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Bloomberg drops $50 million to fight NRA


This morning Michael Bloomberg took his anti-Second Amendment message to NBC’s “Today” show where he announced plans to spend $50 million in his fight against the NRA and your constitutional rights. The $50 million is going towards founding a group called Everytown for Gun Safety which will merge his group Mayors Against Illegal Guns with the existing Moms Demand Action ...

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Popular Resistance Stymies Connecticut Gun-Grabbers

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Authoritarians in Connecticut were quick to exploit the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook as a pretext to restrict the right to bear arms. However, they may have underestimated their constituents. New sales of anything deemed to be an “assault weapon” are banned. Those already in citizens’ possession must be registered. Recognizing the first step toward confiscation, people are not registering: ...

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‘Piers Morgan Live’ Finally Cancelled

Piers Morgan, Piers Morgan show cancelled, CNN, gun control, Alex Jones,

If you begin to type in “Piers Morgan is a…” into a Google search, the first suggested qualifier is “douche.” And while he gets paid to be one on television, apparently it’s not working out for CNN. Piers Morgan Live has finally been axed from the prime time 9 p.m. slot. The America-hating limey who took over for Larry King ...

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Americans Don’t Trust the Federal Government

Statue of liberty cries, big government, gallup poll, mood of the nation, lobbyists, corporations

Two-thirds of Americans think that the federal government is too big and powerful and are generally unhappy with the way it works. A recent Gallup Poll discovered in its “Mood of the Nation” report that 65 percent of Americans are unhappy with the nation’s system of governance and how well it works, which is the highest percentage Gallup has recorded ...

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Thirty Years of Gun Control Denial

gun laws

By Vox Day Left-liberals often declare themselves to be on the side of fact and reason. And yet, they show almost no interest whatsoever in the actual facts when presented with them, especially when those facts contradict liberal reasoning. Take gun control, for example. Liberals are absolutely certain that removing guns from the population by criminalizing them is an effective ...

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