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New and Odd State Laws for 2013

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When the ball dropped in Times Square and we all set our optimistic sights on 2013, we most likely overlooked 200 new and peculiar laws that went into effect. Some say these tread on the rights of free citizens, all in the interest of looking out for YOU. While some seem necessary, some are just downright odd.

Concord, Massachusetts is now the first town in the nation to outlaw plastic bottles. It is now considered contraband there.

Wanna warn other drivers about the cop’s radar gun you just passed? Don’t try flashing your lights in Florida. It’s now illegal.

Illinois is cracking down on those who posses, sell or distribute shark fins. With all the sea-side resorts they in that state we’re SURE this will have an impact on this problem (Sarcasm!). Shark fin soup – just head over to Indiana.

Another law going into effect in Illinois gives a $1000.00 fine to anyone who “pops a wheelie” on a speeding motorcycle. A wheelie while traveling at 55 is probably ok (unless you’re carrying shark fins).

Kentucky is trying to fix their serious problem with feral pigs. If you are caught releasing your pigs into the wild you’ll now get a fine.

Speaking of wild …
Another new law this year sets a limit of number of cats per household in Wellington, Kansas. This restriction (4 max) was inspired by the massive number of cats (231) sent to their city animal clinics in 2012.

It’s now a misdemeanor to STEAL unused cooking oil in North Carolina, and if the grease and the container is worth more then $1000 – it becomes a felony

In California, you can no longer let your dog chase a bear or a bobcat for sport.

Of course we’re familiar with some silly laws in the state of New York, here’s a new one.

Selling electronic cigarettes to minors in New York is now illegal and a $1,000 fine if caught. Initially marketed as a safe alternative to cigarettes, these battery-powered devices are used to inhale vaporized liquid nicotine instead of tobacco smoke and now thought not to be safe for anyone. Some believe their candy flavors appeal to minors.

A real problem caused by copper thieves is being addressed in Kentucky. When they try to sell their stolen goods for fast cash recycling centers a check will have to be mailed instead.

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  • Quester55 says:

    Want a Dumb Law, In Texas, If Your So Disabled that you Can't Clean Yourself, Prepare your own food, Dress yourself, or wash your own cloths & bedding, Then You can Hire your ADULT Child To Do these things for you & the STATE will PAY your Adult Son or Daughter the Going Rate for In-Home Service Providers, About $3000.00 per month., However, YOUR OWN WIFE OF 38 Years, Can't Get one Thin Dime!!!
    But that's the law, Sorry?!?


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