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The American Teacher

About the author: David Fest was born in Southwest Missouri and spent his childhood in a very remote area where survival was a day to day effort. His family grew everything and canned for the winter. They hunted daily for meat, gathered wild edibles for green foods, and fished when they had time.

Fest served in the Vietnam war, and eventually obtained two PhD’s. One from the UK and one from the U.S. He has traveled extensively all around the world, and taught at two universities. After working for many years in the financial investment field, Fest retired in 2006. He still loves to hunt, fish, and camp out as often as he can.

The American Teacher

I wish I lived in the America that was filled with people who were proud of who and what they were, and loved the freedom that was theirs by being part of this great nation.

We were the land of the free and the home of the brave, and I was so proud to be a native-born, part of that heritage!  But more and more I see a country that has become filled with cowards, and worse, who are willing to sacrifice what so many others have given their lives to preserve.

If our ancestors could look back and see what we have become, I wonder if they would still be proud of what they fought for us to have.  Is it not enough that you can read the papers and listen to the news every day from around the world and see what other would-be governments are doing to people to take control?

How many times have bombers, machete wielders, machine gun users and religious zealots used terrorism to scare the cowards to the extent that they are willing to submit to preserve their “safety”?   It has been the favorite tactic of the Taliban and others for years now to slaughter people who are unarmed until they are willing to submit to any kind of rule to preserve peace.

Our government knows that they cannot enslave a free people who are armed and intent on preserving their freedom.  So they create the illusion that we are terrorizing ourselves and somehow cause us to become so scared of each other that we are willing to disarm ourselves to be protected from each other.  If the early settlers had done that we would have died, or still in Europe too scared to get on the boat.

Say what you want, but those men who drafted the Constitution knew a thing or two about being free.  Most of them had already had a chance to see what it was like to live in a monarchy were even your religion was dictated to you.  They and their ancestors had already lived in that environment and found it preferable to die in a hostile new world than to live under those conditions. 

Yes a few villages were  attacked an everyone was killed, men women children and livestock, but others came and rebuilt the village and armed themselves better and prepared for another attack…and my friends that happened more than once.  But each time the villages were rebuilt and the dream continued, until the day the most important document these people had ever dreamed of was drafted. 

It was approved and the America I have always been so proud to be a part of was born.  I would rather take my musket and stand guard every day to protect the village than to hand in my musket and depend on the government to do the job for me.  I would rather be murdered a thousand times over than to allow these acts of terrorism to cause me to lose my American dream of freedom. 

These acts of terrorism will continue, until finally people cry loudly for the Government to disarm them and protect them from each other.  This has never happened before in America. But now we are turning into cowards to the point that it is now a very distinct possibility, with a treasonous president willing to just forgo all due process of law, ignore our constitutional rights and declare that we shall be disarmed, albeit a little at a time.

Well you all go ahead and turn to the government for protection. 

As for me and mine I will protect them myself and they will be taught to protect themselves and those around them.  If the schools are not safe, I will bring my grandchildren into my home and I will school them there! 

I will also band with my brothers who feel the same way I do and school their children as well so that they can be safe.  In my home school they will learn the Constitution and all that it means. They will learn the history from their home and from around the world. 

They will learn all the same things they would learn in public school, but they will also learn to be safe around firearms.  They will learn to use firearms, they will learn to hunt and to fish, and they will learn what it is like to be free from fear of anyone other than the government.  They will learn to obey the laws that are within the boundaries of the United States Constitution. 

God help the terrorist who decides to attack my home or my home school or my students.  This is what our forefathers did, this is what they learned. 

They became great statesmen, leaders of the world, educators of the time, innovators, inventors, and so much more, but the one thing they did not learn was cowardice. They learned to fight for what they believed in and for what was important to them.  It was in this vein they drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

They were free men and women who were willing to give their lives to be free to dream their own dreams.  Many of them died, many of them were massacred, but they never gave up!  They fought back harder and with more determination than before.  This is the spirit we need most now.

To stand up and tell the terrorists and the government that what you killed today will return tomorrow more determined than ever to see you lose.  I believe that if we are being murdered in our public places it is time to take back our public places.

The Police can’t do it. The government can’t do it…for all we know some of them may well be behind it.

But we the people can do it. As long as we have the right to arm ourselves and the equipment to arm ourselves with, we can protect our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods, and our country.  Perhaps we need to look back at how our ancestors dealt with adversity, and profit from the knowledge of things they did well and things they might have done better.  We need truth, justice, and the American way more now than ever.

We may be called war mongers, vigilantes, outlaws or worse, but I submit to you that everything the terrorists, the government and anyone else, who may do evil in the name of good should be living their lives in fear of us. 

We have the power to drive these people from our land, or to destroy them wherever they are found. We the people of the United States should never bow to a terrorist movement and we should be crying out for more empowerment rather than whining to the government to take away our rights in order to protect ourselves. We have always done it by ourselves, for ourselves.  The Government can’t pave a road!

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  1. Impeachments and High Treason

  2. Thank God that there are people in this country that still understand how and why our United States of America came into being. It is so terribly sad that our so-called professors, most of whom have lived their whole lives reading and listening to the opium dreams of socialists and communists, have done so much damage to our educational system over the past several decades by failing to teach our children the true history of America and our american form of government. Today I find that there are very few younger persons, even college graduates, who have any idea of where this country came from or how we have been able to keep it. I fear that it will be very soon that the would-be dictators give themselves enough power to completely destroy our great nation and the freedoms that are so dear to us! I, for one, am prepared to stand with other Americans who are willing to fight to retain our United States Constitutional government and the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

    • I’m with Jim. Great follow up to brother Fest’s call to action. Thanks for hitting it on the head.

  3. I am ashamed to the majority of our citizenry as all they care about is their plasma screened tv’s, video games and toys. And soon, this communist oriented admin./govt. will take all of that away from them and ship their sorry asses off to some FEMA camp. Unfortunately, I don’t think that there are enough real patriots left to do much about it. But we will try and with God’s help, will prevail. It all starts May 16th in DC at the American Spring. Hopefully, WTP will prove me wrong and show up in the millions! If not, martial law morphing into civil war is on the horizon.

  4. Michael Sanders

    I’m not surprised (in the least) by the rapid acceleration at which our constitutional rights are being forfeited by the socialist regime in our nation’s capital. Nor am I surprised that most American citizens neither care about it (as evidenced by low polling numbers), nor have any intention to do anything about it, once it happens, so long as they can collect their measly paycheck (if they’re working) or their welfare check (if they’re not).

    A woman I know even said that she doesn’t care if she does end up in a FEMA camp, so long as she has her shows. In other words, television is the most important thing to her. Wow! No wonder our men are being turned into women by all the unlabeled estrogen found in most shampoos/soaps/etc.

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It is a shameful disgrace to our forefathers that we have allowed our elected leaders to destroy our country by cow-towing to special interest groups, some of whom are funded by the wealthy elite.

  5. control what the children are taught – or indoctinated with, and you control history and people’s mindset and values.

    control the food and control the people.

    for all the mroons who share their no guns for citizens position by arguing why bother being armed when the govt/police and military vastly outgun us, let me say this you fatalist fool, “Bullets are cheap and everybody bleeds the same.”

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