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My New Political Diet

Over the last six months, I’ve gone through a change in political ideology- I was raised in a somewhat conservative environment, but recently that has changed.  I’ve adopted the same attitude towards politics that a non-religious college student in their first religious studies class adopts towards religion- I’m just open to the idea of what might be out there.

Now, please don’t take my words out of context, bend them, twist them, and mold them towards your own idea of what I might be saying- I am not a liberal, I’m not a conservative; I’m so off of the political spectrum of left and right that you could equate what I’m going through politically to a spiritual journey.  I’m using the absence of political belief to look inside of myself and see if I can find what I’m really looking for.

The way I see it, discovering your political beliefs is a lot like starting a diet that you plan on sticking to for a lifetime.  That’s not something you should want to rush into, and neither is choosing who you want to side your political ideology with.  Myself personally, I just like seeing when everybody gets along and actually gets progressive legislation passed- this would be like having a diet with plenty of fiber in it, whereas siding with a political side who halts progressive legislation would be like not eating fiber and replacing your fruit and vegetable intake with white bread that just makes you bloated.

I’m not out to change the way anybody thinks- I just want everybody to be open minded towards the possibilities of where we all could be politically.


  1. I am feeling the same way too. I am so tired of both sides selling us down the river, that I don’t know where I fit in anymore. It’s like I’m a fish out of water. And don’t get me started on immigration. They should be using their time to help citizens first, and I am not seeing that at all. I feel that its time for some fresh ideas.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Whatever the reason for you guys malaise you are now in that place where learning&growth may occur. Consider yourself Blessed many never experience that even fewer recognize it, but it also carries a potential curse…this void you now have within you will be filled if ya do nothing the chances are you wont like what ya end up with…it is vital that you choose the info that will become the new you then ya will be happy with the outcome. Leave it up to chance and your screwed…

    • unfortunately there is no longer two sides in most politics unless it is two sides of the same coin. most all of the elected members of congress (parliment here in australia) are whether we like it or not working for the same agenda…. govt control of the population. sure there are some groups that are more grass roots but i am talking about the major political parties that are the only ones that have any real chance of getting in as the masses have been conditioned to voting for one or the other of the major parties. if i had my way i would ban party politics and force them to go back to their constituents and truely represent them not a party line. yes it would slow up passing legislation but that is half the idea so that there cant be reams and reams of legislation passed that has not been duly and fully considered. i would also put in place a system like in switzerland of CIRR (Citizens Initiated Referenda and Recall) where the people can call a referendum on a law or they can draft a piece of legislation in legal terms and plain english, put it out where people have access to it and with a certain percentage of the populations signatures a referendum is then called to have it accepted or rejected as law. it also means that if a politician is blatantly not doing his job he can be removed from office effective immediately.

  2. The conservative v. liberal spectrum is not at all equivalent to the Democrat v. Republican. Both parties are full of corrupt, career politicians who care much more for their bottom line than America’s wellbeing. I was a liberal Democrat years ago, now a Republican, but that’s not as important a distinction as conservative/liberal ideology. The liberal ideology has become totally antithetical to liberty, to faith, to all that has traditionally made American a great nation. It has wedded itself to the one-world, socialist/communist global wealth distributionist, America-hating movement of disillusioned, disaffacted,and covetous, as well as self-loathing spoiled rich kids. Being a conservative to me means holding onto all that is good and that has been our heritage as Americans and given us freedom and opportunity unprecedented on the planet, and defending it from those whose enthusiasm for “change” and “fundamental transformation” at ANY cost, without a clue about what can replace it, stands poised to wreck our entire civilization as we know it. For me conservatism is the lifeboat keeping us from the reefs of economic, social and moral shipwreck; liberalism is hacking gleefully away at the lifeboat out of blind hatred and prejudice. I don’t know how old you are; I leave you with an often tweaked quote; “He who is not a socialist/liberal at 20 has no heart; he who is still a socialist/liberal at 40 has no head.”

  3. I’ve begun to realize that most everybody is pretty screwed up.
    There is little logic to most political agendas.
    Follow your heart. Look deep inside your self-being and adhere to the things that your spirit is leading you to. Ignore the “things of the head” which are just tags to confuse you. At least you will always feel that you are doing the right thing.

  4. Karl,

    The reality is you have to read, research, investigate and study as many sources as you can. Read and study what our forefathers really thought and said, not what the so called educational system wanted you to believe. Then while doing that you will start to come to certain conclusions. Even those will evolve as you age. Some things are worth compromise, some not. You will definitely come to the conclusion most of us come too and that is neither party is willing to do their jobs, neither party even believes it is their job to do only the business of the people. They no longer believe they are our Representatives, they now believe they are our Leaders. To blindly follow any party, Democrat or Republican, is fools play. Also the definitions of Conservatives and Liberals are this: Conservatives believe the people know best, Liberals believe the Government knows best. History proves who is right!

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