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Our nation has become so ignorant of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the reasons for their existence that we seem to take acts from Congress and the President as always being lawful, right, and within the bounds of their enumerated powers. I make that statement in the current discussion of Executive Orders. Barack Obama himself said, while campaigning in 2008, that he would not use signing statements “as a way of doing an end run around Congress” but he has broken that statement many times over.

While all presidents have used E.O.s to administer their enumerated power of enforcing and executing laws passed by Congress, it has only been the most daring and radical presidents that have attempted to use these signing statements as a way of creating new laws without Congress’s Constitutional Authority. FDR and Truman both tried it, the latter in trying to nationalize the steel industry, but the Supreme Court rejected the attempts as overstepping the bounds of their Constitutional authority. The former using one illegally to intern Japanese and German American citizens during WWII.

Obama is attempting such madness to rewrite the Constitution itself. After the Newtown massacre, Obama appointed Vice President Biden to head a committee to look into comprehensive laws to control people in gun ownership. Biden, after only a few days, came out and said that he and the committee will not be making any recommendations for legislative laws, but rather suggest that “there are executive orders, executive action that can be taken.” In essence, Biden is suggesting that Obama pass an E.O. that will work to infringe upon the Second Amendment.

While E.O.s seem reasonable when issued for things like EO 13521 – creating a commission to study Bioethical Issues, or EO 13559 which set the standards for the criteria of partnership between government agencies and faith-based organizations. However, when the E.O. is one that ignores the laws dully passed by the Congress, such as one that ends enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act, or the one that bypasses immigration laws to stop certain deportations, then the President, as Chief Executive, is acting outside his bounds as a Legislator and not as an Executive. If Obama passes an E.O. that acts in spirit like a new law, then he is working outside the bounds of the office. History has shown us that Obama has nothing but contempt for the Constitution and that his education as a Constitutional lawyer is only called upon to find loopholes around the founding document.

If he is allowed to use the Executive Order to bypass the Second Amendment, and infringe upon our right to defend against this kind of tyranny, what comes next? Will he also make an order around the Fourth Amendment, and unlawfully seize our weapons if we refuse to comply? Will he bypass any number of Amendments and deny us our due process rights as he strips away our freedoms? If he is allowed to continue to trespass on our rights, as he has blatantly done in the past, without recourse then he will continue to press forward with new and more offensive rules. He will become more extreme and daring with each new order. Just like a child tests the boundaries and limitations imposed by his parents, so will the President test the limitations of his office.

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Habitually serious, with flashes of dark humor, Brent has an opinion about everything and is never afraid to express it. With his addiction comes a hunger for information regarding psychology, public opinion, and media propaganda. Brent is a bold conservative with his beliefs securely anchored to the Constitution and he is committed to the belief of “Principle over Party.” Brent received a Master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning and has held the CFP® designation since 2007. In 2010, Brent changed careers to follow a desire to teach. Foolish and irrational policies and procedures within the educational system sent Brent back to school in search of a way to affect change. He is currently working on a second Master’s degree from Texas Tech University in the field of Public Administration with a focus on Public Policy. In 2012, Brent won a three-way race to become Precinct Chair for his local Republican Party and was appointed Communications Director for the Texas Tech Chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas group. Brent was born and raised in Amarillo, TX and currently resides in Lubbock. He loves to travel having visited a good deal of the United States and several foreign countries including Brazil, England, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. He has lived and worked in Las Vegas, Memphis, and Houston.

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  • gene shires says:

    why has'nt congress impeached this imposter of a president? congress must be useless!

    • harvey says:

      He certainly has reason to be impeached but it would not mean a thing, and would simply be a waste of time.
      I remember when congress impeached Bill Clinton and the then democrat controlled senate refused to try him. So why would it be any different now?

    • Steven Coy says:

      Gene, Impeachment is not the Answer, Remember we Impeached Wee Willie Draft Dodger Disbarred, Disgraced, Impeached, Nose like a vacuum Cleaner coke head Clinton but was not removed from office so even if we Impeached him this New Commuinist Party would not remove him !! We need to Remove and Try him for Treason, his latest Treason arming an enemy of this Country, the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, sending them 200 Abrams Tanks and 10 Fighter Jets. That is just another example of Treason and our 2nd Amendment rights thru EO is also Treason, he has NO AUTHORITY, where is our Congress on this ?????? REMOVE HIM the only answer !!! Write, Email or call and tell your Congress to Remove Abomination the Marxist Sunni Muslim who woulf be KING from office. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

  • Unhappy Camper says:

    Until ethics and morality again become significant values with the voters and populace we can only expect more of the same. The current administration is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors but congress is complicit. That is why we endure the current crisis. It would only take a committed core of law enforcement supported by WE THE PEOPLE to change this situation around. No pain, no gain, as the saying goes.

    • Major C.O. Jones says:

      Ethics, integrity, and honor are things almost NO ONE in the USA possess today. Regardless of whom they are or what they do, 99.99% are willing to lie, cheat, steal, in their daily lives in the tiniest things. For the general public to expect politicians to act honorably is just a way for the common man to pass the blame off of himself. God Bless the USA.

  • Melody says:

    All I can say is this President is only taking this country down. He is not a President but a Dictator who doesn't want the American people to be able to protect themselves with guns, but he will make sure he and his family is protected by guns. After all, look around the school his daughters go to have 11 gunned agents. What is wrong with that picture? They talk about cutting Social Security, Veterans pay and more. How about stopping those big checks that go to all the X presidents, congress people, etc. Also do away with the free insurance they get also. That would put some money back. You don't hear anything about this. Lets pick on the poor who can barely survive. Those people need to come down and live like us real people.

    • steve says:

      i totally agree with melody. the founding fathers never took pay for their office, it should be the same today. they always go after the schools and and the poorer of our people. if we need to do ant kind of cutting it should be there. as far a what happened in newtown, i blame the office of home land security. it was created to protect us from terrorisum here and abroad. and that is what newtown, aroura, and pheniox was domestic act of terrorisum.

      • Major C.O. Jones says:

        Office of homeland security.?.... what?..... What you are suggesting that the feds strip everyone of their gun rights and watch us like prisoners in a nazi prison camp.... The problem is young people who play violent video games and take drugs for head problems for recreation. This society is doomed by the great social experiment of the 1960s come to fruition. Ya reap what ya sow.

        • Major C.O. Jones says:


        • J W Younts says:

          Have you noticed that Homeland Security has been purchasing Hollow
          Point ammunition by the carload and caskets. First this asmin-
          istration gained control of your health, now the populous must be
          disarmed so they can control you. Next comes Obama the dictator.
          I guess you are right as they are following Hitler's plan, divide
          and conquer Germans are good Jews are bad. Obama, those On the dole good the wealthy bad. Printing money with no gold to back it up.

      • Dave Dude says:

        we don't need ANOTHER police agency with their jack boots on our throats. We don't neeed more of a police state. We need more freedom and liberty. If we can SAVE JUST ONE LIFE, we should not take anyone's guns away. We should 'let' them, No, They already have the right, get out of their way, to protect themselves. Allowing teachers and admins to be concealed carry in schools has worked in several countries and several states. Gun free zones = protected criminal zones.

  • Bud Downen says:

    Dictator Obama is a Patholigical LIAR he tells more LIES on ONE DAY than Ptesident Clinton did in his 8 year term . His main agenda is take this country to be United Soviet Socialist of America! Wake up Peopls we are heading down the sewer!!!!

  • Ed says:

    Obama is behaving more like Hitler every day. That dispicable pile of pond scum needs to be stood up in front of a firing squad.

  • JJM says:

    Read this posting last week, sounds like actions of a dictator seizing control.
    "Teddy Roosevelt issued 3 exec orders, then the next pres was FDR who issued 11 in 16 yrs., from Truman to the 1st Bush each pres averaged approx. 2 exec orders per 4 yr. term.. Clinton made 15 in 8yrs., but George Bush came in and made 62 exec orders in his 8 yrs. Any idea where Obama was at as of Sept. 2012? 923 in 3.5 yrs."

  • CaptTurbo says:

    If the Muslim impostor wants a fight, a fight he shall have.

  • Robbie Borot says:


    The gun control debate along with the Patriot Act and Obama's Defense Authorization Act was also designed to infringe upon the 2nd and 4th Amendment that is a tactic the Elite's have been pushing for to better track down and disarm the gun owners in order to make it more effective for them to place Americans as digital slaves in Fema's prison camps before Marshal Law is in full force. The spiders are weaving their web

  • My friends, you are blaming a puppet for following the orders of his manipulators. "The world owners, The Powers That Be, The Illuminati", are his directors. He only jumps ship when they are going to hurt his muslin friends, as is seen by his delay of the famed oil pipeline, I forget the name. The Rothchilds, who are holders of 500 Trillion in wealth, along with the Bilderburghs, The Tri lateral commission, The international monetary fund, and the Federal Reserve are his bosses. Collectively they have decided that the worlds population is to be whittled down to 250 million because that is the level they believe will be needed to provide them all of the things needed to ensure a blissful life for themselves. They have learned that the wars that they cause, are not working fast enough to get the job done. So now they have decided to manipulate the destruction of our food production incrementally, to eventually cause a mass starvation event. This is a plan. They don't think there is anything that we can do about it. Look about,...see it creeping up on you,...it may be time for an American Revolution that compares to the French Revolution.

  • D says:

    BHO needs to be arrested and tried for treason NOW!!!!!!!

  • Dave Dude says:

    Karl Dobias who wrote the opinion posted on this website entitled "Paul Rand makes me doubt Obama" needs to read this article and the thousands just like it. They each list a few of the horrible things bho has done to this country. So do about 51 million other Americans. His doubts would turn to certainty. We have to resist and fight every action by bho.


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