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Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Named Greatest Country in All of World

The most glorious nation of The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has topped all other world countries in polling of best places to live, vacation, overall population happiness, and all other categories today.

The country which is expertly ruled by the magnificent and beautiful Marshal Kim Jong Un was formally dominated by evil western nations in most categories, but has finally pulled ahead of them according to the Independent Polling Agency.

According to the Poll, Pyongyang, North Korea beat out Paris, France and Honolulu, Hawaii for best place to take a relaxing vacation.

Pyongyang was also named the best place to live, beating Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California; two towns marred by American Capitalism.

The North Korean people are also said to be the happiest in the world,  barely edging out the people of  both the People’s Republic of China and Egypt.

Other categories that are dominated by the homeland of the great Kim Jong Un include: Electricity production, textile production, military strength, employment, arts, export, import, transportation, education, and virility of men.


The following was the rankings of the top 5 countries in the world according to the same poll:

1.  The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

2. The People’s Republic of China

3. Iran

4.  Sweden

5. Egypt

The worst countries in the world include the United States of America, South Korea, and Great Britain.

For more information on the most glorious land of North Korea, please visit http://www.korea-dpr.com/

This article and research has been sponsored by The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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  • http://BrentDickerson.com Brent

    I like how Sweden was put on the list to make it look ‘fair’

  • Swen

    Yumpin Yiminy…I tink we were put on the list because we deserve
    to be there!!

  • Toni Smith

    hmmmmm how skewed is that poll. i would not live in any of the places in the top of the list. actually i would not visit them much less live there. i love my freedom too much…. what freedom we still have here in australia that is

  • muslims are Pigs

    What a crock of shit … !