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The Real Keyser Soze

One of the greatest lines ever spoken in a movie came from Kevin Spacey in the film The Usual Suspects. Spacey played a drug dealer con man that gets away with murder by hoodwinking the cops, his co-conspirators, and the audience throughout the entire film. The line spoken by Spacey came when he is describing the myth of Keyser Soze. No one knows if Soze is real or a figment of someone’s imagination used by criminals to “tell their kids at night. ‘Rat on your pop, and Keyser Soze will get you.’” To solidify this point Spacey’s character reiterates the greatest line to the police investigators saying, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

This line came to me after hearing Rush Limbaugh state that “No matter what is said, no matter what evidence happens, no matter what’s reported, it will not be possible to connect Obama to the negativity that’s happening in the country today because he’s campaigning against it himself.” This made me think that Obama is Keyser Soze, and he is the devil convincing the world of his non-existent problems. He gets to bully legislators into doing his bidding, but when the chickens come home to roost, he is a phantom. He has never been taken to task for any ill actions or laziness from his administration. Things like persistently high unemployment, deteriorating relations with Israel, Russia, and scores of other nations, failures of leadership in Libya and dithering with Syria, Iran, and North Korea, Solyndra and other green energy debacles like Fisker, the BP oil spill, Hurricane Sandy and the aftermath that still persists, Fort Hood and the lack of caring for the survivors, high oil prices, denying the Keystone XL Pipeline, healthcare costs increasing when he said they would decrease, and so much more that will never be a burden to him or his administration.

So, yes, I am equating Obama with Keyser Soze, a mastermind of the criminal underworld, as well as, the devil. He is a master at never being pinned with bad news. He is never the scapegoat for problems the way George Bush and Ronald Reagan were for things that were either fabricated like the homelessness problem in the 1980s, or not of his control like Hurricane Katrina.

The most frustrating thing about the Obama Presidency is that he, like Andy Dufresne, another movie character portrayed by Tim Robins in The Shawshank Redemption, “[can crawl] through a river of shit and [come] out clean on the other side.”

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  1. Reminds me of a fictional character in another Kevin Spacey movie (LA Confidential.) Rollo Tomasi, the guy that always gets away!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself and spot on!

  3. The Obama administration reminds me a little of the Three Stooges. Only there’s more than three of them and it’s not funny.

  4. “[can crawl] through a river of shit and [come] out clean on the other side.”

    Not only that, he will smell like a rose.

  5. msconservative444

    Thanks for making my day, Linda. It’s great to be able to find humor, in an otherwise abysmal/dire situation.

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