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Cease fire: Gun retailers off FDIC ‘risky’ list


Operation Choke Point was ostensibly designed to limit consumers’ exposure to ‘risky businesses’ FDIC- and Justice Department-run program has been used to target gun retailers, say critics ‘Latest Obama administration attempt to target Second Amendment’ Taking gun sellers ‘off the list’ doesn’t go far enough, supporters note The Obama administration’s relentless assault on the Second Amendment suffered a setback in ...

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Is This A New Tactic To Stifle The Second Amendment?

Tactical Firearms Politicians

By Keven Card We’ve witnessed the IRS targeting of groups at odds politically with the big government agenda of this administration and their allies in Congress. We’ve seen the EPA target the coal industry for discriminatory regulations with the intent of pushing and entire industry out of business. We’ve watched as the U.S. attorney general’s office targeted an American guitar ...

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In Las Vegas, anti-concealed carry advocates fail to prove their point


The recent murder of two Las Vegas-area police officers is being shamelessly co-opted by gun control fanatics as a prime example of why Americans should not be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. But in truth, their criticism is way off the mark. Here’s the story. According to various reports, Joseph Wilcox, a Nevada resident who had a concealed carry ...

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Cartoon: How about some Government control?

Govt control

            Ok, so this political cartoon is a bit dated, but here we are two years later and there’s still no government control. Historically, widespread gun control has correlated with more government control…can anyone think of a few instances when this didn’t work out well for gun owners? Who are the politicians running on that ...

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16 Republicans voted to advance gun control

gun control, guns, republicans

Gun control initiatives heat up Earlier this month, 16 Republicans voted for cloture on expanded background checks. Perhaps gun owners can breathe a bit easier since it appears a movement to protect our constitutional rights has started. JH Politics listed the Republicans with their phone numbers on their website and are urging the voters to call in with their complaints. Will calling ...

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