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Vladimir Putin the Belligerent

Putin, Crimea, NATO, Obama, Ukraine

Following Russia’s successful annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region into the Russian Federations, the Baltic nations of Eastern Europe, all former Soviet satellites, are getting nervous. That’s understandable, given Russian President Vladimir Putin’s justification for intervening in Crimea. True, Moscow has always had a strategic interest there since the breakup of the former Soviet Union, but not simply because the Russian ...

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Afghanistan gives “Soviet” Russia Its Blessing

Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, Support Russia, Putin, Soviet Union, Foreign Policy

Don’t look now, but that Southwest Asian powerhouse, Afghanistan, has given its official blessing to Russia’s absorption of the Crimea. In a statement issued over the weekend, Afghan President Hamid Karzai cited “the free will of the Crimean people” in offering his country’s support for the Crimean annexation into Moscow’s sphere of influence. “We respect the decision the people of ...

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EPA: Just another Democrat constituency

EPA, FOIA, IRS, Democrats,

How can you tell there is another election cycle coming up this year? Easy – another federal agency, the EPA, is going all in for Democrats while doing its best to stick a bureaucratic stick in the eye of Republicans. Opposition research is nothing new in political contests. Both major parties engage in it, and it’s likely that Libertarians will ...

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Putin the Patriot

Vladimir Putin, Russian President, Moscow, foreign policy, crimea, ukraine, sanctions, obama, white house, washington

Vladimir Putin has his Chance The headlines last week regarding Russia’s new “democratic” annexation of Crimea, which for the past couple of decades had been part of the sovereign country of Ukraine, says as much about the United States’ declining status in the world as it says about Moscow’s ascending global hegemony. Long before Russian forces began massing on Ukraine’s ...

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3 Reasons to Invest in the Russian Stock Market Right Now

Russian Stock Market, ruble, crimea, international crisis, investing, should i invest in russia

Who’d have thought the Russian stock market would be the place to put some of your cash, especially now that Moscow just annexed part of another sovereign country and the threat of wider conflict between Russia and Ukraine may be looming? Because of the volatility of the situation, Russian investors have begun to flee their own stocks; to date, a ...

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S.C. Bar Owner Thinks You’re a “Douchebag” for Carrying a Concealed Gun


Earlier in February, South Carolina passed a law allowing citizens with Concealed Weapons Permits (CWP) to legally carry their guns into establishments that are licensed to serve alcohol. It was one of many reforms passed into law protecting citizens and their Second Amendment rights. However, one business proprietor in Clemson, S.C. does not agree with the reform and decided to ...

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Old Clinton transcript reveals Democrat revulsion of Republicans

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Republicans, Democrat, State of the Union, document, james byrd, tom delay,

If Republicans ever wanted to know what top Democratic leaders really think of them, a recently released transcript of conversations inside Bill Clinton’s Oval Office ought to clear it up once and for all. What do Democrats think of Republicans? Honestly, not much. In discussing his upcoming State of the Union Address in the early days of 1999, Clinton mused ...

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