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Romney Wins Debate 1

by Tim Young

Almost all pundits have agreed that Mitt Romney won the first of the three televised debates.

The most remarkable part of the spin that people are putting on it is that President Obama purposely threw the debate so that he can make a “remarkable comeback,” and finish strong before election day.

Can you even begin to imagine that a President would do that?

Why wouldn’t you want to dominate all the debates?

Other left-wing publications have said that Romney was “light on details,” in describing his plans to fix the country…

As if a Democrat-controlled Congress didn’t pass an enormous healthcare bill WITHOUT READING IT.

I hope that you watched the debate, but if you didn’t, you missed a championed effort by Mitt Romney.

Romney began to set out his clear plan for the future of this country.  He boldly said that he would cut programs like PBS and explained how the President has ruined this country with programs like Obamacare and economic stimulus packages.

The President seemed shaken. He smirked a lot and shook his head knowing that he was being defeated by his opponent.

Instant polls came in saying that 67% of people watching said that Romney won.  If you also watched networks like CNN, the poll ticker at the bottom would go extremely high for Mitt Romney and stay flat for Barack Obama.

Shockingly, we didn’t hear about the fabricated issue of the ‘War on Women,’ which has been used to distract voters from more major issues.

Look for Obama to go on the attack with these types of issues in the next two debates.

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