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Gun-grabbing states are trampling the Second Amendment


As anti-gun as the Obama administration has been, there is much more gun-grabbing taking place at the state level, even if you’ve never been convicted of a crime Fundamental transformation of America by the most Left-wing administration in the history of the nation is a 24/7/365 operation, as evidenced in the latest effort to grab more guns from the hands ...

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The Second Amendment just got some (more) love in Texas


Concealed and open carry laws save lives, even if Democrats in Texas say otherwise Liberals would love to turn the state of Texas blue, for if they were to accomplish that feat, it would virtually guarantee Democrat presidents well into the foreseeable future. But they haven’t succeeded yet, and honestly, their chances of doing fade with each successive Republican administration ...

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Anti-gun California could soon become a handgun-free zone


Back-door ban? Law signed by ‘The Governator’ years ago could make firearms all but extinct in the Golden State As long as California remains part of the United States and the Second Amendment remains part of the U.S. Constitution, there is no way that the state could wind up with a complete ban on privately owned handguns – right? Wrong. ...

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What I think the Second Amendment Means

Amendment Means

The Supreme Court does not have the power to change the constitution in any way. Only the people of the United States can ever change the Constitution. The ‘life tenured’ justices have the power to interpret the meaning of the Constitution and if anything needed to be changed it would be to define the context under which the interpretation was ...

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THIS Nebraska school allowing students to pose with guns for their senior photos


It’s considered so taboo in liberal education circles that many educators, teachers unions and Democrats must be apoplectic – the association of firearms with public schools School board members at the Broken Bow Public Schools have voted to allow those graduating in the spring to have their senior pictures taken sporting a gun, if they so desire ‘The board, I believe, felt they ...

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More guns equals less crime – AGAIN


One of the most violent ZIP Codes in Cook County – where Chicago is located – has the highest violent crime rates and the lowest number of concealed carry permit holders Demographics and poverty rates play key roles as well, according to researchers, but in many other parts of  the city where gun permits are higher, violent crime is lower New ...

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Cease fire: Gun retailers off FDIC ‘risky’ list


Operation Choke Point was ostensibly designed to limit consumers’ exposure to ‘risky businesses’ FDIC- and Justice Department-run program has been used to target gun retailers, say critics ‘Latest Obama administration attempt to target Second Amendment’ Taking gun sellers ‘off the list’ doesn’t go far enough, supporters note The Obama administration’s relentless assault on the Second Amendment suffered a setback in ...

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