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Not So Fast, Washington

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By Ed Farnan

Last time there was a headlong rush to pass legislation in Washington, Obamacare was birthed.  2,500 pages of excruciating small print plopped on legislators desks just days before they were expected to vote on it. 2,500 pages purchased with sweeteners, arm twisting and coercion. Almost all of it done behind closed doors.

The Speaker of the House at that time, Nancy Pelosi, brazenly told Congress and the American people, that we could get to know what was in Obamacare after they passed Obamacare… egregiously misnamed “The Affordable Healthcare Act.”

Pelosi was right, Obamacare has proven to be full of surprises as the 2,500 pages of “Frankenstinian” details and regulations get exposed to the reality of actually trying to implement the law.  Hidden taxes and fees, miles of red tape and special dispensation to Obama supporters are just some of the surprises.

The new immigration bill is reportedly 1,500 pages long, and it too has been negotiated in secret behind closed doors, by the gang of eight bipartisan Senators.

How much devil is hidden in these details? No one in the media has seen it to report on the good, bad or ugly that lies within.

Reportedly it will be sprung on the Senate, and Harry Reid has uncharacteristically promised a swift vote.

Why?  What’s the rush Harry? Shouldn’t the public and the Senate have plenty of time to read through and debate these 1,500 pages of proposed legislation? This legislation can profoundly affect the very make up of our country.

Under Reid’s leadership the Senate has turned into a very “deliberative body;” remember it took four years to produce one budget.

The same can be said for gun control legislation.  The knee jerk response from the politicians is to attack America’s 2nd Amendment rights, in order to look like they are doing something.  In reality, they are really just putting a band aid on an arterial wound.

The root cause of violence is too difficult for them to tackle because it will affect their base of support in big cities and Hollywood.  So instead, they go after the guns and not the mental health issues, the street violence and violence in films.

I would ask the Obama Justice Department why it isn’t enforcing the laws already on the books.  Out of 15,700 fugitives and felons who tried to illegally purchase a firearm, the Obama Justice Department prosecuted only 44.  Perhaps if they just enforced the existing laws, there would be far less violence.

The American people don’t want any more surprises sprung on them hidden within benign sounding legislation.

Originally published on: www.IrishCentral.com
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  • Bzzzz47 says:

    It should've been called abomanation
    As a disabled Vietnam vet,I think
    It was unforgivable to bring the bill to amend our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms ,to the floor, much less to vote for it!!!
    It's time for these stupid on steroid politicians to go home and rock their g/kids on their knee!!!
    For 50 years they've done nothing but get fat off the peoples back ,while giving our nation and it's resources to every foreigner on planet earth!!!
    Pass it..see what's in it...then amend it over and over....wow,I can't I voted for this awful,so called, public servants....500+ people emitting a bunch of BS!!!:0(

    • Fire says:

      Amen !!

    • pissedoffinsc says:

      I AGREE 100% BZZZZ47!!! First rule I "learned" as a GROWN UP ADULT, was to R~E~A~D the CONTRACT B~E~F~O~R~E you sign!!!! WHY are LEGISLATORS passing freekin LAWS that they have NOT EVEN READ?????!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tris2013 says:

    The Republicans did the same thing, when they had both houses, for years, so stop with the BS. Both parties and both conservatives and liberals are responsible, for the sad state of our country.

    People like Ed Farner believe anything they've been fed, as long as it's from their party of from those who think like them. He and all those who exhibit single sided thinking, and whose goal is to bash "the other guys", and divide the American people, are the problem.

    • pissedoffinsc says:

      I can agree with that for sure! There is just a NEW "NASTINESS" that is prevailing, and while there are rotten apples on the entire tree~ I would just point out the last presidential campaign. obama ran on bad manners, lies, and character assassination (to put it MILDLY), ROMNEY WAS a GENTLEMAN and TRIED to make it about the important issues~ PROBLEM WAS Mr. ~O~ COULD NOT run on his policies......because they have failed, are failing, WILL always FAIL~ HE IS A SOCIALIST at HEART~ It doesn't take a huge amount of "DIGGING" to find out what he is TRULY ABOUT! Why did he "DROP" his "pastor" of MANY, MANY years~ Well because he was a racist spouting HATE! and it was NOT in Mr. O's "best interest" to be associated with him any longer, LOL!! ALL you need to do is watch some of Mr. O's '08 campaign speeches to SEE what a HYPOCRITE he is.......CMON!

      • Tris2013 says:

        Even "gentlemen" lie, deceive, and hide information. How can you agree with me, then do exactly what I was stating? That is being a hypocrite. You are believing what you are fed, from those who have convinced you to think like them. All the "digging" you do, is probably nothing more than reading conservative websites, and listening to talk radio.

    • david says:

      so its ok for these people to rush these bills thru before anybody can read them because the other guys did it too? thats whats wrong with liberals today they think its ok to do things because someone else did it too. well did the other guys push a monstacity like obama care down your throat like obama did? or try to take away a GOD given right to defend yourself? well your buddy obama did. so yes we will like to see the legislation before some POLITICIAN try to score brownie points by passing some stupid sh-- that will only cause more chaos in fact i think bills like IMMIGRATION reform, HEALTHCARE, GUN CONTROL and the like should be on the ballot so WE THE PEOPLE can vote on it not a politician that can be bought off

      • Tris2013 says:

        Here's a perfect example of one-sided thinking. David, nowhere did I say or imply that because one party did it, that it is okay for another to do so. That's all in your head. That's your political indoctrination talking. You don't bother thinking before you speak. You're just another conservative who can do nothing more than call others liberals, without the benefit of paying attention to what you've just read. I despise the whole conservative vs liberal concept. It is the cause of most of our problems. I also would never be caught dead, in any political party.

        You also make it sound like only democrats are bought off. Wake up to the reality that virtually all politicians are. David, try using the benefit of thought, and pay attention to what you read, before you bother commenting.

  • Jay Knight says:

    It is high time to break up the gangs in Washington and send them all packing if they don't stop all this secrecy. All of this migration foolishness needs to come to a complete stop. Anything that concerns our rights as citizens needs to be aired and cleared by the American people, not just a bunch that is behind closed doors.

    Immigration is a good example of what happens when we don't enforce the laws on the books. We have allowed our borders to be overrun by people who don't belong here. What is so hard about closing down our borders? If our country is being overrun and taken over by a foreign country, you would think we would use our military to enforce our borders until they get everything under control. What is the difference of being taken over by a foreign country that come in and take over our country by force, or having our language, borders and culture being taken over by people who don't belong here and use our own system of government against us?

    • Tris2013 says:

      The only culture we ever had, was that of the indigenous Native Americans. Other than that, our "culture" is a potpourri of cultures from around the world, mainly those from Europe.

      I agree on the "gangs" part. That is exactly what political parties are. It is also what the liberals and conservatives are.

  • TC says:

    dumocrats and cuntservatives are just two sides of the same coin. A coin which is owned by those in the shadows. Anyone with a brain and some common sense would realize that this is all done on purpose. Lawyers are directed to write confusing, extremely long laws like 'obamacare' 'patriot act' and now the legislation on immigration. This is done so no one can hope to understand or have ample time to figure out what's really in there.
    In the end it is all designed to work us towards centralized world government, military and banking systems run and ruled by an elite few.
    If you bother to look around and start to connect the seemlingly unrelated dots, it will all make much more sense.

  • Tris2013 says:

    Here is an example of how misleading and dispensing misinformation works.

    The following is the 11th and next to last paragraph, from Ed Farnan's above comments:

    "I would ask the Obama Justice Department why it isn’t enforcing the laws already on the books. Out of 15,700 fugitives and felons who tried to illegally purchase a firearm, the Obama Justice Department prosecuted only 44. Perhaps if they just enforced the existing laws, there would be far less violence."

    Now, one of the key words here, is "tried"; as in "who tried to illegally purchase a firearm". First, I rarely trust a large number which is a nice round number. Ed could have said: "out of the approximately 15,700 fugitives...". He didn't. That's a red flag. Next, how many out of that number who tried, actually succeeded? No statistic there. That's another red flag. Now, out of the number who actually succeeded, and we really do not know what that number is, based on what Ed has written; how many were prosecuted by state, county, and local municipalities?. No numbers there either. Red flag number three. He said the Obama administration prosecuted only 44. Maybe there were only 44 which qualified (solely or not)for federal prosecution, while all the rest were handled/mishandled by lower jurisdictions. They had to be handled in some way, or that particular statistic would be unknown. Of course, because there are no sources cited for the number, it could be an imaginary one, for the sake of misinformation. Why did he not bring up any of those points and the numbers. Red flag number four. He says: "perhaps if they just enforced the existing laws". Who is included in "they". How many times, when you were in school, have you heard your teacher say to some student; "Who are they?". Red flag five. Where did he get his numbers from? Did he fabricate them? He gives no sources. Red flag six. In addition, which laws? People throw around that statement so much, and without clarity, that it no longer has much meaning. Lastly, he is singling out the Obama administration for a problem that has existed for a very long time. He in no way, implicates the states and other lower jurisdictions. All of what he has said, makes it sound like the whole statement has two purposes. The first is to blame, blame, blame; as all political partisans do, and the other is to mislead the people, which also is what political partisans do, and which I'm sure he did with the majority of folks, who have read his comments. If he didn't want to do the right thing, and clarify upfront, then he shouldn't have bothered to write anything. It is all about taking responsibility for one's actions. Six red flags, in one short paragraph. See how it's done.

    I do agree, however, that most legislation is way too long, and is overloaded with lots of pork and other crap.


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