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Rand Paul Makes Me Doubt Obama

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by Karl Dobias

This week, while liberals, conservatives, supporters of gun laws, and those who wish to see guns under tougher scrutiny in our modern society argued about what would happen when Joe Biden made a decision on what would happen to guns in this country, Rand Paul was in Jerusalem talking to the Christian Broadcasting Network.

I’ve never been a big fan of Rand Paul even though I have been a supporter of his father Ron in the past, but some of the things he said this week in his interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network were worth thinking about.

He accused Obama of “acting like a King” by threatening executive action on gun control earlier this week. He went on to say that if Obama did take executive action on gun control, there would be a fight on Capitol Hill.

I’ve always liked Obama, personally, but I’ve always attributed that to my age and social beliefs. I never saw Obama as “king-like” until I saw this interview with Rand Paul, and it made me even more curious.

This isn’t enough for me to renounce my beliefs in what Obama is capable of- sure, he’s not the most popular president, especially with conservatives and even more so with supporters of guns and other conservative social values, but I don’t think that he has graduated to king status quite yet.

Before we point fingers and assign blame, let’s let Obama speak and make his point known. I do believe that there should be some regulations on gun control, although I do think a complete ban would be asinine. Before we judge, let’s let the man in office do his job so we can figure out how we, as American citizens, are going to do ours.




  • S Rubicon says:

    The problem with past proposals and any number of actions Obama & liberals plans today, is that commonsense & modest & logical & all the other words they use, in the end it always means, once we get this, we can push for more behind the scenes. They are never satisfied with what they got, they always want more. What more or what is more? CONTROLS! Like healthcare that needed some issues dealt with, what we got was a monstrosity of legislation that seeks to influence & control almost every aspect of life in America. The cost in money will be astronomical & will bankrupt us. The costs in freedoms, will crush us out of existence.

    • grassroot says:

      Liberals want control and the more the better.
      As OB said right after being ” elected”, ” and there has
      to be some changes made to that constitution,” as he is
      a far left radical, saul alinsky style, and raised and
      groomed by marxists, you have to suspect that he is,, a
      Marxist. Saying, ” when I attended college I sought out
      marxist professors, radical leftist friends, etc.

  • Jerry Tindel says:

    To Karl,

    “let’s let the man in office do his job so we can figure out how we, as American citizens, are going to do ours.” Are you freaking serious. This man hasn’t “done” his job since he’s been in office. His administration shoved a health care bill down our throats, and by their own admission, didn’t even know themselves what was in the bill. Ran the debt up from 30K per family in America to 130K per family. NEVER submitted a budget the first four years and still hasn’t. He continues to distract the public with trivial things instead of addressing the true issues we as a country are facing, such as the deficit, unemployment, runaway social programs, etc. He is nothing more than a sitcom president and Biden is worth even less. If they both were standing in a room by themselves, you still wouldn’t have a stand-up man in the room. Little men in a big mans job. They are shame on the American people not because they are Democrats but in spite of that.

    • JJM says:

      Thank you Jerry – you very more courteous than I was intending to respond.
      I would love to see him do his job except I believe his agendas are unconstitutional and certainly unamerican.
      Let me know when we have a legitament POTUS.

    • John says:

      “let’s let the man in office do his job so we can figure out how we, as American citizens, are going to do ours.” This quote reminds me of Nancy Pelosi saying “let’s pass this bill so we can see what is in it”. No thanks, I’ll pass and fight this agenda with all I got.

    • Dave Dude says:

      Appeasement and concessions just embolden the enemy to advance and take more ground and destroy more.

    • Barbara Cox says:

      Thank you Jerry. You saved me from having to write something long-winded. I would like to add that if we “let the man in office do his job” without scrutiny and opposition this country may never recover. We are going down a slippery slope to the bottom that we may not be able to climb up from.

  • Rhett says:

    Hello Karl,
    Sorry, I have to say ‘Right On’ to Jerry. it’s very kingly to waste money on 2 roundtrips to Hawaii. Was it last year that the queen couldn’t wait for a few hours to go to Cape Cod, and demanded her own plane? How kingly to write himself an executive order for Secret Service for life (threw the bone to Bush, so it looked better); have armed guards for his children, dis the NRA for using his children, but used others’ children to pass his agenda. Wants us to eat GMO whether or not we want it, while he grows his white house organic garden. Ah! They have no bread? Let them eat cake.

    • Joseph C Moore (USN Ret) says:

      I believe that most people do not understand the meaning of the quote from Marie Antoinette: “Let them eat cake” which in her time was the burnt residue from any cooking. This was what the peasants were to be fed instead of the morsels that would be kept for the elite. Her disdain for the common people was at least not hidden as is the disingenuous pronouncements of the “occupier, usurper-in-chief” who is illegally sitting in office by efforts of his liberal, communist myrmidons.

  • John says:

    “I’ve always liked Obama, personally, but I’ve always attributed that to my age and social beliefs”
    Are you for real? Your age? Are you old and senile? I would think you would have to have a mental defect to “like” Obuma.

  • William Allen says:

    As a person Oboma apears ” likeable “, as a president he is the bigest joke since Carter. We need to constantly call/write our congressmen and senators and let them know what We the People expect of them.

  • Mary Kay says:

    Really disappointed with your view of Obama. How can you like a man who is so arrogant when speaking about people he doesn’t agree with. He is doing nothing for our country. He doesn’t understand the way our economy works because he has never been in business. And when will he quit campaigning and get to work with Congress? All he has done is spend money that isn’t his. He is still just a community organizer trying to be a rock star, schmoozing with Hollywood.

  • Quester55 says:

    That’s the beauty of this Country, For the time being, were still able to openly express our Loyalty to our leader’s, For good or Ill.
    There are Many of My Race, that are just now waking up to the fact that Obama, Is NOT what he presents himself to be.
    Some have even begun to See what we Republicans have been complaining about for over the last 4+ years & They are NONE TO Happy about it!
    So far, His Honesty Record is evenly matched with that of NERO!
    He’s already has taken nearly 30 Vacations, (AT TAX-Payer Expense)And according to recent evaluations by White House Auditors, Each Round trip to HAWAII cost nearly 7-13 million each way.Do the Math?
    A Good President Allows those that were elected to office, in the Congress, to do their jobs. Yet with OBAMA, He’s Pushing the Record on BY-PASSING Both Houses, And FORCING HIS LAWS on the AMERICAN PEOPLE, by ABUSING his PRESIDENTIAL POWERS & Making HIS OWN LAWS,REGARDLESS of the GOVERNMENTS OPPOSITION to said laws!!
    This Actions of OBAMA are Fitting of a ” DICTATOR “, & not of a President!
    Even The President of the United(DIVIDED)STATES of AMERICA, is Subject to our NATIONAL LAWS, But OBAMA has Placed himself & his Party ABOVE THE LAWS, In the effect that he breaks our existing laws on a continuing bases & Goes unpunished for their Violations!
    So the Fact that RAND PAUL Got your Attention, is a Strong indication, that the truth is getting to you, So good-luck in your awakening.

    • Wames says:

      Do you have a source on those numbers?

      • John says:

        To Wames: You have a computer…. Do you know how to look things up? Do some research, and you will find that Quester is Spot on! Or you can keep being spoon fed by the (sic) mainstream media and believe their (lies) propaganda! Wake up! Fact 17 million more on food stamps, Fact: GAS was 1.86 a gallon in (Dec 08 – Jan 09), Fact: first pres. in history to preside over 2 – not one but 2 downgrades in our debt rating, Fact: gov’t has increased in size, power, control, cost, Over 25% in less than 4 years, Fact: More executive orders used by (OBUMA) than all other pres’s combined, Fact; (Obuma) (know the proper spelling), has added MORE to our national debt than ALL Presidents combined, from 9 trillion in 08 to Over 16.5 Trillion and growing), Fact: Obummer said taxes would only rise on the top 2%? LIE: Payroll taxes went up on Everyone! 2 to 5% – People making 30K and Less are hit with a 5% rise!

        A mother of 4 making 30K is loosing 130.00 a month just on the payroll tax increase! and thats with higher gas, food, healthcare, utility costs also comming out of her paycheck! Thats 1,560.00 MORE taken out of her pay!

        Fact: Obuma has put more (Czars) in power (why do they call them a russian name?), that are OUTSIDE the authority of congress than ALL Presidents combined! _they were not called czars before! Case in point (the head of Homeland security under Bush was NOT called a Czar!) These Czars get their marching orders from none other than Obama! THAT is AGAINST our constitution! FACT: (OBUMA) has taken over MORE control of our economy, than ALL Presidents combined! Finance, Healthcare, Auto, Banking, Now He is attacking the Bill of Rights with his – Gun laws, Internet (free speech), monitoring, Drones flying over and spying on American citizens, Where is that ACLU? Silent?? Fairness Doctrines, Forcing Churches to pay for Abortions, There goes freedom of Religion!

        Wames…..You better wake up! NY (CUOMO)HAD Confiscation of GUNS in the Bill they Tried to Ram thru! One of the assemblymen said they are OPENLY going after our 2nd amendment rights AND 4th, 5th, 1st! You might just want to READ the Bill of Rights again (For the FIRST time)!

        • jamesl says:

          john,well said and right on with the real facts !

        • 'Justin Case' says:

          NY along with the Feds (Cuomobama) are too-cleaver-by-half!! With their max-capacity (7 rounds) of auto load magazines, they’ve essentially outlawed the use and ownership of autoload handguns. With said outlawing, I’m WILLINGLY being forced out of the State of New York!! After the sale of our double house in the Rochester area, we’ll be on our way to East Tennessee!!
          Anybody interested in the house?!?

          • Jim Varney says:

            Nope couldn’t pay me to live there. But if you do happen to find some dope that would want to stay in a commy state. Send’em my way I’ve got a ton of ocean front property in Arizona I’ll sell’em dirt cheap!

            Really? Good Luck hope you and yourse can get the hell out of there soon.

    • Jerry Tindel says:

      To Quester55,

      Just to set the record straight: Neither the Congress nor the President of these United States are our Leaders , They are our Representatives. They were hired to do the business of the PEOPLE, who ARE the Leaders! Ours is a government “of the people, for the people, and by the people” not one “of the elected, for the elected, and by the elected”. It seems too many of our elected AND our citizens have forgotten this little FACT.

      • Barbara Cox says:

        Right on Jerry. Elected representatives were also called Public Servents at one time. When did the servents become the leaders? I’m thinking it was sometime after January 20, 2008.

  • CaptTurbo says:

    The usurper isn’t even eligible to be in our White House. He’s a squatter who indeed wants to be King. Let him be King of Kenya. He’s no American and in fact has contempt for us and our Constitution.

    • grassroot says:

      That’s abundantly correct,,

    • JJM says:

      But he’s eligible – just ask him. Or you can look at the documents – not the 2nd rate fakes he’s presented (even I know how to print, scan and then present a PDF without multiple layers) – look at the ones that he has hidden from all of us.

  • Karin says:

    Why would/should we listen to the consumate prevaricatior, obsfucator, & LIAR. If you don’t know the true agenda behing gun control, then I am sorry for you. The only thing he has to say that I want to hear is GOODBYE as he leaves the WH grounds.

  • Gary says:

    Something concrete about this guy that turned up last year is that he’s using a deceased person’s SSN, and it won’t pass E-Verify. He’s not only ineligible to be president, he’s not even eligible to work in the U.S. Sorry Karl, the scum is trespassing in our White House, and the media lets him get away with it.

  • John says:

    Not eligible to work !!! The man hasn’t worked a day in his life. He snorted coke all through college, by his own admission. Take away his golf cart and his big airplane to vacation in, he wouldn’t have a thing to do all day.

  • Sol of Texas says:

    My God, man! One cannot take a politicians “word” as any kind of assurance. Put that blunt down, bro!

  • Ron Sivils says:

    First of all I don’t like mass shootings by mentally deranged people any more than anybody else does. But in the end that’s just the price we have to pay if we want to live in freedom from government tryanny. If the government is able to use these killings as an excuse to disarm the people the slaughter of innocent civilians by the government that will follow will make these periodic shootings by a small percentage of deranged individuals look like a Sunday school picnic. If anyone doubts the wisdom of what I’ve said here they should obtain a copy of the DVD Innocents Betrayed and watch it.

    • litqoe says:

      Ron, you are right! I watched that video and it shows what happens when the people are disarmed. We the People, need to make our stance!

    • Dave Dude says:

      It is an excellent video. Everyone needs to see it. Plus the movie 2016.
      If we can save just one life, we should not take guns from people so they can protect themselves.

  • Paines Ghost says:

    A word to Karl,
    Thank you for at last opening up your mind and finally “doubting” Obama. I suggest you look at a LOT of alternative news and LESS mainstream slime media pablum. They are all in lockstep with the man who would be king.
    Read the history of Germany, particularly during the 1910-1950 era. Read about just how their society was disarmed, polarized, and then taken over by a tyrant that killed millions of citizens.

    The JPFO has produced a chart that shows in numbers what happens to every national population that has allowed itself to be disarmed since 1915. It isn’t pretty, and we need to be aware of the INEVITABILITY of mass murder by government once the population is disarmed. This link http://jpfo.org/pdf02/genocide-chart.pdf will get you to the chart.

    Enjoy your new awareness and please, when you discover the depth of the filth that inhabits the halls of power, do not be overcome with discouragement. Freedom is EXPENSIVE! It has costs that MUST be paid from time to time, and our leaders have been making our best pay the price but diverting the benefits. Our military is being used to promote the power agendas of our own elites and their sacrifice is wasted.

    The rot not only within the administration, but within the “leadership” of both parties, the entrenched bureaucracy and the unconstitutional “departments and agencies” such as DOE, EPA, IRS, TSA and most of the rest. The Department of Education is completely a vehicle for the government to insert itself into the educational process, creating a wedge to separate children from their parents and from the teachings and values of homes. In 1958 Skousen wrote “The Naked Communist” and revealed 45 goals of the Communists that would allow them to take
    America down without a shooting war. That list is here http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_1_5/227403_Blast_from_the_past__Skousenandapos_s_list_of_andamp__34_Communist_Goalsandamp__34__from_1958.html

    I exhort you to continue with your education. Make of yourself a FREE person. And may the Lord Bless you as you strive to learn.

  • Dave Dude says:

    Karl, glad you are coming out of your coma and are smelling the coffee. However, do not operate heavy machinery or automobiles until you get your head straight. I, and millions of Americans already know this usurper’s agenda. His actions speak louder than his words coming out of his forked tongue. He hates America. He thinks we are evil. He has violated the Constitution several times already. All well documented. He is the most divisive person I have seen in office. His goal is to destroy our capitalist sytem. crush it under the weight of all the welfare and then rebuild a socialist system, where he and a few elites will be dictators for life. BTW, you are not part of their party. CommunistsSocialistsProgressivesLiberals have been showing their plan for over 100 years. They even published books telling us what they will do. When madmen tell you they are going to do something, BELIEVE IT. It is called “Incrementalism” The first regulations seem so innocuous, so reasonable. They never stop. Just one example DADT was the compromise. Not anymore. They never have enough.

  • Sharon Davis says:

    I am 70 years old, and I am sure that in 10 years I,am going to have No money and No home because of this man in the white house to day.
    We need to beware of what is going on now. This God’s County!!!!
    Not “Obama’s” county !~!

  • Sharon Davis says:

    I am 70 years old, and I am sure that in 10 years I,am going to have No money and No home because of this man in the white house to day.
    We need to beware of what is going on now. This is God’s County!!!!
    Not “Obama’s” county !~!

  • JJM says:

    The potential is too great. Even if it does not happen
    here, do we want to increase our murder rate by 4.36
    times to match that of Morgan’s gun free UK? The US
    is ranked around 120th for murders worldwide and those
    with worse records are all gun controlled/banned.

  • Virgil Tirone says:

    Anyone with a normally functioning brain, would know that more gun restrictions will not make a tinkers damn bit of difference to the criminal element. Making our schools less accessible to people who have no right to be in them, now that would make sense. If the college educated idiots who are running this country would get their heads out of their anus’, & do something right, instead of blowing smoke up our butts, maybe this country could move forward, in the right direction.

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