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One Lesbian’s Hate Hoax

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By Dave Blount

Surprise, surprise. The recent news story of the lesbian supposedly punished by stingy tippers for her sexual orientation turns out to be scamming:

A gay server at a New Jersey restaurant who made headlines when she claimed a couple did not tip her because of her lesbian lifestyle may have some explaining to do.

A couple came forward to say they were the ones who Danya Morales waited on at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, and they produced a receipt and credit card statement showing that they in fact did leave a tip – about 20 percent of their bill before taxes, New York’s WNBC-TV reported.

Morales, a former Marine, posted a photo on Facebook that showed a bill with a line drawn through the space for a tip and a hand-written note that said, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle.”

The Facebook post – since removed, along with most of the rest of her timeline – generated a media firestorm and prompted sympathizers to send donations to Morales, who claimed she would donate some of the cash to The Wounded Warriors project.

The husband is actually a liberal, who doesn’t like Chris Christie because he isn’t far enough left on the gay marriage issue.

Morales’s scam is not very original. Only a few weeks ago, Red Lobster waitress Toni Christina Jenkins claimed customers stiffed her for the tip and even scrawled “Ni**er” across the bill. She too plied the scam through Facebook; her take was $10,749. Handwriting analysis revealed it to be a hoax, but at last word Jenkins still worked at Red Lobster.

Hate hoaxes in general are the farthest from original. Here are a few examples:

Oh, and this guy too.

As a general rule, if a member of one of the special interest groups aggressively promoted by liberals (blacks, sexual deviants, Muslims, etc.) claims to be the victim of politically incorrect outrages inflicted by heterosexual white male Christians who work for a living, you can assume it was a hoax until it is proven otherwise.

Why are hate hoaxes are so prevalent? Because as far as the establishment is concerned, such stories are too good to check. The hoaxers will receive a rush of sympathetic attention and even money, as in the waitress cases mentioned above. When and if they are found out, the whole incident is usually swept under the rug. Many of the hoaxes are staged by ideologues tired of waiting for real hate crimes to occur that they can exploit to promote their left-wing cause.

That the public can be predicted to react with gushing sympathy proves that the premise of the hoaxes — that the special “victim” castes are oppressed — is as much a lie as the hoaxes themselves.


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