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Harry Reid: Bundy supporters are domestic terrorists


Thursday at an event hosted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Harry Reid took his latest shot in his war against Cliven Bundy, calling him and those who support him “domestic terrorists.” “These people, who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists. I repeat: What went on up there was domestic terrorism,” said the ...

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Bloomberg drops $50 million to fight NRA


This morning Michael Bloomberg took his anti-Second Amendment message to NBC’s “Today” show where he announced plans to spend $50 million in his fight against the NRA and your constitutional rights. The $50 million is going towards founding a group called Everytown for Gun Safety which will merge his group Mayors Against Illegal Guns with the existing Moms Demand Action ...

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Second Amendment rights recourse for the mentally ill?

mental health, second amendments, mental health, new hampshire, state vs federal

Last January, federal gun laws were revised so that Americans who have either been adjudicated mentally ill by a court or involuntarily committed to a mental institution are prohibited from possessing a gun, yet there is little in the way of recourse for citizens who have been successfully treated. A new Senate Bill in New Hampshire seeks to tackle this ...

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In other news: guns protect, and are legal

gun laws, state capitols, austin texas, second amendment

As U.S. media outlets remained fixated on the loss of a jumbo jet somewhere in the Indian Ocean, every move made by Russian forces in Crimea last week and first lady Michelle Obama’s charm offensive in China, some pretty amazing pro-Second Amendment and gun rights stories were dramatically underreported. Namely, that the Second Amendment is alive and well and that ...

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76-Year-Old Pennsylvania Woman Protects Home with Shotgun


It’s 1:30 in the morning, you’re home alone, and you hear an intruder breaking into your home… what do you do? Like many Americans, Carole Motsko of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania reached for her firearm in order to protect herself and her property and succeeded. When a burglar intruded on the 76-year-old woman’s home early Monday morning with intent on robbing ...

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S.C. Bar Owner Thinks You’re a “Douchebag” for Carrying a Concealed Gun


Earlier in February, South Carolina passed a law allowing citizens with Concealed Weapons Permits (CWP) to legally carry their guns into establishments that are licensed to serve alcohol. It was one of many reforms passed into law protecting citizens and their Second Amendment rights. However, one business proprietor in Clemson, S.C. does not agree with the reform and decided to ...

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