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Let’s talk about “Fifty Shades of Romney,” because over the past few days, as it has climbed the Amazon charts, I have gotten an increasing number of messages that have shown me that you just aren’t reading it.  If you’d like to grab a copy, you can click here.

First of all, let me restate that I am a Republican… and a proud one at that… but why should I, as an American and a voter, accept anything else but the best?  As I looked at Mitt Romney’s record and the records of all the other Republican candidates, I became disheartened to know that ‘this was it.’

There were so many other good Republicans who could have run for President…Posts and won.  So I was shocked when an extreme flip-flopper (to the point you would think he is lying) and the architect behind Obamacare (when it was called Romneycare) was chosen to run against the WORST PRESIDENT OF OUR LIFETIMES.

It blows my mind that as a party, there wasn’t more backlash against this decision.  It’s almost as if the GOP wants to throw the election, like a badminton game in the Olympics…

Think about it.  Obama is a terrible and weak President.  The people of this country are clearly in a worse position than where they were four years ago. This should be a quick stomp for the Republican Party… but it’s not… because of who they chose to run against the man.

If you’re willing to settle for voting for a man just because he isn’t the President, then so be it… but you become part of the very machine that a lot of you are afraid of.

If you chose to think freely and realize that we can do better, then you’re being smarter than they think you are.

Disagree with me?  Bring it over to the Absolute Rights homepage and let me know you’re alive.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I think you have a lot of nerve for talking out against Obama and then turning around a putting out a book against Romney. Seems to me as though you dont want to vote in this election. I have subscribed to your newsletters and followed you online. Sorry to say you have ticked me off and lost your credibility. It’s near the end of this fight for office and I would think a bit late in the game to bad mouth the candidate running against Obama. I won’t be following you from now on !!

  • lovelink says:

    It is clear to me that you do not know Mitt Romney . . . there is something much deeper than what you have written in your book . . . for someone such as yourself to take a great man, husband, father, leader in many, many areas and drag him through the mud tells more about you than about him.

  • Rick says:

    Sadly I have to agree with you, it appears that 95% of our entire government wants America to fail and it looks like they will probably get their wish. I suppose they have got really great connections with the socialists or they are much more ignorant than educated people should be. I just pray that God intervenes and saves America, but I do not see it happening with all of the Godless people we have here now.

  • Carol says:

    I actually enjoyed your book, funny and yet serious. I agree with you that Romney had to be the worst possible choice the Repubs could make. The only one I kind of liked was Herman Cain, but they wasted no time in getting rid of him. I think he could have give Ovomit a run for his money. But he may be too sensitive to handle it. Bottom line: We need to encourage everybody to vote for Romney no matter what we think of him. Another 4 years of the “O” and we won’t recognize our country. Just my thoughts.

  • TC says:

    I’m of the opinion now that from what i’ve read over the last 10 years on less-than mainstream sources that we really are stuck with a two faced, single party situation.
    which means the puppet masters will still have the majority of their agendas fulfilled regardless of the character sitting in the big house… i mean white house.
    But regardless of that knowledge, I’d still prefer to play along with the charade and vote verses running away or becoming completely apathetic and disenfranchised – which i think they’d prefer the thinking people to do.
    All that said, I still think we have to pick the lesser of two evils. Too bad i have to look at it that way instead of picking the better of two men.
    maybe it’s just selective memory, but I sure wish there was somebody like Reagan running. At least he was likable (to me) and cultivated an air of confidence and patriotism with americans.

    • Tim Young says:

      Reagan and HW Bush were the last two really strong candidates on the Republican side of the aisle.

    • Michael says:

      The reason Reagan was able to inspire such confidence and patriotism for America is because our Nation was not infected with the disease of self-hate and second guessing our freedom-oriented heritage. Americans were inspired to be Americans because they still believed deeply in America for what made it unique in the world. The city on the hill amidst the Old World philosophies of state run everything.

      Nowadays our population has been taught to hate the hard work of the founders and previous generations as having been corrupt, greedy and imperialistic. Now, the very virtues that made our nation great and free are taught to bring shame and self-loathing to anyone who espouses those virtues.

      So naturally, no candidate that inspires Americans to be Americans for what made America unique will ever get far without being labelled a fringe lunatic or worse. Only candidates that ‘inspire’ us away from our heritage back towards ‘Old-World ism’ are hero-icized as future oriented and ‘great’.

      Why? The enemies of the American system control the means of communicating messages to the masses. The media has been coopted by our enemies.

  • randy crawford says:

    The whole purpose of a double disaster like Obama is to condition the gullible to gladly receive a pathetic disaster like Romney. And, come to think of it, the millions of fools dumb enough to vote for either of these clowns deserve exactly what they have coming. That’s why I don’t entangle my fate with theirs.

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