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  1. Impeachments and High Treason

  2. Thank God that there are people in this country that still understand how and why our United States of America came into being. It is so terribly sad that our so-called professors, most of whom have lived their whole lives reading and listening to the opium dreams of socialists and communists, have done so much damage to our educational system over the past several decades by failing to teach our children the true history of America and our american form of government. Today I find that there are very few younger persons, even college graduates, who have any idea of where this country came from or how we have been able to keep it. I fear that it will be very soon that the would-be dictators give themselves enough power to completely destroy our great nation and the freedoms that are so dear to us! I, for one, am prepared to stand with other Americans who are willing to fight to retain our United States Constitutional government and the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

    • I’m with Jim. Great follow up to brother Fest’s call to action. Thanks for hitting it on the head.

  3. I am ashamed to the majority of our citizenry as all they care about is their plasma screened tv’s, video games and toys. And soon, this communist oriented admin./govt. will take all of that away from them and ship their sorry asses off to some FEMA camp. Unfortunately, I don’t think that there are enough real patriots left to do much about it. But we will try and with God’s help, will prevail. It all starts May 16th in DC at the American Spring. Hopefully, WTP will prove me wrong and show up in the millions! If not, martial law morphing into civil war is on the horizon.

  4. Michael Sanders

    I’m not surprised (in the least) by the rapid acceleration at which our constitutional rights are being forfeited by the socialist regime in our nation’s capital. Nor am I surprised that most American citizens neither care about it (as evidenced by low polling numbers), nor have any intention to do anything about it, once it happens, so long as they can collect their measly paycheck (if they’re working) or their welfare check (if they’re not).

    A woman I know even said that she doesn’t care if she does end up in a FEMA camp, so long as she has her shows. In other words, television is the most important thing to her. Wow! No wonder our men are being turned into women by all the unlabeled estrogen found in most shampoos/soaps/etc.

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It is a shameful disgrace to our forefathers that we have allowed our elected leaders to destroy our country by cow-towing to special interest groups, some of whom are funded by the wealthy elite.

  5. control what the children are taught – or indoctinated with, and you control history and people’s mindset and values.

    control the food and control the people.

    for all the mroons who share their no guns for citizens position by arguing why bother being armed when the govt/police and military vastly outgun us, let me say this you fatalist fool, “Bullets are cheap and everybody bleeds the same.”

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