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Could Russia Become America’s Strongest Ally in Trump’s America?

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Michael Flynn, President Trump’s National Security Advisor, resigned Monday evening amid speculation of improper ties to Russia. Flynn was (and still is) a loyal Trump supporter. But now the liberal media is at it again and throwing Flynn under the bus for doing what he believed was in the best interest of his president and his country.

Could Russia Become America’s Strongest Ally in Trump’s America?

But was what he did really so bad?

Flynn was helping secure ties with Russia, who could end up being our strongest supporter as the rest of the world picks fights with President Trump.

Could Russia Be America's Strongest Ally in Trump's America? Michael Flynn

On one hand you have China, a country constantly undervaluing its currency so it can outbid the U.S. on products and deals around the world. China has already threatened the U.S. if America gets involved in South China Sea affairs.

People are concerned about a trade war with China and losing American jobs to our economic rival. Well guess what? We’re already there. That’s happening. The U.S. had a $347 billion with China in 2016. We imported 4 times as many goods from China as we exported to the country. In fact, the majority of American exports to China are simply low-cost manufacturing materials that are then assembled and shipped back to the U.S. as imports.

Then there’s England. The British Parliament was actually debating banning President Trump from a state visit. What a joke! Fortunately, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May was sensible enough to dismiss the idea. But the fact that this was even up for consideration is ridiculous. Around the world there are anti-Trump protests by liberals and people scared of America rising to its full power again under a man who is doing what he promised to do.

Except Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been a Trump supporter from the start and acknowledged his respect for Trump – a major step for Russia/U.S. relations. While liberals want to make friends with every country pushing the U.S. away, they want to push away a major superpower who is embracing us for the first time since WWII.


Because Putin isn’t perfect. There’s plenty of negativity directed at Putin, but there’s also quite a lot to like. For starters, unlike Barack Hussein Obama, we know exactly where Putin and Russia stand in regards to ISIS and radical Islam. Russia has shown itself as ready, willing, and able to kill Islamic terrorists. With Putin, the U.S. has an opportunity to actually gain some ground in the war on terror.

Could Russia Be America's Strongest Ally in Trump's America? Putin

It’s a little ironic that people are complaining about Trump’s foreign policy goals, yet he has a chance to do something in which George W. Bush, Obama, and even Hillary Clinton all failed. And it’s critical he succeed as Russia and the U.S. are the owners of the world’s biggest nuclear arsenals. Working together, we could ensure peace throughout the world.

And with Russia’s economy struggling in the midst of a decline, the U.S. could find itself with a huge trade partner to help boost our own economy.

Did Michael Flynn mess up? Absolutely. He lied to the public and he betrayed the trust of our president and country. But the fact remains that President Trump is putting the U.S. in a position to mend fences with Russia and establish a new, bright relationship with our Soviet friends. Flynn did what he thought best to help encourage that relationship. At worst, he should be demoted, not thrown under the bus by politicians, liberals, and the media.

The U.S. and Russia are on track to start getting along, and we have Donald Trump to thank for that as we could gain possibly our strongest ally ever.

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  • Victoria says:

    I'm happy we're busy mending fences rather than sending our troops to start yet another war. It's too bad the munitions manufacturers are struggling! SOB! I like us minding our own business and taking care of OUR country! Yeah Trump!!!!!


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