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Texas Attorney General Weighs in on Obamacare Ruling

Texas State’s Attorney General Greg Abbott held a conference call last night to speak about how the Supreme Court’s ruling on  Obamacare will affect the people of not only Texas, but the country.

General Abbott spoke candidly about the law, saying that Texas isn’t quite finished pursuing all options to eliminate its existence and, in fact, currently has a case filed to argue a portion of the bill again in Federal Court.

The major question answered by Abbott was whether or not the tax that Obamacare has become originated in the House of Representatives, which is constitutionally required.  According to General Abbott, it did in fact originate in the House under H.R. 3950 years ago, which makes it a constitutionally supported tax.

Will Texas take the increased Medicare and Medicaid provisions from the Federal government? Abbott hinted at no, but would not give a definitive answer.

The call was listened in on by over 12,000 concerned members of Americans for Prosperity and hosted by its Texas Director, Peggy Venable.

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