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Our Enemies Support Obama

Enemies of America, like the Castro family in Cuba and Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, support President Obama.

Now, a lot on the left are saying that this is silly to mention and those facts are arbitrary, but I say we should pay close attention to them.

I think close attention should be paid to who is showing support to our President…  And the fact that he isn’t shooting them down.

There is a legal term, “affirmation by silence,” that I would like you to use in this instance.

If you asked someone if they killed a man, and their response was silence and maybe something like looking off to the side, you would assume that is a yes…

Here, the President is being endorsed by bad guys and he isn’t saying, “Your endorsement is not wanted,” or  ”We don’t care what you think.”

That leads me and should lead you to believe that this guy feels like he’s got something to lose if he speaks up.

Don’t you find it strange that these same leaders HATED former President George W. Bush when he was combating the war on terror?  It just seems odd…

And it should bother you as Americans.

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