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The Conspiracy of Conspiracies

Immediately following Beyonce’s performance at the Superbowl the other day, the internet was flooded with buzz about the symbol she made with her hands, the symbols she made with her hand on her hip, and the symbols that were produced with video screens… oh and did we mention that the power also went out? It did…

So are you scared?  Is the world coming to an end?!?!

It’s just amazing to me what an open and active imagination people have when it comes to things like the Superbowl and it’s halftime show… even the illuminati, but this isn’t anything new.  Before you read in between the lines there:  No, I don’t think that Beyonce is a part of a higher organization of power and no, I don’t even believe in the Illuminati… I hate to disappoint you.

Let’s take a look at what happened at the Superbowl halftime show.  First of all, there was a lot of dancing, fireworks and lights to cover up for Beyonce not singing a lot.  Second, in that choreography, there were moves that weren’t specific to anyone… at all.

The biggest part of contention is the diamond shape that she made with her hands.  She was referencing a “rock” or diamond in the lyrics of her song at the same time, and her husband, Jay-Z owns Roc-A-Fella records which uses that hand symbol of a diamond to advertise itself.

This symbology with their hands started around 2005… and was only used one time before that for a mainstream audience.  When was it used?  In World Championship Wrestling, by a charismatic good guy named Diamond Dallas Page.  Page, or DDP as he was more commonly known was furious that Jay-Z started using this symbol with his hands and actually sued him the same year.  This ended out of court with a massive settlement to the wrestler, and Rock-A-Fella members being legally allowed to “throw their diamonds in the sky.”

A diamond symbol that has nothing to do with being Illuminati

Doesn’t sound like something Illuminati would do does it? I mean, if they are so “all powerful,” and controlling of media and others, wouldn’t they simply take the hand gestures and not get sued when they started using them?

Let’s think about all the other symbols we saw on stage… other conspiracy theorists pointed to Beyonce putting her hand on her hip and forming a triangle with her arm as a symbol to the “dark lord.”  If you know my social life and how many women I have made mad, who then have yelled at me or expressed anger with their hands on their hips forming the shape of triangles, you would think that I ONLY date members of the Illuminati…

Then there were the videos… oh she had wiggling arms behind her and red colors that looked like an eye that she was dancing on… Do you conspiracy theorists listen to yourselves?  It was a video presentation to entertain, not to send an evil message of impending doom…  If the devil wanted to come and get you, he would.  There wouldn’t be a need for hidden symbols and dancing in front of video screens by major entertainers.

This paranoid logic is nothing new.  You might recall the Salem Witch Trials, where the settlers hundreds of years ago randomly declared women and men to be witches, set them up in staged trials, and immediately burned them at the stake.  Idle minds truly are the devil’s playground…

Why are we so worried about the Illuminati anyway?  I want to know from you conspirators out there and I hope you comment below.  Are we trying to hunt them down to save the world?  Are we looking to find the National Treasure?

What if they are real?  If they are, I want to join the club, so someone give them my phone number, otherwise, who cares?

This is simply a case of people not wanting to take responsibility for what’s happening in the world around them.  It’s so much easier to blame the hidden devils or the monkey in the closet for what’s wrong in our lives.  And don’t get me wrong, there are powers that be who are trying to take your rights away, but these powers that be aren’t the ones singing “All the Single Ladies” in front of you on a national stage.

Many of you may not know this, but I spent a good bit of my career working in the US Senate and reporting in Congress and the Supreme Court.  I have been in the hidden tunnels and worked directly with many very high ranking leaders… I hate to spoil it for you, they are working for themselves and their constituents… not the higher power or someone that Robert Langdon would need to hunt down.

I want you to be ‘smarter than they think you are,’ but the they aren’t some hidden sect of the masons or lizard people or someone poisoning your tap water… the they are the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. and the liberals who think that you are a dumb redneck for believing in God, owning guns, and standing up for your morals.

It’s this same “they” that tell us that the Constitution doesn’t mean what the Founding Fathers and that we should abandon it.

Folks, there is a clear threat to our liberty out there, and it isn’t a higher power, behind the scenes organization that makes the lights flicker at a football game… that’s a waste of time.  It’s our elected leaders who desire to change the constitution to see fit that people receive hand outs instead of the help that they truly need in exchange for the giving up of basic rights.

I don’t want you to be tricked by your own imaginations… I want you to use your God given logic and knowledge to improve your lives and the lives of those around you.

Instead of taking the time to think up a story or listen to an insane person about how the symbols on your dollar bill signify the end of the world for the 18th straight year in a row, take the time to learn about your rights and freedoms and make a difference with that.

I took the time to summarize my years of knowledge and training on the Constitution to write a report for you outlining the Bill of Rights.  What you get is a priceless amount of knowledge from my 10+ years in government and education.  I want you to take a look at it and really start to protect your rights and freedoms by using what you gain from it.  You can access it right now by clicking here.

And if you want to watch that awful halftime performance, you can take a look at it here… but I’ll warn you, it’s headache inducing:


  1. InalienableWrights

    Yes you do disappoint me in that you don’t have enough discernment and have not done enough research to know that beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Illuminati do exist.

  2. As the Nation, Slowly sinks into a Well Deserved, GODLESS REST into the Pits of HELL, We bid fond farewell to those that brought on this destruction, of a ” Once God Fearing Nation “, & brought it down to the levels of Dante’s Inferno.
    We give thanks to the Countless, Murderer’s, ( From those first Pilgrims to those Present ATHEIST)
    To all of you Demonic Worshiping Witch’s & Warlocks, Whos only Crime was Worshiping the Devil it’s self, SATAN!
    To all of those, Murdering Democrats that were far to lazy to tend their own fields & Brought SLAVERY, To this land of Milk & Honey. & To those Republicans that are equality Guilty of holding White & Black Slaves at the same time.
    To those Roman Catholic Cardinals that Conspired to Murder” ABRAHAM LINCOLN “, Because He wouldn’t Agree to recognize the Roman Pope as The ONLY Ligament Ruler of Christian Churches!
    To Those Nazi Americans that helped destroy our Nation, By Spreading their Bigotry & Hatred, for ALL JEWS & Believers in JESUS.
    To those that Reject the Responsibility, of Fighting FOR this COUNTRY When Called Upon too do so!
    A Special thanks to those that Pretend to Know Better than Our CREATOR & Play at Being gods themselves, By MURDERING the countless MILLIONS of unborn Innocent Children, through The NAZI Teaching of GENE Purification, Better Known to you Fools as ABORTION!
    Finally, to those that have often Demanded Proof of a GOD, ( THE SAME ONE YOU DEMOCRATS WILLINGLY REJECTED AT THE D.N.C.) Even when he Showed his displeasure of the nation by ” Bringing Fire Storms, Flooding, Strange Illnesses, Drought, Destruction of our Food Crops for this Years Needs, EARTHQUAKES in Places that Never or Rarely have had one, For the Strange Weather & Wind Patterns ( Blame Global warming all you want, But you can’t Fully Explain it!) Add to that these EXTREME Hurricanes, GIANT FISH, & OCEAN GIANTS coming to the surface?, & Still you reject GOD, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!
    SO as this Country slowly Drifts to Hell, Let’s give it a TEAR-LESS Good-By & Go home to our Lord & Saviour, JESUS.
    It’s THAT OR,
    You all could SAVE ISRAEL & Tell the Rest of the World to take a Long Walk off a TALL Cliff !!

  3. you sir are a idiot i suppose you dont believe in the bilderberb group either?? or the council on foreieghn relations?? or the bohemian grove?? or the skull and bones at yale?? witch most presidents were or are members?? who do you think is trying to create this new world order?? aleins??liberals?? stupid F..THERE IS AN ILUMINATI HELL BENT ON A NEW WORLD ORDER..REMEMBER BE SMARTER THAN THEY THINK YOU ARE.. EXCEPT IN YOUR CASE..IDIOT

    • I was a member of the Baltimore Council on Foreign relations, Bilderberg meetings are real, skull and bones are real…. aliens aren’t real… nwo hasn’t been proven to exist… Illuminati are in story books. You left out Santa and the Easter bunny…

      • “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” – David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.


  5. First let me start by saying that I don’t like Beyonce.I think her kind of entertainment
    is for those whose morals are small,indeed.
    Secondly,if you’re going to mention History,
    mention it Right.Those accused of witchcraft
    in Salem were NOT burned at the stake…they
    were hung! Except for one fellow whom was crushed by heavy stones!

    • wellp. there you go. They were also thrown into bodies of water with rocks tied to their feet and boiled…. Salem may have been too specific of an account linked with one detail. Discovery Channel just told me that as well.

  6. Go back and watch last years Superbowl halftime show and really study it. And then see if you could write this same article. They are hidden in plain sight. You shouldn’t be so closed minded. But I do appreciate your work.
    Thank you

  7. Video has been removed by the user.? Why??

  8. I refuse to believe that you’re as ignorant as you make yourself out to be Tim. The “Eye of Providence” on the back of the dollar bill represents the invisable presence of the GAOTU, the masonic god. Who is this masonic god? Let’s let Albert Pike answer that question, a man whose shrine mysteriously resides 13 blocks north of the Washington Monument, The Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree.
    “That which we must say to the world is that we worship a god, but it is the god that one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: The masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the higher degrees, maintained in the Purity of the Luciferian doctrine. If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay and his priests calumniate him?
    Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also god. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods; darkness being necessary for light to serve as its foil as the pedestal is necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive….
    Thus, the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy, and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.” – Albert Pike, ‘Morals and Dogma’


  9. This could be the greatest compilation of pictures of eyes set to dramatic music ever. Also, proves nothing other than the “all seeing eye” symbol was in a lot of stuff. You could pick out any other shape and symbol… say… a fork… and find it in a lot of stuff as well and create a story about it.

  10. New World Order………..Agenda 21

    Roc-A-Fella……………Rockefeller, Illuminati

    Pyramid sign…………..See your dollar, see Madonna performance in last year’s Super Bowl, Hollywood stars and elite are propagating the message.

    Wake up America.

    • What about that time that Janet Jackson had the nipple slip… the piercing thing she had on it looked like an all seeing eye too… or did it?

  11. tim i sit and listen to people talk ,i read articles and hear stories then i
    form my own opinion on things but rarely speak of it. but i have over the years seen and heard alotand some thing bring back memories of the past of things that have occured like the other day i was shown by a fellow worker a 10, 20,50 and a hundred bill that was printed in 1996 and 1984. he made 3 folds in each bill and the pictures on the backs of each bill were transformed into sences of the planes hitting the twin towers,the attack on the pentagon and the plane that crashed in the field on 9/11/2001 and wonder how could this be and my co-worker said the illuminate hide messages within pictures and statues or monuments among other things that bore their symbols such as on our currency which got me to thinking about lines i’ve heard in various movies like national treasure and murials i have seen in the denver airport depicting the destruction of man kind all for the good of the new world order and portriats i’ve seen hanging in museums dating back several hundred years ago .but even with all the things i’ve seen and heard i still want to do believe there is a God and he will always take care of me and my family

    • So when the eye of providence was designed years ago, it was designed to be folded on the back of a dollar bill into the shape of the world trade center getting hit by planes? As opposed to someone with a lot of time on their hands folding the bills up and discovering you can create all sorts of shapes with the bill later?

      You did listen to yourself there right?

  12. Tim, I honestly have no clue if an Illuminati exists or not. Like you, I don’t really care. If I give thought and emotion and energy toward some imaginary group of reptilian slave holders, then guess what, they DO exist.

    It’s quite telling from the replies on this comment board that the believers in the Illuminati theories are as crazed in their beliefs as the revival tent bible thumper. You know a man is incapable of forming argument when he leads and ends with “You’re and idiot”. Every time you see a challenged intellect lead with sticks and stones, you can rest assured that the rest of their feeble presentation is lacking in substance and evidence.

    I’ve done just as much looking into the Illuminati conspiracy as anyone else out there, I can guarantee you. That doesn’t mean I give it credence, as just like everything else in this world, just as you think you’ve got it figured out, something comes along that proves it way different than you thought. In addition, big bad monsters have a hollywood effect on human intellect if they can just get that fear rolling around in the ego.

    My insight on things is this: using flags, songs and labels, alien (meaning not of this or any nation) banks have setup a subversive system wherein they siphon trillions off the top of the tax base, skim hundreds of billions off of illegal dealings like drugs, create and ever greater debt burden, and use every means possible to hamstring this and every other nation into debt enslavement. You can call it Illuminati if you want, but the money is going somewhere, and it is on someone’s books. Or, it might just be taken and deleted to keep the people of this nation in a state of constant, near desperation.

    Regardless, I long ago gave up allowing others to choose my enemies, bind me with laws of alien language, re-present me with strangers, or drag my good name through the outhouse so they could make another hundred mil., bil., or tril. All that fiat currency is ultimately worth the speculative value of the paper its printed on. The only thing of true and real value in this world is the intellectual and/or physical labor value of a man’s work. Money has become a means to collect that labor value and hoard it by people with ill condition and zero value to mankind.

    As far as Beyonce’s concerned, in my opinion she is good for one thing, and it’s not singing or dancing.

    • You are smarter than they think you are. I actually caught myself saying “yes” aloud while I was reading this. I can’t agree more.

  13. There are people who think alike and tend to form their own community. They believe they are superior intellectually, particularly superior to monotheists. They are full of pride. There is a group who are labeled New Group of World Servers. They are connected with Lucis Trust, originally called Lucifer Trust, which is connected with the UN. We are not talking popular occult and paganism, but a much deeper level of belief. Much of the information about this group has been taken off the internet but it can be found in Lucis Trust material. Here’a a lead. http://www.ngws.org/ngws/#comment-128 Those curious enough will do research on their own.

  14. I will not say which side Im on- but I believe in keeping an open mind to everything- some of these conspiracists may be right- but I fully realize once you start believing in them the sun is now the illuminatis eye! But then and again there is proof on both sides of the road- but to all of you I believe in keeping an open mind- one so that you dont believe in the blatant lies that are made my conspiracist insanity (it becomes easier to believe once you take up the conspiracist flag) and also to the other side I should say that they ignore the proof that is so blatantly in front of them – they ignore the signs and get caught up in their own lies when the plane is heading into the tower they are staying in.
    Thats all I have to say- avoid bias by seeking the truth in all things. Lastly assuming these conspiracies to be true- realize it is still someone at the top- they are still a good person at heart- no matter where you are- realize that even the monsters have a heart. Life has just destroyed the outside of them- but they can recover from it.
    In the end truth and good will prevail- bringing life to even the most dead of hearts.

  15. No witches were burned at the stake in Salem. What kind of savages do you think they are in New England?

  16. The kind of Savages that Love to Rewrite their History. As for they being,
    Witches or not, Only GOD knows for Sure!
    Yet, Your Opinion is shared by some, There are plenty of Women that were not Burned at the stake, But those where; Drowned, Hung or PRESSED to death!

  17. Miles, I agree with you. Truth is not handed out freely. I
    like to describe trying to find out what is going on like by
    comparing it to going from ignorance to understanding. Those
    manipulating for control will do everything they can to distract
    those on the path to understanding. They set up all kinds of
    fascinating distractions to pull a person away. It’s “Hey,
    examine this conspiracy theory.” Or “Look at this fascinating possibility.” Or “Only trust me to tell you the truth.” Or
    “Nothing is going on.” Or the best kind of distraction, “Here’s
    a little bit of truth” mixed in with propaganda, outright lies
    and a ton of disinformation. You will be told, “Come on over
    and take a long, long look. We have many books, literature,
    seminars, and videos for you to examine.” I always try to verify information from as many reputable sources as I can before I pass anything on. If you haven’t been suckered in several times over
    the years, it’s pretty obvious you aren’t looking deeply into

  18. You are funny as hell.
    No smiles included

  19. IF they were poisoning our water? They are! They put sodium fluoride in it just like Hitler did in the concentration camps to keep the prisoners docile. Have you been taking extra in your toothpaste and mouthwash Tim?
    Folks, look up “The Report From Iron Mountain” in your local library or online. Published in 1967 by John Doe. The world we have now is all in there. Over 60 years ago they were planning – they think ahead folks. Take a good read. Starts out boring – but it will curl your hair ( or uncurl it as the case may be). Oh, it was republished as a “farce” in 2008. It’s a farce just like “A Modest Proposal” was a farce to some but not all. Chilling. Government. Definition Govern=Control. Ment = Mind. You can do it – READ – and turn off the mind control machine.

  20. Too Late, The Midnight Ride, One if by Land, Two if by sea, No We Tried to
    warn you for Generations & For our Trouble?, We where called, ” Conspiracy Freaks, Insane, Stupid, Dumb, And other Titles, even more Vile “, But still
    we Try to Sound the ALARMS, But those in charge have Dong an Excellent Job of
    Brainwashing Those ” Shall I call them ” Open Minded Individuals “,
    That TRUST Our Government far too often?
    Your Correct, These Groups have the cunning of Wolves & the Protracted Speed of Snails, This isn’t a Down side to their Work, We all could learn a thing or two From our enemies.
    EVEN that label of, ” CONSPIRACY ” Freaks, have worked in their favor, by keeping the, ” HEAT “, off of their collective & Making the whole matter
    A Non-Issue with the General Public.
    Set back for a moment and Dust off your Seldom used BRAIN & ask yourself
    WHY, After all of these years, ” Do we never hear about Countries Going
    To War with CHINA? The Second Largest Governmental Body of the WORLD??
    The answer is SO Simple that I’m Afraid to tell you the Answer,
    In our Case, Our Parents & Those from the last few generations are AT FAULT
    For our Current Mess.
    That’s Right, Go ahead & call this another, ” Conspiracy Theory “, Get it
    out of your system’s, See how EASY it is to get you ” Sheepel ” to fall into
    Step, with your fellow deniers? Truthfully, Your Better Conditioned to
    Believe a Lie Than you’ll ever Admit! Mores the Pity!
    Quick, Answer me this, ” what is The most HATED BOOK of ALL Time in this
    COUNTRY? Time’s Up, the Answer, THE ” 1611 KING JAMES BIBLE ” The HOLY WORD
    to us, That Teaches, How to operate, ” HIS HUMAN CREATION “, So Naturally
    His only Enemy, Wants HIS word to be Destroyed, or at the very lease,
    Looked at as a Bunch of Make Believe stories, So you ” SELF Centered
    Fools,” Will forget That this is,” YOUR ONLY OPERATOR’S GUIDE”, While
    those others contain, Missing Pages, missing Words & Missing letters,
    Leaving todays ” Maintenance Chiefs “, ( PASTORS ) Confused & Lost, &
    Unable to Give you Any TRUE Answers to Life’s Many Problems!
    So, What does this have to do with Our ” CONSPIRACY THEORIES, you may
    Ask, EVERYTHING !! FAITH, not religion, but pure FAITH in THE LIVING GOD
    AND our Current Problems, Are the Flip Side of the SAME COIN !
    Try thinking of it in these terms: ” A Gun without AMMO, Is Almost
    USELESS, likewise A Bullet Without a Gun, IS Equally Useless, HOWEVER,
    Put That Bullet Into that Gun & You’ll Have an Excellent WEAPON!
    NOW LEARN what those Dictators of the Past Learned Long Ago!
    ” Take away a People’s FAITH, Cause them to become SICK by SLOWLY
    POISONING Their, FOOD & WATER, Toss in a few, Well Placed ” Scape-
    Goats “, Spread PROPAGANDA Around that places the Blame on Some
    Innocent Group or person, And you’ll Start to to see The PEOPLE,
    Defeating Themselves, over time. The Secret to the whole matter is
    Letting the Truth of your Over INSURRECTION Out to the general Public
    And have it labeled as a ” CONSPIRACY THEORY “, And watch as
    P/S, I’ll Give you this bit too chew on: STUDY the ” HEGELIAN PRINCIPLE ”
    But just don’t skim over it, Read it Word for Word, You Just Might
    Learn something.

  21. NOTE, Yes I Mis-Typed a few words, But try to Forgive this old man & his failing eye sight !

  22. For the few of you still following this thread…
    You should give people you speak to credible
    information about what you’ve found. Constance
    Cumbey, a lawyer, who told Christians about the
    New Age movement has her information archived at
    the University of Michigan at their request.

    I’ve been at this over 30 years. Here are the
    books I would recommend:
    Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, Constance Cumbey, old
    but still accurate information about the ties between
    occult and progressive political movements.
    Cloning of the American Mind Beverly Eakman The book is filled
    with specific information about organizations and people who have
    changed the field of education in the US to go along with
    international goals.
    Dr. Dennis Cuddy All of his books are well documented
    Unholy Alliances by Peter Levenda How the Nazi movement continues.

  23. DOROTHY,
    Your Fact finding, Like my own, is great!, However, Those that Listen to or agree with our Facts, are so Few & wide Spread, as to make our labors seem almost nonexistent !
    The old saying; ” You can led a Horse to water, but you can’t make them
    Drink”, is very true. simply put, Our Fellow citizens ( About 79% of them)
    have been Blinded by the Government Propaganda Pushers for so long now, that All they can Hear is their LIES & Deceptions & Have Very little hope of ever
    Breaking their Addition to Their Crap.
    Tell an Genius That He or She is ” Dumb, Stupid & Worthless “, Long enough
    And before long, They’ll start Acting dumb! It’s called ” Conditioning
    Of the Brain or Brain Washing “, and it’s been used for Thousands of
    Years, Effectively Altering the Course of Human development.
    Though this is nothing really new, Some of the
    applications are.For example, Using COLORS to effect
    one’s mood, The Idea has been around for 1 maybe 2
    Hundred years, But the true Application has only been
    used in the last 30 years, in our County, Jails,
    Hospitals, Courts & some schools. Etc…
    Depending on the time of day, the next time you go
    out to eat, listen to the music in the background,
    & watch those around you, Fast music = fast eaters
    slow music, people tend to be more relaxed & eat
    more slowly. The True Method being used is called:
    Subliminal Suggestion. You could spend a life time on
    researching this topic & forget that so called law
    barring it’s use. as it generates Billions in
    revenue each year!
    Need more?, Have you’ve ever wondered how the
    ” FLU “, seems to know that it has done it’s job
    for the season & now it’s time to ” go away ”
    until next season ?” A Germ with a Brain???
    Or a Government Population Control Measure?
    Did you know that Within the ” Roman Catholic Church”
    There are 2 Popes, the White Pope that Everyone sees
    And the Real POWER behind the Seen POPE, That is Known
    As the BLACK POPE! This Black Pope, Is almost Always,
    Jesuit & is the one that Controls The Military & power
    Base of the Vatican!
    Hope this helps your QUEST for the truth,
    Good luck in all you do
    And Remember always, they can Destroy your Body,
    But they can never touch your Soul.

  24. Quester 55
    We are not on the same page. Black Pope?????? Colors
    for mood control? What does any of what you wrote
    have to do with how control of the population actually
    takes place. Unfortunately for the average person those
    who want power and control are also quite intelligent
    when it comes to long term planning. Don’t get caught up
    in silly speculation. They don’t indulge in silly ideas.

  25. Young Lady, Your Response tells me that your not quite as
    Knowledgeable As you would have others believe!
    In this case, I have forgotten more over the years,
    than you’ll ever learn, over the Internet.
    The fact that you haven’t a clue about the ” controlling
    powers, behind the Roman Catholic ” Nation “, is a no
    brainier. Heck, We learned those Facts, way back in High School,
    Government class. Note; The Roman Catholic Church in
    Rome, Is looked upon by the, ” United Nations “,
    As the Smallest, Self contained, “Country,”
    in the whole world! FACT, NOT YOUR FICTION!!
    Furthermore, Your flippant attitude towards other’s
    research into, ” Whom controls the Controllers,”
    Is anything but ( silly ideas?) That Childish remark
    alone, leaves me to think that your nothing less
    than a Spoiled brat, trying to sound like an adult!
    As for your hero; Dr. Dennis Cuddy, A good rule of
    research, Is NOT to get all of your Theory’s from
    one source.
    As for my mentioning the White & Black POPES, ( IT HAS
    NOTHING to do with SKIN COLOR) Is due to the Extreme
    Coverage of the VATICAN’S POWER in the World & F.Y.I.
    It has NOTHING to do with ANY Religion! As for Your
    story, You are just like all of those that fell
    before you. Repeat to Yourself, IT JUST DOESN’T
    Matter! NO Amount of CRYING about the Future will
    Show any Change in our Downward Spin into Oblivion!!
    As a Side note, I truly hope you Believe in JESUS, Because
    If your one of those Educated DUMMIES that REJECT
    FAITH of any kind, Your Struggle is already over.
    You’ll have to forgive me, if I have insulated you, But
    your Open Mind in these matters,Reminds me of
    a Socialist I once Knew, & He Believed In Nothing,
    He Couldn’t See, Smell, Touch, Taste, or hear,

  26. Quester55
    The main problem with your “information” can be seen
    in what you have written about me. You want others
    to believe your unfounded assumptions are equivalent
    to documented research. Gossip is not research.
    Nothing I write is going to change your way of thinking.
    Others will dismiss what I have shared because people
    like Tim Young will put us both in the same category.
    It looks as if no one else is following this thread. I
    will end with this note. The Nazis and the New Age
    supporters consider the Catholic church a major enemy,
    just as they consider Jews. Both groups have members
    who cannot be easily manipulated by the propaganda of
    others, propaganda such as found in your assumptions.
    Both groups being large in number include individuals
    with very major human weaknesses. Believing or not
    believing in Jesus does not eliminate human moral
    weaknesses. These groups teach followers that there
    are moral codes that should be followed. Nazis and New
    Age supporters want to substitute a different moral
    code. Be careful who you attack or you might find
    yourself living in a Nazi or New Age style “utopia.”

  27. @Quester55…your messages carry a lot of truth, but like all “opinions”
    (which is all that anyone can give), it is laden with unsubstantiated guesses
    and elements of unknowns that require “faith”.

    There are infinite variations of what the truth is. Sometimes groups form
    within that chaos to create organizations within civilization. Sometimes a
    single man’s opinion is a greater truth than any of those conglomerations,
    and therefore is avoided as it doesn’t have sticking power.

    I think you could bring a great deal of knowledge to people. Why your
    message lacks sticking power, and in fact repels people, is that you are
    a pretentious ass. I don’t care about being old or whatever other excuses
    you might bring to the table. You belittle strangers with an air of
    superiority, using your opinions based on other’s hearsay writings and
    interpretations. In the scheme of things, you are just as FOS as the rest of
    us. To present yourself as the pathway to all saving grace and knowledge,
    while purposely calling out your readers as fools, is complete folly and
    exposes your message as mentally challenged much faster than that of wisdom.

    You may have discovered a great many things on this ride, but you have failed
    to learn the most important lessons. Now that you know everything, at least
    from your perception, and now that your knowledge supersedes everyone
    else’s, there is really no reason for the rest of us to exist. That hubris
    is eerily similar to the people you point fingers at.

    There is no relationship with the creator without humility. The egotistic
    presentation of opinions as fact, and a self-aggrandizing attitude serve
    only the messenger, and are not in tune with anything the God of Love would
    offer. There is a ‘god’ that appreciates that attitude, and in fact promotes it and grows from it every time is comes out. You might want to
    reanalyze just who it is you are serving.

    I await your angry and vitriolic response, and I have no problem being
    reminded what an idiot I am. God’s speed to you…

  28. That is the beauty of Free Speech, To voice an Opinion,
    without Having to PROVE Anything!
    Like yourself, your choice of words, And Your
    Attacks, Leave the readers wondering, Who is
    at fault for what?
    You attack with words of Hate, simply because I have
    an different Opinion than someone else has, is very
    Childish of you. However, I Grow tired of this
    ” Word Play “,
    Think of this, What is more important, The Engine
    Of the First Car, The Framework or the Fuel!?
    When you figure out that answer & provide the reason
    Why you think it to be true, give me a call.
    As for your other attacks, I Forgive you of them,
    Some people are not ready to eat meat & are
    still nursing at the bottle.

  29. I see now, Well Thank-You for your High Praise, It’s
    Really wonderful to meet with a Real,???????????
    Unlike yourself, I have nothing to prove, Had I,
    I could have given you the 5o or so Author’s I’ve read
    Most of them Known as being EXPERTS in their Fields,
    But then I realized, You’d just Shuck them off as
    Kooks, as they don’t fall in step with your own
    Great Opinion!
    So sorry that you felt it necessary, to belittle
    my opinions, But Whatever floats your boat,
    I Forgive you, Your Slander.
    Have a Good Life, Live as LONG as you can!

  30. Since you have not bothered to give names to your sources,
    yet you want others to believe what you do, I’m not sure
    how we can move on from there. I will say that there are
    individuals and organizations who could be called controllers,
    those set up to control the opposition to what is happening.
    I would like to trust those who claim they are the enemy of my
    enemy, but that isn’t the way of the world.

  31. Your free to draw any conclusion you wish, Authors on these topics are a,
    ” Dime a Doz. ” both living & dead. For Example,
    ” Dr. G.A.England, ( Passed away during the Bombing
    in London in 1943) Spoke lengthly on the Unseen
    Powers Behind The Curtains of our World Leaders &
    Was Ridiculed by his fellow academics for doing so!
    You may not like the Fact that I refuse to JUMP
    on the WAGON with others in this New World Order’s
    Push at being, ” Political Correct “, I Can’t stand
    Being Controlled so Easily, & as long as I can, I
    Will Not, Think in the terms of a SOCIALIST, As Long
    As OLD GLORY Still Flies over These United States.
    I Know how you feel & Now you know how I feel,
    SO, Rather than Lowering myself to other standards,
    Let’s just Quit this Exchange of Wills & Call it
    A Draw. There is nothing on my part that I feel
    will Contribute to your Education! Have a good Day!

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