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Obama Uses Children to Drive Guns Message

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The President and Vice President announced a huge move today to limit the Second Amendment, and they brought home their message by using children.

Obama signed orders today authorizing the research on why violent crimes occur and asking for stricter gun laws which limit the sale of  so-called “assault weapons.”

The President has also asked Congress to pass a universal background checks as well as a limit on magazines and types of guns available to the public.

His trick throughout was quoting children, whether or not they were staged… they ended up being staged… to pull on the heartstrings of America and bring home his message.

I for one can agree that the tragedies were terrible and something should be done about it… but bringing home a liberal message of limiting the Second Amendment by using children is well… an interesting tactic, don’t you think?

We want to know what you have to say about this!  Tell us in the comments below!

Obama Uses Children to Drive Guns Message

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  • Johnny says:

    Just like Sadam. Hmmmm

  • Quester55 says:

    For way to long now, We the John Doe's of America have had to Put up with This , No Doubt, Card Carrying American Communist, as President of the United(Divided)States & it Must End.
    Now look at some facts that DID NOT get reported on, These shootings All seem to be way too much alike, to be Random acts..
    Ill have to finish this at a latter date, It's just to darn cold in my room & thanks to Obama, The fuel is so high that we have to sit around this house, all dressed up to fight the cold & we live in Houston Texas, for crying out loud, I pity those people living in the north.

  • Tim S. says:

    Terrorists use children as "martyrs" for their cause. Now our government is using children to promote its own cause! They may not be martyrs but to shamelessly use children to fight your battles for you is just plain cowardly, no matter what your agenda is!

  • Quester55 says:

    Why, The American National Socialist/Communist Party, Along with those Millions of Bleeding-Heart Liberals, Must be dancing in the streets!!!.
    2013 History in the Making:

    PRESIDENT/DICTATOR, B.H. Obama, Has Accomplished in 4 years, The Destruction of The United States Constitution, A Labor of Love & Guidance that has been tested many times over the last 200 Plus years, Now made nearly worthless, by a," Man Who would be King".

    Ever watch " Red Dawn " the old movie or the 2012 version?, how about
    " Invasion U.S.A. w/Chuck N.? Don't look now, but that work of fiction, is about to become a work of fact!

    The SAD truth is, If you look at the last 30 Years & the Many times our Leaders have Bullied ISRAEL, it's a wonder that were still around to see this Upstart OBAMA try his level best to incur the wrath of GOD, Just one more time! I Know that most of you have your doubts of GOD'S Presents in these days of troubles, but rest assured, HE is in control, whether you agree with it or not.
    Look at these Facts; When the Hebrew children, Obeyed & Worshiped GOD in Truth, He Protected them & their lands from all harm. However when the Hebrew children rebelled & Pulled away from GOD, & Quit Obeying & Worshiping Him, Though GOD Loved Them, He Chastised them and allowed them to be Captured by their enemies & be turned into slaves.
    That is past history, Today, in this Country, We're seeing similar results in our own country today, Yet most of you are turning a Blind eye to the Truth!
    WHAT does The Lord Our God, Have to do to get your Attention?, Drought, Fires burning the very tress, that help CLEAN OUR AIR & REPLENISH it with fresh O2.? CROPS destroyed & Fresh food running out!
    It's called FAMINE , PLAGUE & Pestilence , Notice the Strange FLU, this season Cutting down many & Still Unreported in the news?Flooding in areas where they are not common? Hot & Cold Weather all over the World, ( Global Warming my BUTT) More Like ( GOD'S WRATH On a People that openly Defy His Console?) a Warning of things to come!.?
    I Know, I Really Know, You've heard it all before, Maybe, Maybe Not, Are you really willing to take the risk of being wrong?
    Even a WOLF Knows when it's time to run away & hide, Are you not better than a Wolf?

    HIDE YOUR GUNS?? I Think NOT! Have you've ever heard of Thermo Imaging?
    A Nice bit of Tech., NOW in use by our F.B.I. & U.S. Marshals, Offices. It works DAY or NIGHT, Simply pointing the scanner at a Wall, Ceiling or Floor ( BE THEY WOOD, STEEL OR CEMENT )and the IR image shows ANY item of different temperatures.


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