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Andrea True asked us in the 1970s, “How do you like it, how do you like it?” She was talking about our love and obviously, it was more, more, more, but do we feel the same way about the government with purchasing ammunition for the Department of Homeland Security?

In the past 10 months, estimates show that DHS has stockpiled nearly 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. Just think about that for a moment. That is one billion, six hundred million rounds of ammo or 1,600,000,000. If each round were $1 bill, we would not have a deficit problem this year. An article at Alex Jones’ Inforwars.com conveys that, “during the height of active battle operations in Iraq, US soldiers used 5.5 million rounds of ammunition a month. Extrapolating the figures, the DHS has purchased enough bullets over the last 10 months to wage a full scale war for almost 30 years.” Some speculate that there may be a homegrown terrorist threat or an influx of illegal immigration, but does either of those speculations warrant 1.6 billion bullets?

Joseph Farah over at WND.com connected this bit of information with a little remembered and often unreported story from the 2008 presidential campaign. Farah was actually the man, according to his article, that broke the story of Obama’s desire for “a ‘civilian national security force’ as big, as strong and as well-funded as the Defense Department.” Are these two things connected? Perhaps, but the answer remains as to why they need so much ammo. Do they expect the Chinese to invade? Is a zombie apocalypse on the horizon? I think that another of Farah’s theories is much more probabilistic on the why. He thinks that it is a gun control method without the rule of law. He calls it “de-facto gun control.”

If DHS purchases the most popular forms of ammunition, .40 caliber and 9MM, then they are in essence creating a shortage. There is a lack of supply for the citizens, prices increase, and bingo-bango you have a type of gun control. Some problems still exist with this theory however, in that DHS is not buying up every kind of ammo caliber. There is still .45, .44, .357, .50, and many more that they have not purchased on the same scale. This also does not tell us why they are stockpiling. If all they really wanted to get ammo out of the stores and hands of the average Joe, why not destroy them or use them for training once purchased? It is almost as if DHS has become a large scale Prepper, buying and hoarding things for the eventual day that supplies will dry up all together; or worse, a zombie apocalypse.

I think there are a lot of questions that need to be answered about this if only we had news outlets that do what they are supposed to do, or at least do what they are expected to do – ask questions. Instead, we get journalists that would rather talk about the fake admiration Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton have for one another, or show Marco Rubio drinking water 155 times in a 24-hour period like on MSNBC.

I would like to know what you think about this topic. Why does DHS need 1.6 billion rounds? Why are they stock piling these rounds at the DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico? Do they really expect the need to train border security and TSA officers in real combat situations for the next 30 years? Is there a zombie apocalypse expected to hit the American Southwest? On the other hand, is this just to supply Obama with enough ammo for all the shooting he does at Camp David all the time? Inquiring minds want to know!




  • Tim Sullivan says:

    In regards to Mr . Tramples comment above, if anyone has seen the movie “Red Dawn” with Patrick Swayze this is an entirely plausible scenario except in this case the enemy would not be the Cubans and the Russians but our own fellow citizens. The weapons of the opposing forces were commandeered and used against them. And yes I most certainly believe that all the DHS/US military forces would not voluntarily comply with an order to use deadly force against their fellow Americans no matter who gave the orders. This would be a new civil war with the government using its version of Hitlers brown shirts (see Obamas civilian “youth corps”) as auxiliary forces for a systematic protocol of urban pacification! Make no mistake, the stage is being set. It still remains to be seen who will choose to be on which side.

  • Uncle Vladdi says:

    I like the way you think!

  • CTWalter says:

    The greatest danger in having a federal police force is that it will not be subject to the Posse Comitatus act of 1978. The military can not legally used against US citizens on US soil except under the greatest emergencies. The brand shiny new DHS can be used with out the restrictions of that pesky act protecting all of us. And for those who think that DHS will not use force against citizens you have only to read a short story by George Orwell called Animal Farm.

    At least three generations of moldable minds have been brain washed to believe that ‘Fat Cat Bankers’ are the source of all our woes courtesy of the media and public edu-doctrination. These lemmings believe it as much as they believe the world is round. Now we have the first generation being taught that those who hold guns and are preppers and who believe in self reliance are nuts, wack-jobs, and “HOME GROWN TERRORISTS”. The progressives are playing a long game planning years ahead. A beefy DHS that stock piles ammo and gradually begins to insert it self into law enforcement will become the accepted norm. How long did it take the American Sheople to accept the TSA and illegal seraches? Eventually, those men and women serving DHS will, believing with their whole hearts that they are serving the good of the country, begin to operate on soil. They will be able to do what the progressives can not use the Army to do, and if that requires using force to disarm the threat then so be it.

    If we do not awaken our family, friends, and neighbors, if we do not begin to teach honor, the joy and pride in hard work, respect for our fellow human beings, and self reliance, we are lost. If each person who believes in all that is good and fears the coming destruction of the constitutional republic would find one person, especially a young adult who has been sucked into the line of lemmings and worships at the alter of Nanny-Bama, and teach them to think for themsleves, our numbers would double in no time. Then repeat the process and the numbers are now 4 times as many. We can take back the country from perversion and corruption, from a socialist/statist power, from darkness falling on the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  • Uncle Vladdi says:

    FAT CAT BANKSTERS ARE THE PROBLEM: the only thing banksters really do, is to SELL MONEY!

    (Over time, renting it out on the installment plan)! So we’re now all literally only buying time, and living on borrowed time, thanks to their scams!

    This is a RECIPE FOR SLAVERY: Say I agree to sell you ten dollars, and you agree to re-pay me thirteen dollars for the “privilege.”

    Instantly, your money is only worth 0.77% of mine (just divide ten by thirteen); “compound” your mistake, and very quickly your money will be worth NOTHING compared to mine; I will effectively OWN YOU!

    Selling money means that there is no real “standard” rate of exchange – everbody’s money is worth something different from everone else’s!

    (This also easily explains the difference in currency exchange rates between countries)!

    Add to this the fact that these banksters have long-since bribed the sales-puppets (‘politicians’) in government to allow them to literally write checks they have no ability to cash – allowing them to lend out over TEN* TIMES what they really have in their “reserves,” and you can see it works like this:

    Say I’m a bankster’s kid, age 20.

    I “invest” ONE thousand bucks into Dad’s bank, so we are then “allowed” to lend out TEN thousand bucks, at ten percent interest each.

    At the end of the first year, we’ve DOUBLED my real money, taking in TWO thousand bucks (“earning” a thousand). That’s once, the first time.

    Next year, we “invest” that TWO thousand bucks, and get back another two (making FOUR thousand) by the end of the year.

    It goes like this, always doubling: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 1,024 – so exactly ten years after we first dropped that first thou, we’ve multiplied it by over a thousand times!

    SO: After that first ten years, by age 30, I’ve “earned” a million bucks, from an “investment” of only a thousand!

    By 40, I’ve turned that million into a Billion, and by age 50, I’ve got a TRILLION DOLLARS for basically doing nothing!

    And the bankster families have been at this scam for over 200 years, so YES, they DO literally OWN THE WORLD, by now.

    And it’s all imaginary, fake money! Made up out of thin air!

    *The ten-times rate was what they started with, over 200 years ago; in recent years, it’s also been “allowed” to them, by their bribed ‘politician’ (power-trader) traitors in “our governments,” to exponentially accelerate to an unbelievable FIFTY TIMES in the ‘States, and in Canada to at least TWENTY TIMES the amounts of real money actually held in the banksters’ reserves, thus effectively allowing them to double their money in only a few months in each and every year.

    And, they’ve also bribed these traitorous ‘politician’ sales-puppets of theirs, to let them print our money for only their own profits, instead of just printing it for our selves, for free! (We could have continued to be our own bankers)!

    By these simple and clearly treasonous actions, the politicians thus can be seen to only represent the banksters and not the public they have sworn to serve and protect! So, thanks to the self-promoting salesmen we laughingly call “our leaders,” we’ve been forced to pay FOR-PROFIT TAXES for decades! And our kids’ futures have been forever enslaved to these same global criminals by them, too!


  • Dave says:

    Hey, maybe…just maybe they are stock piling that ammo, which is in 9mm and .40 cal, the same as used by over 90% of all police and federal agencies, to strongly enforce the new gun laws they think will pass? I can see no other use for 1.6 billion rounds or as stated 30 years supply for war going soldiers. If you have to use force, and physically retrieve guns from their owners, then you may have to have that many rounds. I’m sure those that choose to resist at first, will be labeled terrorist. After the first few days, and untold dead, I suspect they are banking on the rest of the country to give in, and give over their weapons. Probably a good plan, and I’m sure they are working on the spin, and training already. Somewhere in some part of the country, their making a movie. This movie shows Homeland Security officers physically remanding weapons from normal people. I’m sure it starts out with the door bell ringing, and the first shots coming from those in side. Kind of like another Waco TX deal. Of course this will be ready for distribution to the news media, to play for all to see, and scary everyone into compliance. Might work? might not? I would say they have a better chance than not, considering they have used this trickery in the past before.
    One thing is for certain, today we live in a very uncertain time. You cannot trust the News, as it’s biased and only reflects the corporations views that own it. The video you watch on screen is of un-known origin. meaning you have no idea if it is true or fiction. And the events around the world are generally staged for the benefit of the few, the powerful and rich. Remember the term WMD? Wasn’t that an outright lie from the top officials of our country to the taxpaying population? Operation GUN RUNNER, another lie. A complex plan to allow illegal purchases of American firearms to flow into Mexican hands, all so the federal government could later say look here, American guns are getting into Mexico and causing problems. Now we have to restrict gun sales. If gun running was a problem they could fix it. if Mexican smugglers were a problem they could fix that. if drugs imported from Mexico was a problem they could fix that. They don’t want to fix anything, it suits their objectives for now. Oh, we could just build a fence, like every other farmers does, when he wants to keep things in or out of his property….But that would be to simple, a simple fence. No, instead we supply a hand full of Border Guards, to make it look like they care or are trying to do something about the problem. But, one border guard for every 15-20 miles of border does nothing. Just wait till their shift is up at 5:00 and sneak in that night. What a way to run a country ? ? ?

    Sorry you can sit back and blame the guns all you want, they are not the problem. The problem is you cannot see to blame the user of the gun that commits the crime. They are the problem, I cannot help if they happen to be white, poor, educated or un-educated, black, male, female, Mexican, came from troubled families, had perfect families, had no father, were abused by Catholic’s, or whatever other social nameplate you like to attach to them so they are not held accountable. The bottom line is that those that commit crime with guns are the real problem. Not the guns themselves or regular gun owners. if you get hit by a car driven by a drunk, are you going to blame and try to band all cars? No that would be stupid right? It was the drunk driver that caused the problem…but you cannot see it that way with guns. Well I do, and I think most normal people do also. Instead you hide behind the crime, and try to push your non-gun right agenda down everyone else’s throat. You don’t care about the injured, or dead, they are simply a means to your end….The end of guns in America. This isn’t about keeping kids safe, you simply aliened yourself behind the first best cover story to come along, that might pull at the hearts of Americans, and advance your agenda. Many or even most might not see you for what you are or represent, but I do, and I hope others will wake up. Every day, guns help regular citizens to protect themselves from criminals. And hundreds of thousands, every year are protected by the guns in this country. Those who fought off an attacker, scared away a criminal, thief or intruder. Those thousands of incidents’, that never go on record, that saved countless souls. You never hear from them, the news never tells of such reports, only the negative, the gun shots that rang out in the night in anger….never in defense. Trust me…I hate to hear the rotten news every night too. I morn for the stupid loss of life, that potential wasted. But as long as we have civilization we will have those that think they can take what is not theirs. What they did not work for, from those they see as week. Presently, right now the number 1 weapon used to inflect harm is a baseball bat! The club has been a favorite for the last million years, and I do not see it changing. After that, comes knives, chains, bare hands and glass bottles. Would you feel any safer walking thru a bad area, even if the city had been completely rid of all guns ? Most would truthfully answer no, for when you walk thru a bad area, know thinks to them self, gee I hope they won’t have a gun…..They simply think to themselves, gee I hope we don’t have any trouble. For you know with or without a gun, your still very much in danger. The second amendment was not to protect just gun owners. It was to protect the entire country from itself, to keep the government from growing to the point of turning on its own. To keep the normal citizen, with the right to keep arms, so they as a group can make sure the government is also on the side of the people. A government by the people, for the people.

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