, OUR LORD GOD, Will be Chastening US! In the Continued Food Shortages, crime, And giving those LOST souls a Taste of things to come, if they Refuse to Repent & Turn back to Him!
    My only words of advice, Get Saved if your not sure, you are already. Hold on to the Truth of JESUS CHRIST & DON’T GIVE UP HOPE!
    Always remember, These pigs can only destroy your body, They can’t Touch your Soul!

  2. If we apply the logic that the land belongs to the zionists because they were there 1000 years ago to the United States, all you hypocrites should be giving your land back to the Native Americans. The land under the former British protecterate of Palestine was 97% Arab-owned before the zionists committed the first acts of terror in the region in the 1930s. Does the right to property all of you hold so dear not apply to Palestinians? Denying the truth and trying to revise history isn’t working, so the Israeli government continues to seize property and deliver it to settlers. Would you be ok with this if Obama seized your property? Why the double standard? Are you Americans or Israelis? You can’t be both, traitors.

    • @JF,

      Seriously your delusional! First of all the “Native Americans” you so happily spew your words about Did Not Own the Land by their own admissions. They understood man has the dominion over the land therefore they took only what they needed which I have to respect and admire. But they did not feel they owned it so, we can’t “give it back”. As for what happened in the 30′s or who did what first is simply a child’s argument. It has no bearing on the facts that Israel was invaded and attacked by the muslim’s, got their ass handed to them and lost some territory for their troubles. Do you think if the shoe was on the other foot and Israel lost some land the muslim’s would “give it back”. NOT!!! Sorry, but as far as I’m concerned Israel is in the right. And though both they and we are straying too far from God, in the end god still protects them and those of us that believe and live by his word. I’ll bank my future on God every time, man be damned!

  3. J.F., What’s it like running around with that Log in your eyes, must be hard to see your own HYPOCRISY !!
    You Stated:Why the double standard? Are you Americans or Israelis? You can’t be both, traitors.”.
    Yet again, we see how J.F. manages to try thinking on his own. It’s a sad thing to watch those, ” Crotch Feeders “, after Stating their thirst at OBAMA’S Crotch, This is what such feedings do to the Human Brain!
    F.Y.I., J.F., Our Country is becoming over burdened by those that are LOYAL to two Nations, For Example: Obama’s MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD FRIENDS & Relatives,There Loyal to two nations! These ILLEGALS that Obama is turning into INSTANT CITIZENS, Live & work in this country while maintaining their Citizenship to the country they came from.
    Plus we have: JESUS BELIEVING JEWS!, American/Hebrews, African/Americans, Spanish/Americans, German/Americans, Polish/Americans, Japanese/Americans, Kenya/American(Obama), Irish/American, Chinese/American, Indian Native/American, Cuban/American, French/American, ETC………………….
    so according to your own words, All of these MILLIONS of AMERICANS, ARE TRAITORS? Where does that leave Y.O.U.? HYPOCRITE!!
    I’m Sorry, I just Realized, YOUR one of those GOD HATING ATHEIST, You DON’T BELIEVE in THE CREATOR GOD, So your feeling Superior To Those of us that do LOVE & SERVE the ONLY TRUE GOD, JESUS CHRIST!
    If Your feeling Confused,Lonely, unloved, Try JESUS, HE’S the ONLY WAY, To True Happiness & Best of all, SALVATION IS FREE for the Asking.

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