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Passport Practices Showing Users Benefits with Help from Absolute Rights Program

Passport applications can be a drag, but when people truly consider the benefit of multiple passports and a life that doesn’t tie them down to one country’s rules, they truly discover the American dream.

That may sound strange. How can someone be living the American Dream if they aren’t doing it in America? Absolute Rights wants to show people how it’s possible with their new life-changing system, the new “Five Flags” program.

The “Five Flags” concept was designed by an Absolute Rights partner who wanted to investigate the advantages of establishing a life outside the restrictions and struggles a typical American family endures. Having a US citizenship is a valuable thing, but the “Five Flags” system shows how living and conducting business abroad can bring even more advantages.

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Many people are discovering how to address key tax issues and business opportunities that make other parts in the world a more favorable environment than the US. Economic, social, and political issues are increasingly affecting American daily life, and some folks are finding the beauty in escaping to a better, more prosperous life.

Special bonuses are included in the latest version of “Five Flags,” including a detailed look by the author at South America, where he insists some of the greatest opportunities await motivated travelers. A series of five separate and updated training reports will be included free with a membership to the “Five Flags” program.

The reports and training system include time-sensitive material, and Absolute Rights is encouraging interested “Five Flag” members to access this content soon. A select number of members will be invited into the New Five Flags Insider’s group, which involves a regularly scheduled, live conference call with “Five Flags” organizers. The Insider’s Report will also be sent out monthly to members who opt in for the complete access.

The information in the “Five Flags” system and the exclusive Insider’s group will give people the chance to make the most of their lives. The insights shared with members is awarding them a lifetime of experience and the opportunities only available to the rich and powerful in today’s American landscape. Now a living can produce a luxury lifestyle, as long as the person living the life is positioned in the right place, and in the right way.

The “Five Flags” program is showing people the way to the freedoms and opportunities outside of American’s borders. Having multiple citizenships and more than one passport is just an example of the ways “Five Flags” advises members in building their own alternative insurance policies. To learn more about the program and how to join, please visit NewFiveFlags.com/watch.

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  1. So, is this having to give US citizenship? How does it affect me having firearms etc? It seems as if most countries do not allow firearms. So would I still be able to have them in the US?

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