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At Whitehouse.gov they have created a site known as We the People. It is said to be “Your Voice in Our Government.” The rules are simple: it is a place for anyone to petition the White House and receive special attention if it gets over 25,000 signatures. After the election, a petition was made to allow the state of Louisiana to peacefully secede. Subsequently, many more states followed with copy-cat petitions.

Someone from Texas copied Louisiana and created a petition, and within a few hours it had the requisite number of signatures to be elevated to relevancy. As I examine the request now (it was created on 11/9, I am viewing it on 11/13) there are more than 67,000 signatures. Does this mean Texas, or any of the other states, will be allowed the freedom to exit the union? I certainly doubt that it will get more than a snide comment and a laugh from the President, if it even gets that.

The question though should not be whether it gets serious examination from the President, but rather, why we cannot honestly discuss this possibility. It is mocked and ridiculed up and down the levels of public opinion, but should it be? We did fight a Civil War to stop secession of independent and sovereign states, but it is still a core foundation of our nation. Had it not been for our founders, ready to secede from the tyranny of King George, we would not have a United States of America today.

So while secession may not be the answer, the fact that people are seriously considering it doesn’t need to be scoffed at, it needs to be examined – lest we find ourselves repeating history because we failed to learn from it.

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  1. You’re right but it sure shows a lot of unhappy people. The problem is now they know where to come look for all us dissenters. You know George Washington saw 3 such battles on these shores.

  2. As of 12/10, the total number of petitioners for (didn’t say from – there’s nothing preventing people from all across the US from signing that one petition, amongst other states as well) Texas was 119,209 — or in other words, 1.5% of the 2012 voting electorate of the state. So, you’re actually suggesting we take 1.5% response seriously?

  3. Maybe it is only 1.5% of the voting electorate of the state. But how many people in the state had access or even knew about this petition? Of those that saw the petition, what percentage were against the petition or undecided (leaving it unsigned)? It’s not an accurate measure of whether a minority, super-minority, or majority in the state agree with the petition, but what it does say is that a fairly large chunk of people from Texas think along those lines. I wonder if that is a large or small number of signers compared to other petitions?

  4. Secession? A russian predicted a breaking up of America, also. Some conservatives desire it. Enemies desire it. To make this short.

    Be careful what you wish for. You might get it and often it is not what you thought. Our strength is as a Nation, and liberty comes from the states. Nullification is the answer for liberty. Not secession.


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