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Not Protecting US Citizens in Algeria?

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More than 40 people are being held hostage by Islamist radicals after a shocking attack on the BP gas plant in Algeria.

So far, five hostages have been freed by an Algerian military operation that resulted in an indefinite amount of causalities.  Among those released are two Brits, a Kenyan, an Irishman and a Frenchman.

White House spokesman Jay Carney has confirmed that there are American citizens amongst the prisoners. Instead of acting, the US denounced the terrorist attack and claims to be observing the situation while awaiting for clarity from the Algerian government.

The abysmal reaction from our government is disheartening as it appears s if we have left our citizens in danger so as not to frazzle foreign relations.  This is shocking to me, because I was always taught that a crucial role of the US government is to protect its citizens and do everything that is within its power to garner the freedom of any American captive.

Each second that passes is vital for the hostages wrapped in explosive-laden vests, yet President Barack “Nobel Peace Prize” Obama waits in silence for the Algerian government to respond. One must appreciate the complexity of the situation and the sensitivity of the attack’s location, but can we afford to twiddle our thumbs while waiting for the permission of another government?

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  • Quester55 says:

    Am I the only one that sees this Attack as a bit to close to Obama's Gun Ban in the United States?
    What came first, The hostages or the so-called ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN??
    Of Course OBAMA will do Nothing, He's in favor of his Brother MUSLIM'S BROTHERHOOD, winning the day, He could care less how many American " Christians" get Murdered in the name of his false god, Allah.


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