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Our Mission

Welcome to Absolute Rights, the fastest-growing news and opinion site on the web.

Our mission is to bring fair and balanced coverage and opinion of news events around the world.

We pride ourselves in our high-quality writing and thought-provoking commentary that covers both sides of the aisle in an even manner.

Our writers are experienced journalists, editors and people just like you who share their take on the news events that touch us all.  Their expertise ranges from global politics to self reliance and everything that comes in between.

We hope that you will not only learn from and enjoy our presentation of the news, but also that you would participate in the process by joining the conversation and commenting on our stories.

Further, if you have a story or opinion that you would like to share, contact me directly at [email protected].

In the meantime, stay safe, stay informed and stay vigilant!

Yours in Liberty,

All of us at Absolute Rights