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Remember where you were when you heard bin Laden was dead? Most of us do. It was the night of May 2, 2011. Scores of Americans celebrated that night President Obama announced it live on all the networks. It was a unifying moment for the country.

Where are the photos of the raid, his body and the burial at sea?

The photos taken have been tightly kept under wraps citing national security and, if released, a clear and present danger to Americans home and abroad.

Government records indicate there are 52 images of bin Laden taken just after his death and when his body was aboard the USS Carl Vinson.

Now a conservative legal group, Judicial Watch, is demanding that these photos be released to the public. They contend that The Freedom of Information Act requires the government to release the pictures or better explain why the release of specific images would damage national security.

The government believes there are serious sensitivities concerning the death of bin Laden and that releasing the pictures could lead to violence against Americans.

With the airing of first anniversary TV specials on the raid and now the release of a major motion picture (Zero Dark Thirty), the public is more aware of what went on and wanting to see more.

A federal judge ruled in April 2012 that there were legitimate national security interests to deny disclosure.

The U.S. Court of Appeals is now considering this new request but mentioned the legitimate concern since there were previous incidents that led to violence in the Arab world and provided terrorists with fuel for propaganda (as did the treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Americans desecrating Qurans).

It was rumored by a member of Judicial Watch that President Obama is asking the courts to rewrite the Freedom of Information Act to allow his administration to withhold documents simply because their disclosure may cause controversy.

These photos would fall under that Act.

The killing of Osama is probably one of the reason Obama was re-elected.

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  • Dennis says:

    All the members of seal team six are dead, WHY ? Most of them all in the same day, the last one committed sucide, All right after the so called killing of Osama Bin Laden. Makes it kinda hard to tell your side of the story doesn't it. No one on the ship seen his Dead body, WHY NOT ? Not one picture of his dead body anywhere WHY NOT ? Because Osama Bin Laden died a long long time ago with health issues, an it wasn't led posioning. You seen Omar Kadafis dead body, you even seen Ambassador Stevens dead body on TV, and all over the internet, but not Osama, you gotta ask yourself, WHY NOT ?

  • Fozzysmom says:

    Dennis, you speak the honest truth. And to honor those of Seal Team Six, the photos SHOULD be released to the public so we'll KNOW that they did NOT die in vain, rather then just for another coverup by this obozos' administration!! Their lives were worth much more then being used as a pawn for obozo.

  • steve says:

    no i believe it to be like the leader of iran said when asked if he knew where bin laden was. hes reply that he was living somewhere in washinton dc under an assume name. they brought him out gave him a look that we all know and had him do the lastest video from the terror leader. there more than likely was a body but not that of bin laden. we need to keep the story going. it just cant end. all the money to corperation and political kick back would dry up. and we cant have that happen.

  • Major C.O. Jones says:

    Let's face it people. The American citizens and the US Government are afraid of the muslims at every level, domestically and world wide. Our admitted muslim president is catering to every muslim faction to perpetuate the infiltration and takeover of our Constitutional Republic.... Look at Europe.

  • your answers are here http://youtu.be/UkowG_E7qGw

  • Sandra Lee Smith says:

    I rather doubt that was bin Laden killed in May of '11; he had end stage renal disease when the 9/11 attacks occurred and you don't do dialysis in caves. IF our government had wanted him, all they had to do was follow the supplies! Either he died of that long since, or he's still alive under treatment, because there was no dialysis gear in that house either. Not even for the very low tech and inefficient perineal dialysis! Like Hitler, bin Laden was known to have many "doubles" and Isuspect that's who,if anyone in truth, was killed, and that was why the SEAL team who did the raid, then had to die; to keep them from telling others what they knew! O won't release those photos; he doesn't believe he has to answer to anyone; although he's wrong about that, and will find that out some sooner than he expects, I believe, to his discomfiture.

  • I don't believe anything the government tells.If the people knew all that is going on and the plans they have for all of us,They would be drug out of the white house.All of us are in danger.


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