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Thirty Years of Gun Control Denial

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By Vox Day

Left-liberals often declare themselves to be on the side of fact and reason. And yet, they show almost no interest whatsoever in the actual facts when presented with them, especially when those facts contradict liberal reasoning.

Take gun control, for example. Liberals are absolutely certain that removing guns from the population by criminalizing them is an effective way to reduce gun crime. They never stop to think that criminals are, by definition, unlikely to modify their behavior on the basis of a change in the law. They never take into account the way in which illegality doesn’t significantly reduce the widespread availability of certain drugs, not even when they buy and use those drugs themselves.

And they certainly don’t think through the implications of inexpensive 3D printers that permit anyone to literally print a gun at home.

However, if anyone does bother to take the time to go over the facts and test them against the liberal reasoning, liberals are very quick to manufacture various reasons to call the published study into question, then cite those questions as evidence that the study has been debunked. They have done this with Charles Murray and the Bell Curve, they have done this with John Lott and his landmark “More Guns, Less Crime” study, and it appears they will have their hands full next with desperately attempting to find a way to discredit a new study published by Mark Guis, an economist at Quinnipiac University:

A study published in the latest issue of the academic journal Applied Economics Letters took on many of the claims made regularly by advocates of stricter gun laws. The study determined that nearly every claim made in support of stronger restrictions on gun ownership is not supported by an exhaustive analysis of crime statistics.

Guis examined the effects of concealed weapons laws and various weapons bans on murder rates on a state-by-state basis for the period from 1980 to 2009. He discovered that harsher gun laws do not reduce gun violence, whereas concealed carry permits do tend to reduce the amount of gun crime taking place.

Those are the facts. That is the recent historical reality. The real challenge facing liberals is not to try to deny reality, but rather, to explain why the facts are so directly contrary to the reasoning upon which they have relied for the last 30 years.

Vox Day is a national libertarian and the author of “The Return of the Great Depression” and “The Irrational Atheist.” He is a former columnist for WorldNetDaily, Chronicle Features, and Universal Press Syndicate, and is a member of Mensa and IGDA. He also is the first writer in the history of the Science Fiction Writers of America to be expelled from the organization. Visit his blog, Vox Popoli.

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  • tz says:

    I thought LBJ promised "Guns and Butter".

    Liberals (and many conservatives) suffer from the "legislation as magic" myth.

    If you could eliminate guns, it would probably make some things safer. But passing a law saying "guns are illegal" seem to be considered by liberals as "guns will no longer exist".

    And it is collapsing. Since the government isn't playing by the rules - the same laws passed - it becomes transparent that "laws" are abstractions which are less than even illusions.

    Sometimes people are forced to confront reality. Unfortunately if they resist too long, they wake up naked in a blizzard.

    • Michael Manfred says:

      Laws are opinions back by a gun.

      • peppermint says:

        no, law exists to prevent violence and let people plan for the future by ensuring that outcomes of conflicts are known beforehand.

        when Obama gets to change what Obamacare says arbitrarily, that makes it not a law but simply an opinion backed by a gun. Without law, there is not freedom but tyranny.

  • Jeffrey says:

    We all know that Liberals are full of nonsense! They have to have things their way even if they have to make up Lies to make their point! The problem in this case is they are allowing Criminals to commit crimes and get away with murder! They are irrational and there is no place in our Political Arena for them, maybe not even in Normal Society!


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