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True Colors

There is much to deplore of the neo-statist’s liberal way of thinking in modern American society, but the most revolting belief of these mental defectives is the idea that human nature, tradition, and historical evidence should be forgotten, unless it supports their deluded worldview.

As today’s evidence to this fact, I present to you the one and only, lesbian author and open radical, Masha Gessen (no I didn’t miss a letter in her name, it is actually Masha, which to me sounds like a thug from south Boston trying to say Marsha). To look at her picture, you would absolutely conclude that she is a lesbian, or a little boy, or even a relative of MSNBC’s little boy anchor, Rachel Maddow.

Belittling of boyish lesbian physical appearances aside, Masha, who pahked heh cah in Hahvad Yahd, was recorded saying, on a viral audio clip, that the gay marriage debate is a lie. This slip of truth is of little surprise to me, and I am sure it comes of little surprise to others who understand that the leftist agenda is all a lie. We call this lie propaganda. Immigration really isn’t about Civil Rights, gun control isn’t really about saving children, and now gay marriage isn’t really about equal rights for homosexual couples, it is really about diminishing the institution of marriage that has been observed by all walks of life since the beginning of recorded history, and possibly even before that.

Masha continues to unwittingly tell us the truth behind the gay marriage debate by saying that “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there.” She continues to tell her audience about how “It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.” This is a revealing reality that will unfortunately not be broadcast on the nightly news.

Leftist liberals hate tradition, they hate our founding, and most importantly they hate our country as was originally constituted. Listen to any classroom lecture about the founding fathers. Whether it be in a fifth grade public classroom or a graduate level history class at a prestigious university, the probability that the teacher will give a lesson on the founders being rich white slave owners is much more expected than a lesson on how our founders risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in order to create a new type of governmental system treating everyone fair under the law rather than bestowing privilege upon some and maltreatment on others.

Leftist Liberals continually engage in a war on Christendom and the beliefs of Christians. Christmas and Easter are routinely bombarded by secular progressives who try to change these religious holidays into benign winter and spring festivals. Even the American tradition of Thanksgiving is turned into a dogmatic attack on the white man stealing, scheming, and plundering the so-called peaceful, nature loving red man’s land and way of life.

Marriage is no different than any other historical or traditional belief held by Americans. The left will stop at nothing to tear down the sanctity of marriage no matter how many cultures and religions uphold it as a sacrosanct institution.

They started this process nearly half a century ago when they began to destroy the nuclear family. We know through studies that a solid loving family with a Mother and a Father is the most desirable situation in raising children to be well grounded, upstanding, productive members of society. The worst thing for a child is a single family with no loving members to show them what it means to be a part of a civil society. In the 1960s when the leftists began their war on poverty they also started a war on the nuclear family.

Today, people who have grown up in a non-nuclear familial situation are much more likely to have problems with alcohol and drugs, as well as spend time in prison and live in poverty. Children of non-nuclear homes have more difficulties in school and have more difficulties with social situations and adjusting to life as adults.

Why is it then that the left wants to destroy marriage and other traditional values of Americans?

I think there are many answers to that question. Some may feel that marriage is unfair – especially for homosexuals. Some may feel that marriage is a detriment or hindrance to their personal growth and therefore they want to destroy it for everyone. It could even be a form of Schadenfreude whereby one takes pleasure in the hardship of others. It could also be that they view it as a way of enlarging the state.

As families collapse and deteriorate, the one thing left to fill the void is government – especially since religious organizations have subsided in society as well. Big Brother will now become Big Mother, and Big Mother will comfort you and tell you everything is alright. But is it?

Perhaps we should ask any one of the tens of millions of Americans who were born into broken families and were raised to believe that everything constituting America’s past is the root of all their problems and only salvation can be found in a Progressive utopian future created by destroying that past and rebuilding on a foundation of the state.


  1. If marriage is so “holy” then why do most Christian marriages end in divorce? Get real dude! Marriage in the North American tribes was a lot different than your’s before we were invaded by Christians from Europe, and you people did NOT improve our way of life. Instead you brought us the institution of scalping, smallpox, and the idea that we should pray to your dead nailed god who couldn’t even feed you instead of to our own who had always provided for us.

    • Your tired old leftist responses have become cliché (yawn). You should update your expertise ‘Dr.’ Most Christian marriages do not end in divorce – the answer is: not quite half. The Indians gave us tobacco and lung cancer.

    • If your a liberal take your ass to a liberal site and run your mouth to someone who wants to hear it. Honestly I hope God our savior has pity for you when you stand before him. I am not a angry person but I honestly don’t know how much more liberal crap I can listen too! I remember when God was actually a part of this country and when we were prosperous & true to each other. You have to ask yourself why when we take God out of our schools, words, homes etc, this country has all of these issues. I can only pray for the people who turn against him & Pray for a better future for my & your children! God Bless us all! Remember that?

  2. leftist liberals, neo-cons, neostatist (that’s one I haven’t heard) are all substitute labels for who you are talking about. Do some digging people and you’ll see most of our problems are all coming from the same insane and incredibly powerful group of people who have been scheming to destroy america for a very long time. Destroy our culture, our heritage, our way of life. And most of us have been unknowingly played along as willing partners. I’m not going to spell it out.

    • Schadenfreude? Great. Now’ I’m hearing that word all over the place as people grab onto the latest trendy word. If it isn’t Schadenfreude, but ‘a form of’. Then don’t use it in an attempt to impress the readers with phony multilingual literacy. Just spell it out. Oh yeah, you did, you explained what it meant instead of being superfluous.

  3. Writing for absolute rights this gut is a hypocrite, Absolute rights are for everyone. Straight people ruin their lives getting married and gay people should have the same rights to fuck up their lives also.
    I am straight and I think this guy is a bigot!

  4. Dr. Alford: the white man did stop natives from the practice of eating each other.
    Rich: you really need to learn what ‘rights’ means.

  5. The stupidity of these comments by Brent Dickerson, shows what single sided, indoctrinated thinking, looks and reads like.

    Saying that liberals hate tradition, hate our founding, and hate our country, is ridiculous, while showing that he is hateful himself. People who group others together as being all the same, and then proceed to attack them, is a sure sign of hatred.

    Saying that liberals continually engage in a war on Christendom and the beliefs of Christians, is is nothing more than nonsense. Most liberals I know, and have ever known, are Christians, from all sorts on denominations.

    Brent has this delusion that those on the left, want to destroy marriage and other traditional values of Americans. What lunacy. He is however, entitled to his opinion. That is all it is, however; his opinion, though it is shared by others, thanks to indoctrination.

    These comments, and many others by Brent, are those of someone who speaks without thinking first. It just shows what the narrow minds of indoctrinated people, come up with. It always involves the never ending cycle, of attack and blame.

  6. Appreciated the ideas discussed by Mr. Dickerson — the ranting, rigid, partisan context not so much.

    • Yep, in addition to what I’ve previously said; just read the insults he spits, like the “little boy” Rachel Maddow comment. Then there’s the mocking of the “Boston” accent. He sounds like a kid with an axe to grind, against those who don’t think like him. There’s a difference between opinion and outright garbage.

      How any website could let someone post their hateful, nonsense comments, falsely presenting it to be an article, and who expresses himself in such poor fashion, is them scraping the bottom of the barrel, and setting the bar really low.

  7. Hilariously stupid article.

    That is all.

    • It is very stupid. However, hilarious it is not. It would be funny, if hatred weren’t so serious a situation. Partisan politics has grown from disagreements and arguments, to hatred, insults, relentless attacks and endless blame. Cable, the internet/world wide web and social media, has given platforms for all the extremists and wackos, to spread their hate and their vile opinionated remarks. There are a lot of very young people with easily moldable minds (who these people hope to reach), who surf the net and read all this crap. Their inexperienced minds, easily believe this crap. So, in the big picture, it is not hilarious, nor even the least bit funny.

  8. Speaking as a lifelong libertarian, this article is hypocritical, partisan, and poorly written. I would have expected more from Dickersen and Absolute Rights. This “article” reads like an angry facebook rant that relies on inventing facts, namecalling, and making fun of people’s accents while throwing in a few $5 words instead of relying on real journalism. I’m finished with reading Absolute Rights if they’re going to consider this good quality journalism. I’ve read better in my son’s high school newspaper.

    • According to Stephanie, whoever she is in relation to this site, their goal is not to present news/journalism. It is only opinion. Of course, I pointed out a few contradictions to her, but to no avail. She has never responded. That tells me all I need to know.

      • Exactly, Tris2013. I think this “news site” or “opinion site” doesn’t know what it is and is extremely contradictory. That and those telling people to go to other pages flies in the face of their “mission” set forth on their “our mission” page which states:

        “”Welcome to Absolute Rights, the fastest-growing news and opinion site on the web.

        Our mission is to bring ACTUAL fair and balanced coverage and opinion of news events around the world.

        We pride ourselves in our high quality writing and thought-provoking commentary that covers both sides of the aisle in an even manner.

        Our writers are experienced journalists, editors and people just like you who share their take on the news events that touch us all. Their expertise ranges from global politics to self reliance and everything that comes in between.

        We hope that you will not only learn from and enjoy our presentation of the news, but also that you would participate in the process by joining the conversation and commenting on our stories.””

        • The mission statement is either a joke or a sham or a lie; depending on how one wants to view it. To some, it is all three.

  9. “True Colors” is an appropriate title for this article. Brent Dickerson reveals his true colors in that he’s a bigot.

  10. I think the poster (Tris2013) doth protest too much, so to speak. The only name calling and brain washing in evidence is that left in the steaming piles of self righteous vitriol posted here by the very folks the author is discussing. Unfortunately, he’s on to something.

    Marginalize, dehumanize, destroy. The process can be used by any group, however, left wing extremists are doing very well these days, promoting themselves as mainstream while they’re at it.

  11. We are losing our rights daily. Due to constant propaganda, from birth, most people are clueless. Homosexual marriage and everything else on the left is nothing more than subversion. Leftist leaders don’t care about equality and what’s fair. They are out to demoralize and demolish tradition. The family unit is the backbone of any county. Once they divide and destroy it, they can conquer and once this happens, no one will be treated equally or fairly. This is what happened in Soviet Russia, and this is happening fast and furiously world wide. Wake up and educate yourselves people before it’s too late. Stop listening to the main stream media. Study history. I challenge you to do your own homework. Here is an interesting link. It’s a lecture given by a former KGB Officer back in 1983. Listen to what he has to say and decide if anything seems painfully familiar. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Iz3VjoHXLA

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