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Politicians: Put Up or Shut Up

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by Karl Dobias

While watching this weeks episode of Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer, I was taken back a little bit. This week, Bob had on Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell, two major players in the recent fiscal cliff debacle and, let’s just say, things could have gone better.

If you’ve seen Bob in the last couple months, you’d know that he’s pretty much angry at everybody right now. And who can blame him? After his inability to reel in the candidates during the Presidential Debate that he moderated, Bob couldn’t be less thrilled with the disagreements that can’t seem to get resolved. No one is agreeing on anything right now, and this weekend’s episode of Face the Nation was no different.

Whenever he asked Pelosi or McConnell a question, they would simply deflect his question and respond with questions and retorts of their own. Bob would scowl and accuse them of not answering his questions and then move on to another guest.

Here is my plea- We need more politicians who don’t beat around the bush and treat people like people, not voters. We need more Ron Paul’s and Cory Bookers running the country and fewer Pelosi’s.

It isn’t an issue of Democrats or Republicans- it’s an issue of efficiency and truly working for the American people. If you can’t do that, maybe it’s time to retire.

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  • We won't get politicians that truly work for the American people until we recognize them as our 'representatives/servants' rather than our 'leaders/masters'. It is easier to demand and get respect and attention from our representatives. We can hope only for acknowledgement (at best) when we are required to beg for respect and attention from our leaders.

    Making a change in attitude will work when enough people accept their roles and responsibilities as Citizens and refuse to accept bad behavior or mis-representation from our politicians.

  • KG says:

    We have Tyranny in this country taking over....Pathological lairs are at the top - answers to all questions will be questions!!! Know that going in!!! We no longer count!!!

    KNOW THAT SOROS IS BEHIND THE DEMONCRAPS & MEDIA!!! He bought up affiliates that the MEDIA must answer to.........Now YOU know!!! He is BO's ventriloquist/biggest financial backer & an ex Nazi!!! He also bought up voting machine co's & wants internet control!!! Stalin quoted "he who counts the votes has all the power"!!! That's an understatement - BO had more than 100% vote in some states & do we do anything collectively???? No!!!!!!!! Americans are scatterbrained!!!We're overdue for a Civil War!!!!!!!

  • We have the best President and congress money can buy. If you don't believe it, ask George Soros and the Rothchilds, and Bilderburghs, they own them.


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