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Morsy’s “New Era” in Egypt, Do You Buy It?

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Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy declared that Egypt was going through a “new era,” over the weekend after his controversial new Constitution passed.

The people voted 63% in favor of the new law of the land which was proposed by Morsy.  This has shocked many scholars as it seemed that the country didn’t like his power grab just last month.

Morsy says that the people of Egypt are all equal now under this new document, which seems to be in stark contrast to the laws upheld by the Muslim Brotherhood, of which he is a member.

According to Morsy, “All citizens, no matter which class they come from, or what they believe in, or what political position they have… they are all equal before the law and under this constitution. Egypt cannot be built by some of its citizens while others are left behind. Egypt is for all Egyptians. Freedom is for all its citizens, with no exception. And democracy is the result of everyone’s effort after the success of the January 25th revolution.”

Keep in mind that his ‘political party,’ has suppressed women and tortured those against it.

He continued, “I stress to all Egyptians that I will strengthen the authority of the judicial branch and will guarantee its independence. The modern state cannot operate either without free media, away from the dominance of the executive power and away from those who have only vested interest in their own affairs, also away from corrupt sources of financing.”

Free Media?  Limiting the dominance of executive power? Corrupt Financing?

Are any of you buying this?

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  • Armin Vamberian says:

    Of course he sees all citizens as equal - his constitution's pure communislam!


  • Dave From Austin says:

    63% voted in favor, huh?

    Well, as the old saying goes, "It's Not Who Votes - It's Who Counts The Votes." There's your "63%".

    Try visualizing an election in The Glorious Heroic Peoples Revolutionary Republic Of {Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea, etc.} A paltry 63% means that some of the vote-counters are going to suffer mightily; 100% was the goal...


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