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How long is Alec Baldwin going to be given a pass?


By Ed Farnan Has Alec Baldwin finally skewered the wrong herd of sacred cows? Alec Baldwin had another one of his legendary foul-mouthed meltdowns the other day, complete with his usual “four letter word” demeaning of individuals, including threats of physical violence. Although this emotional outburst wasn’t directed at a child this time, it was directed at another familiar target, ...

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True Colors


There is much to deplore of the neo-statist’s liberal way of thinking in modern American society, but the most revolting belief of these mental defectives is the idea that human nature, tradition, and historical evidence should be forgotten, unless it supports their deluded worldview. As today’s evidence to this fact, I present to you the one and only, lesbian author ...

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What Would Django Do? Arms and “The Man”


by Jonathan David Farley, D.Phil. (Oxon.) Why do African-Americans side with liberal proponents of gun control?  Historically, guns have been the African-American’s greatest friend.  The great Ida B. Wells, who, like me, had to flee Klan supporters in Tennessee after writing a newspaper article, said that “a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home….”  The ...

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