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Pakistanis Against the Taliban?

14-year-old Malala Yousufzai has become the face of outrage against the Taliban in the country of Pakistan.

The teen had a blog wherein she criticized the radical Muslim movement.  In retaliation for her words, members of the Taliban attacked and shot her and her friends on their way home from school less than a week ago.

She survived, and now her country is outraged by the attacks.

The Taliban released a statement saying that, ”If she survives this time, she won’t next time. We will certainly kill her.”

The country is now outraged by this and is looking to find her attempted killers.

Keep in perspective here, that Pakistan was where Osama bin Laden was allowed to hide out after he plotted the 9/11 attacks.

He was found very close to a Pakistani government facility “hiding” in plain day.

After he was killed, the Pakistani doctor who aided the CIA in finding the terrorist leader was put on trial and convicted of treason against his home country.

So let’s put this into perspective.  We all know that radical Muslims don’t respect women and their rights, and we also know that the country of Pakistan acted to show support for bin Laden by convicting the guy who helped the US find and kill him…

Now you’re saying they will stand up for a 14-year old girl who was nearly killed by the Taliban for speaking out against them?

Sounds like an attempt at good Public Relations to me…

But, it certainly doesn’t help a doctor who is a hero who is currently serving a 33-year sentence.

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