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Secret Prison in Benghazi?

According to General Petraeus’ alleged mistress Paula Broadwell, the Benghazi consulate was actually a secret CIA prison.

Breitbart reported yesterday that in a speech she recently gave, she stated that the prison held multiple terror suspects and was guarded by the CIA’s top officers in the area.

The attack on the consulate was planned by the terror groups in the region in order to get their men out of this jail.

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If this is true… then the White House, Hilary Clinton, etc… ALL KNEW that these were staged attacks and lied to the American people about what happened in Benghazi for over a week.

It goes without saying that there are a lot of these types of prisons around the world with every country’s secret police…

But here, it would have made sense for the Administration to be honest with the American people, especially before the election and before ruining the life of the guy who made that terrible satirical movie about Islam and Muhammad.

Either way, it is pretty evident that this situation was spun to benefit President Obama and that mainstream news organizations aren’t fully reporting on this topic as they should be.

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