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Natural Disaster Evacuation Plans Proven to Work in “Gone Before Gridlock”

Natural disaster evacuation is a serious matter in this day and age. Despite a city’s best efforts, it’s a difficult and heavily-weighted decision to make. If citizens know the best actions to take and when to take them, it can be the difference between escaping danger and getting stuck behind everyone else when an evacuation becomes a necessity.

Now that Absolute Rights has released their breakthrough evacuation program, “Gone Before Gridlock,” people are learning the truth behind evacuation issues and finding out how to avoid the crowded masses. Hundreds of thousands of panicked evacuees will hit the streets at the same time, which can make for a difficult, if not impossible, way out.

Anything from a major hurricane to a flash flood warning can cause evacuation requirements, but Mother Nature is an unpredictable force.

A USA Today news article from last month spoke towards the evacuations called for during Hurricane Isaac, and gave insight on the overall impact of major evacuations.

“Evacuations are costly, disruptive and wearying,” the writer said. “New Orleans, bolstered by a new levee system, told its residents to stay put, while south of the city the president of Plaquemines Parish told most of the parish to get out ahead of the storm surge.”

Had New Orleans been more susceptible to danger, evacuations from the area would have been ten times more difficult and costly.

“Evacuating each time a storm threatens can be economically and psychologically crippling to a city,” said the article, “especially after taxpayers spent billions on protection system, said Richard Campanella, a Tulane University geographer who has studied the improvements.”

The raw truth is that natural disasters are just the beginning of the occurrences that could require evacuations. “Gone Before Gridlock” helps people understand all the different situations, and contains valuable information for the unprepared. It also gives seasoned preppers the ability to apply the measures to their own plans, and improve them in the process.

The members-exclusive website that stores the “Gone Before Gridlock” program features five modules of expertly-developed training, along with additional bonus material. A fuel calculator, route map software, and advanced details on how to avoid choke points all add to the overall benefit of the “Gone Before Gridlock” system.

When getting out of a populated area becomes mandatory, having a thought-out evacuation plan is crucial. Not only does it award the chance to get out of harm’s way safe and quickly, but it also gives people peace of mind knowing they’re prepared. Wising up to the natural disaster evacuation measures needed for a successful plan is one of the best ways to reach that level of preparedness. To learn more about “Gone Before Gridlock” and what it has to offer, please go to GoneBeforeGridlock.com.

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