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The 7 Common Mistakes That Every Prepper Makes

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The 7 Common Mistakes That Every Prepper Makesby ‘Above Average’ Joe

With the abundance of bad information available out there, it is easy for a prepper, both novice and experienced alike, to make plenty of mistakes. I for one am fairly new to actively prepping.

I’ve made many mistakes along the way and I know there will be more mistakes to come. The real key is to not become overly frustrated when a mistake is made, learn from it and move on.  Everything you do is a learning experience and you can only master something with experience and practice.  However there are 7 mistakes that almost every prepper makes.  Take care to avoid, adjust, or resolve these mistakes.  Failure to do so could be deadly in a survival scenario.

This is a very basic list of details for the newsletter, because we are so limited on space.  I will have the full list, including how to avoid each scenario in next month’s The Lamp Lighter Report.

1. Focus on a stockpile of supplies instead of honing your skills.

2. Not having enough water preps.

3.  Not having enough variety in food supplies.

4.  Not eating what you store.  

5.  Relying on food storage alone.

6.  Relying only on personal arsenal and armory.  

7. Getting out of dodge at just the right time.

I know that some of these sound like common sense, but that’s why they are so easily overlooked.  You should actively work to avoid any of the above issues.  If you don’t it could spell trouble when crisis strikes.

The full list, including details of how to avoid each of these scenarios will be in next month’s The Lamp Lighter Report.  To subscribe, click here

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  • Alex says:

    1. Is it better to focus on a stockpile or to hone your skills? This is ambiguous.

    7. Is it bad to try "getting out of dodge at just the right time" or good?

  • SchemaByte says:

    I don't find this ambiguous, it's a back to basics tip and I think the message is worth spreading. But you did flip the overall orientation - the first 6 are things you shouldn't do, which the last is something you should do. So, Alex is right that you should clean that up a tad.

    That said, it's easy to obsess on one part of prepping, and as is with most things, balance is key. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  • Graywolf says:

    Once you have the very basics in supplies, you should spend more time on skills than stuff. With skills you can make stuff or acquire stuff as well as barter for other things. For example, you could stock aspirin in your bug out bag but if you knew how to get salicin from willow bark (providing you were in an area with willow or an equivalent tree), you could get a suitable replacement any time you wanted without the weight or cost.


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