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Obama Knew About Libya?

According to sources within the White House, the Obama administration knew that the attacks on the US Embassy in Libya had nothing to do with the film, “Innocence of Muslims.”

This has led many to question why the film was condemned publicly by the administration.

It seems very interesting that the President, knowing that the film had nothing to do with the violence, continued to confirm reports throughout his administration by apologizing and denouncing the film.  It was almost as if this administration is looking for ways to limit the freedom of speech.

See, what happened here was simple.  There were terrible attacks on US Embassies around the Middle East in response to the anniversary of 9/11.  That was it.

Somehow, a poorly produced comedy video was linked into this situation, which then raised the stakes on beginning to limit the freedom of speech.

Rather than release the knowledge that they had about this situation, the Obama administration turned up the volume on the criticism of the film and made it seem as if it was the root of the violence.

Had the information not recently leaked that Obama had known that the film had nothing to do with the attacks, we may still be hearing about how speech needed to be controlled in order to “respect” religions that attack us when we offend them.

This is one of the first times in recent American history where a President or political party started to take a crack at limiting the core values of our nation and its freedom of speech.

Look for the Romney campaign to capitalize on this issue in the election and expose this attempt by Democrats.

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