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Feds to farmers: Host gay weddings or pay a fine


By Charles Greene In yet another case of the government overstepping the bounds of common sense and trampling on the freedoms of individuals and small businesses, the New York State Division of Human Rights has fined the owners of a family farm for refusing to host a gay marriage. The state has found Cynthia and Robert Gifford, the owners and ...

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Race hustlers don’t exist in the post civil rights era


Another potential tragedy involving a black teen and police has brought out the same, tired “civil rights activists” No confirmation that police were at fault in Ferguson shooting but charges of racism have already been leveled In the 21st century, has American moved beyond the 1960s? “No justice, no peace!” That was a chant being led by “civil rights leader” Al ...

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Rise of SWAT: From ‘serve and protect’ to ‘search and destroy’


By Charles Greene Over the past few decades, an alarming trend has developed in America. Police forces across the nation have been becoming increasingly militarized, using wartime tactics against American citizens in their own homes. Often the consequences have proven deadly and in many cases innocent people – some of them children – have been the victims. What’s even more disturbing ...

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Have you checked your privilege lately?

white privilege, race relations, princeton university, check your privilege

Earlier this month a Princeton University freshman took on the P.C. police over a growing trend on campuses, and across the country, that as a white person, a white male in this case, one has privileges no one else has and as such should approach every one else with this fact in the forefront of one’s mind. In the words ...

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When speech can’t be free

Directive 119, James Clapper, CIA, Intelligence Community, press freedom, information leaks,

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and the Obama administration have had enough of loose lips, apparently. In March, with no fanfare, Clapper signed “Intelligence Community Directive 119,” a new policy that bars intelligence officials from talking to the press without first getting permission. According to the Washington Post, the DNI is painting his directive as an attempt to ensure ...

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How long is Alec Baldwin going to be given a pass?


By Ed Farnan Has Alec Baldwin finally skewered the wrong herd of sacred cows? Alec Baldwin had another one of his legendary foul-mouthed meltdowns the other day, complete with his usual “four letter word” demeaning of individuals, including threats of physical violence. Although this emotional outburst wasn’t directed at a child this time, it was directed at another familiar target, ...

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True Colors


There is much to deplore of the neo-statist’s liberal way of thinking in modern American society, but the most revolting belief of these mental defectives is the idea that human nature, tradition, and historical evidence should be forgotten, unless it supports their deluded worldview. As today’s evidence to this fact, I present to you the one and only, lesbian author ...

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