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Syrian Rebels Obtain Our Most Powerful Gun

A video surfaced the other day from the Syrian battlefield where Syrian rebel forces are shown using the British-made AS-50.

This is a problem.  The AS-50 is the world’s most powerful gun, only used by Western forces like the British military and our own Navy SEALs. These guns are accurate at up to 20 football fields in length.

The video which is linked below, shows the Syrian rebels, who have been linked to Al Qaeda, firing the gun and yelling “Alahu akbar.”

According to Fox News, who broke the story earlier today, “The gun set a world record when a member of the British Household Cavalry in Afghanistan’s Helmand province killed two members of the Taliban with successive bullets over a recorded distance of more than 1.5 miles.”

The US State Department has stated publicly that they have given over $385 million worth of support to the rebels, but to this day, we have had no confirmations of AS-50s being handed out as a part of this giveaway.

The gun was developed and sold by Accuracy International, who also sells weapons to the Saudi Arabian and Turkish militaries.  Its falling into Syrian rebel hands concerns a lot more than just the US and England, it also concerns the Israeli Defense Forces, whose spokesperson, Capt. Eytan Buchman told Fox News that, “The Israeli security forces are very closely tracking developments inside of Syria in order to isolate and identify any potential threat to Israeli security.”

To watch the video, click here:



  1. So, is there a distinct possibility that Bengahazi was another Fast and Furious? Or more to the point, that those “friends” we have in that region are actually working together to better provide for a grander scheme by distributing those weapons we “sell” them to protect themselves? How else could a weapon like this fall into a “rebels” possesion?

  2. Never thought I’d say this, but it looks as if those pesky California Democrats and Bush were right: Islamist rebels have finally gotten a hold of a real WMD. We can expect any second now reports of wide spread terror and destruction as the rebels launch attacks upon Israel’s electricity infrastructure (by destroying substations) and air transport systems (by shooting down airliners) and of course oil pipelines (by blowing holes in the pipe) not to mention all of the military (and civilian) vehicles and crews that will be destroyed from incredible distances using this one gun. Give it up Israel. You are now officially outgunned. Of a more serious note is how weapons such as these have gotten to the rebels since it is (theoretically at least) illegal to sell or supply such weapons to these people. Another Fast and Furious? Maybe. But Amoral and Greedy is probably closer to the truth.

  3. Isn’t that how it works we give them the guns & ammo to help the shoot at us.

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